Still on the edge of our seats in an intense week of aspects, some of us may have acute aspect-indigestion or even be aspect-hungover. As I write this on Sunday morning, Mercury is entering Pisces and it’s a good time to focus on the nature of the sign. We have a New Moon tomorrow morning in that sign, and it’s the second eclipse of the month. We need to re-evaluate our fear of eclipses (often from past lives) and any negative Piscean habits from the past, to see how we contribute to collective fear and paranoia. Some fears are realistic, and some can be released now. We can therefore make a fresh start psychologically. Whatever choices we make will be immediately tested out on Monday evening’s Sun square Pluto: are we building a constructive future and letting go of negativity, or are we looking helplessly at the state of the world and unable to see any freedom of choice? I have blogged, but can I now walk my own talk? At the same time, Uranus conjuncts the North Node, offering the opportunity for those with intent, intuition and imagination to create surprise outcomes. On to the Spring Equinox early on Wednesday 21st: this beginning of the Astrological Year comes round every year, and hopefully springs eternal. Thursday evening (22nd) Mars opposes Saturn, so action needs to be tempered by wisdom, and apathy needs to be tempered by good will. The outcome of this can be manifested on Friday afternoon (23rd) with the best aspect of the week Mars sextile Jupiter bringing Light Relief.