Mercury is still holding the cards from the beginning of the week, aspecting in turn Mars, Chiron and Neptune.  There is information you need to listen to, and detail you need to attend to.  Some of this may concern plans for the summer, as these aspects may well be occurring in the same segment of your chart and involve psychological issues relevant to the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron conjunction at 26 degrees Aquarius at the end of May.  Keep your eyes and ears open, catch snatches of conversation, as you don’t want to miss something vital which could make a difference and provide that special nuance.  Dreams and plans which are not shaped thoughtfully now, can mushroom out of hand, or dissolve and dissipate in the summer.  Therefore if you are planning to build a recycled home as on Grand Designs last night, or direct a film, pay attention to the detail now.  If your aims are more modest like paying off your student loan, the same rules apply and you still need to do the maths.  You are consciously or unconsciously shaping events in the future, and the impact of the summer’s triple conjunction could be greater than you imagine.  At best its potential can be an event which encapsulates goodwill (Jupiter), healing (Chiron) and inspiration (Neptune).  It is an opportunity too good to miss.  Back to the week in hand: Monday (2nd) brings a brisk opening to the week with Mercury conjunct Mars at 20 degrees Aquarius.  Focus and determination come in one package.  If your aim is to get to the gym and quicken your metabolism, you stand a good chance.  On Wednesday (4th) Mercury conjuncts Chiron at 22 degrees Aquarius, emphasizing alternative health and healing.  Listen to your inner messages, especially if there is some health crisis going on.  If you are involved in a personal or community project planned for the summer, the health and safety element is being shown to you now.  Thursday (5th) Mercury conjoins Neptune at 24 degrees Aquarius.  This is a spiritual aspect, bringing inspiration and conscious channelling.  As Keats said: “Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter”.  Your impressions now may link with the collective consciousness, e.g. there may be a wave of worldwide sympathy or aspiration, and a sense of kinship wider than your locale.  Again Mercury may also provide information regarding summer activities, on a subtle level.   Mars is next to conjunct Chiron (and will conjoin Neptune next week) on Friday 6th, and while  Mercury provided the info earlier in the week, Mars carries through, transiting the same planets but providing energy, will and drive.  Mars conjunct Chiron focusses on healing, but more specifically on the healing energy.  It’s an aspect which could demonstrate your own strength, or highlight the wounds which brought you to your own ways of healing, either in this life or in past lives.  Finding your own strength now, this week, can show you what you could achieve in the future.  Finally on the same day, Venus is stationary prior to turning retrograde, at 15 degrees Aries, so you’re looking at unfinished business in relationships, and in the Arts unfinished symphonies and paintings.  It’s not yet time to put the icing on that special surprise cake you are planning, but it is time to seek out some of the delicious ingredients which will find their way into the mix.