Halloween Edition

Colour Healing

We certainly need the glow of pumpkins at this week, with Halloween and the American Presidential Election looming, plus fears around the trajectory of Hurricane Sandy.  The clocks went back this morning, and the nights are going to be darker.

The Sacral Chakra just below the navel is linked with Scorpio and Pluto, and pumpkin is a healing colour associated with that chakra.  We certainly need it in Britain right now, with tackling the vast scale of the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal and all that it has uncovered.  Pumpkin orange is a cleansing colour.

Colours of the chakras run opposite to the colours of the zodiac, so they balance and neutralize each other, rolling into white light.  Aries rules the head and the colour red, and Libran blue is an antidote for Aries headache.  The Crown Chakra has Violet as its traditional colour, and Pisces which rules the feet has that colour as one of its main associations.  In the chakra system, the feet are part of the red area of the spectrum.  In the rainbow, and the chakra system, green is the central and most neutralizing colour, and I associate that with Virgo, the sixth zodiac sign.  In the chakra system, green is associated with the heart and yellow with the solar plexus chakra.  However, in astrology the Sun and Leo, the sign prior to Virgo, represent the heart.  One system which enables you to graphically and tangibly work with the various opposites is the Cosmokrator designed and patented by Asia Haleem.

National treasure Vince Cable comes from the pumpkin-coloured party, the Lib Dems, and Sun sign Taurus, to which I assign pink for the regular colour, and peach for the spiritual colour.  He has proven his prescience on finance (sacral chakra) but is not a natural leader, he is a supporter.  He knows about feminine leadership, and would be leading from behind George Osborne, except that George Osborne is determined not to listen. He knows his own worth, but doesn’t often allow his ego to get out of hand (no politician is a saint).  There is not much opportunity for him to make a difference at the moment, with his hands tied in the coalition knot position, but I still feel he could surprise us and has potential.  There is a splendid transit of Uranus sextile his Mercury now, and a trine of Uranus to his Pluto (next becoming exact 12th November) around now, so something of his brilliance may be emerging somehow.  I detect a glow from his aura, which might be pumpkin coloured…I don’t think it’s fake tan.

Using Pumpkin Orange

Pumpkin orange can be used to heal issues around the sacral area.  According to LaUna Huffines, orange can also be used to heal disorders of the adrenal glands, vitality, alcoholism and allergies.

According to Laeh Maggie Garfield the colour pumpkin has the following properties: “Pumpkin Orange – (and all clear golden oranges) – One of the three universal healing colours.  Denotes joy, vitality, abundance, and especially the ability to shape matter with your mind to draw material goods and congenial people into your life.”

If you are adept at visualizing colour, you can do so in meditation, and transmit the colour where it is needed.  For example, sending it to someone who has agreed to receive it for healing.

Crystals which also hold the healing energy for this colour and the sacral chakra are carnelian and orange chalcedony.  You may also like to try amber.

The pink over gold bottle B76 in the Aura Soma colour healing system seems to be helpful in this usage, too.  In the Aura Soma system, orange has traditionally been used as a shock absorber, but the pink over gold bottle is especially soothing.  Mike Booth writes that this bottle: “Can relate to someone who finds it difficult to remember the past, possibly because it is too painful”.

The Aspects

Today Mars opposes Jupiter at lunchtime in the U.K., which conjures up a picture of a clown juggling on a trapeze.  You could be jumping up and down with excitement about something today.  It’s a high energy aspect, and may see you going overboard about a person or an idea.  Mars and Jupiter produce a fire, among which pumpkin flames dance.

Before lunchtime is out, Venus enters Libra, and Libran David Cameron might inadvertently say “Calm down, dear!” despite the fact he has been trying to live down the phrase.  We might have reason to tell ourselves to calm down, as we cannot cope with the fire of creative ideas induced by Mars opposite Jupiter.  As the aspects occur so close together, the best strategy is to combine the two. Expression through the throat chakra may be a good way to do this, perhaps sing a mash up of two contrasting songs, as they are prone to do on the X-Factor these days.

Tomorrow Mercury prances into Sagittarius, and the mind can turn to more festive thoughts than of late.  Mercury the traveller arrives at a fresh new port of call, relaying new positive messages and hopeful ideas.  One such idea may capture your attention and announce itself as your new mantra.  It would be good to establish that early in the day, lunchtime or early afternoon, for late afternoon we have a complication, in the form of Mercury square Neptune, and suddenly all is not as it seems.  The newly arrived traveller may not be making sense, or you cannot grasp his language.  You may shy away from your initial enthusiasm, even doubt your new mantra, until you can fathom the mystery that he now brings.  Examine documentation before you sign on the dotted line.  If you are dining out, ask to know the exact source of the shellfish, then continue to be careful.

Emotions may also become fraught, for a Full Moon in Taurus ensues, before the evening meal is out.  A Full Moon in Taurus opposes the Sun in Scorpio, so there may be a slight contretemps over the coffee (though if you had listened to Michael McIntyre, you wouldn’t be having a coffee before going home to sleep).

On Tuesday (30th) the Sun sextiles Pluto late morning, which is a nice recovery position after the previous evening.  If you are examining psychological issues (which may have come up last night) then the Universe supports you.  If you are evading them, then the Universe will remind you!

Happy Halloween

An Old Family Recipe

The mouthwatering pumpkin recipe I have inherited may have come from the Middle East (I will have to check with my mother.  Some of her recipes she invented later).

It involves cooking pumpkin with garlic, mint, lemon juice and sugar.  The traditional recipe calls for lamb and a light stock to be combined with these ingredients.

However, since I have been vegetarian going on 30 years, I substitute vegetables instead of the meat, such as red peppers and red kidney beans, and add vegetable stock.

Remember to wear pumpkin orange.  It’s very rare that I can get hubby to co-ordinate (it happened only once this year, and funnily enough it was pumpkin orange, when we went to Tate Britain).

On Thursday November 1st, we enter into choppier waters, starting a T-square: first Venus opposes Uranus on Thursday itself.  This puts relationships under the pressure of the Uranus Pluto cosh.  It will be difficult to come to agreements, and you may need to keep silent if your words will further inflame a situation or alienate someone important to you.  The truth may be more important to you, but there are small truths and big truths, battles seen against the overall war.

Switch your colour healing palette now to a contrasting one from pumpkin, the continued use of which may make you manic.  I have my favourite wardrobe colours, but make sure I rotate them so as not to become unbalanced (!)  Suggested wardrobe colour is indigo, and for crystals lapis lazuli or sodalite.  These colours will also put you in touch with the soul realms which you may be seeking on All Saint’s Day, and All Soul’s Day on Friday 2nd.

Our final aspect, on Saturday Nov 3rd is Venus square Pluto, the other half of the T-square equation.  More relationships under the pressure of the Uranus-Pluto cosh, and possibly more disruptive.  The other party or parties may not make an effort to understand, but all you can do is to make that effort to understand at least your own motives and psychology.  You cannot legislate for the others.  Put out your tender for advance forgiveness, and let karma take its course.  Eventually, there will be a return…

Tooth Healing and More

Many thanks for the good wishes for my tooth extraction, which worked wonders.  I was not in any pain either before, during or after the extraction.  I also did not take any pain killers (apart from the injections for the actual extraction) or anti-biotics at any stage, and the dentist did not even offer them to me.  The extraction itself took 1 second (the new Chinese dentist declared it might have been two seconds).  Mars transiting my 8th House was conjunct my Chiron at the tooth extraction (plus Saturn square my Jupiter in 10th House).  I am stunned, and very grateful!  Let me assure you, dear readers, that my tooth landscape does not yet resemble that of a Halloween pumpkin.

More significant healing took place for friend and commenter Flick, who declared “I have been able to move forward and today the glorious news that I am all clear of the cancer I had this very week last year.”


Laeh Maggie Garfield:  “Companions in Spirit”

LaUna Huffines: “Healing Yourself with Light”

Mike Booth:  “Aura-Soma Handbook”


The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Enthusiasm, then the calm after the storm
  • Tomorrow – Enthusiasm, confusion, then possible emotional storm
  • Tuesday – stabilization and insight
  • Wednesday – Happy Halloween!
  • Thursday – Steering relationships through choppy waters
  • Saturday – Surrendering relationships to higher wisdom