Thus spake Hurricane Sandy. Cassandra in ancient Greek mythology carried a message of warning. She was certainly reminding us of climate change, but her timing was such that she might have wanted to intervene in the stalemate  of the U.S. election too. Who is she voting for?

I was going to archive some of my past blog statements about the U.S. Presidential election, but have had technical difficulties this weekend, so I will just reiterate that my impression is that Barack Obama will be re-elected.  You can search on this blog, my journey on the subject.  If you need detailed observations and chart wisdom on the subject, click on Nancy’s blog on my Contact page and you will find everything you need.

In my astrological style I tend to stick to the basics of the natal chart, and avoid overly technical departures from that, and I can come over as simplistic.

Conversely, there are astrologers who rely heavily on their psychic powers, and some can read a chart entirely by placing their hands on a chart or seeing the aspect lines.

I have never regarded myself as a psychic astrologer, but have always said I am intuitive. However, when it comes to chart interpretation I almost entirely rely on the logic of the planetary principles. This keeps me grounded as an astrologer and ensures I can always explain my working.

So, curiously, my most compelling factor in predicting a victory for Obama is a dream I had months ago. In the dream, I was looking after my grandson, and the victory flashed on the television screen. I only look after my grandson once in a fortnight, and I subsequently found that I am in fact due to be there when the results are due.

Mercury retrograde may not be as important a factor as some astrologers would convey in the presidential result, but undeniably it does take central stage on election day, at 23.03 Hrs on Tuesday 6th November in the U.K.

From my postbag

Number one query in my postbag is always:

“Is Mercury retrograde? Aargh! My communications have gone haywire!!!”

Very often when I am asked this, Mercury is not retrograde. Yet this phrase is in common usage, and has almost made the Oxford and Webster’s dictionaries.  A little clarity may be offered by the following:


[Note: Mercury retrograde is not an aspect]

Mercury was the Roman god of communication, preceded by the Greek Hermes who was preceded by the Egyptian Thoth. They have the reputation of being tricksters but I would love to try and rehabilitate or upgrade their reputation. Mercury, through Gemini, represents the duality of life, where it is stepped down from the Oneness of the Source.  It sees the positive, and it sees its shadow.

Retrograde Mercury or planets squaring Mercury represent a more human and pre- technology communication problem.    It is easier to own your  part in mis-hearing or not speaking clearly. It represents older forms of communication such as snail mail or rail travel. In combination with Mars people can be irritable, and in combination with Neptune they can be vague, absent-minded, or deliberately deceptive.


Uranus represents the higher mind, but also the bolt from the blue, against which it is difficult to legislate.  It represents electrical  goods, and technology, such as computers. When people write in and ask “What is going on? Is Mercury retrograde?” the most common problem is that their email is failing or their computer has gone wrong. This phenomena is especially heightened when Uranus squares Mercury.  But  the current background of Uranus square Pluto provides a climate of such mishaps. The route to dealing with Uranian challenges is to develop your higher intuition (not the same as the gut instinct of the solar plexus, though the gut instinct can work with the intuition). This faculty can pick up, intercept or even pre-empt the disruptiveness of Uranus.  If, like me though, your intuition doesn’t extend to computers, you have to call the I.T. expert.

Venus trine Jupiter

On Friday 9th November at 7.26 a.m. Venus trines Jupiter, our only Aspect of the Week.

I associate Venus trine Jupiter with romance, partying, celebrations, engagements and weddings. It is a bountiful aspect.

Since weddings and civil partnerships are rare events, we may need to create an excuse to celebrate on Friday.  Maybe we can celebrate an aspect of life itself.

Venus trine Jupiter in the birth chart

What qualities show up in the birth chart when Venus trines Jupiter and what does it tell us about the potential of this aspect?

Melody and song flourish under Venus trine Jupiter, and two singers who have this natally are Debbie Harry (from Blondie) and Donovan, two mellifluous singers.

The quality of beauty comes under this aspect.  Model Christie Brinkley has this aspect natally, and was the muse for Billy Joel’s song “Up Town Girl”.

Still on that theme, noted beauty Elizabeth Taylor had a heightened double trine of Venus/Uranus trine Jupiter/ Part of Fortune.

Create something beautiful, perhaps, on Friday.

Conducter Daniel Barenboim has Venus trine Jupiter and has been able to unite (an exalted quality of Venus) Israelis and Palestinians in his East West Divan orchestra. Successful diplomacy comes under this aspect.

Perhaps you can persuade Gareth Malone to set up a choir near you, under this aspect.

From the world of art Dante Gabriel Rossetti, painter and poet and founder of the Pre-Raphaelites, possessed this aspect. Hopefully he will be the subject of my third blog on the Pre-Raphaelites.

Where the Jupiter side of the equation is emphasized a person can become a philosophical beacon, such as psychological explorer Christine Hartley an early proponent of past life therapy, or Esther Hicks who is a popular and prolific modern exponent of positive thought in the vehicle of the Law of Attraction.  She was also able to balance a successful partnership and collaboration with her husband the late Jerry Hicks.  Renaissance rebel Giordano Bruno also carried this aspect, which can bring the revelation of truth.

This aspect therefore provides  a suitable time and opportunity to augment and sharpen your philosophy of life counter to the current trend of cynicism. You may be able to put together a workshop or gathering at short notice of like minded people or Lightworkers.

Above all, it is a day of hope.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – Mercury Retrograde  =  return of the President

Minding your communications

  • Friday – Venus trine Jupiter = Celebrating the election outcome

Appreciating life