Description: A giant souffle, needing careful preparation

Serves: All humanity, but can be prepared for one, or any number

Time for preparation: until the end of May 2009

Oven temperature: yes it is warming up


An uncluttered kitchen or workspace

Hope (Jupiter)

Compassion (Neptune)

Openness to healing (Chiron)


Listening skills (to your own needs, to others and to the Universe)

A sense of responsibility (re-read Obama’s inauguration speech)

Vision (if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true)

Ability to learn from past mistakes (yours, others, and history’s)

The desire to fulfil your potential



Begin from now, listening to your body and paying attention to your dreams,  and seeing what the world needs.

Consult your diary from last spring and summer (the Neptune, Chiron and North Node conjunction) and resolve to improve on that recipe.

Open your mind:  the Universe is sending messages all the time, some of them symbolic

Clear your mind of old information, to make way for the new

Open your heart

Keep a sense of humour and proportion (watch Comic Relief)

Make sure you know your Ascendant, or are aware of the area of your life this is being played out in

Keep tuned to Astrology blogs in the near future

Meditate regularly (listening to God) or pray if you prefer (talking to God)

Pay attention

Watch out for:

Overboiling or overcooking

Overstretching your resources on any level

Overestimating or underestimating quantities or seasoning

Arrogance (Jupiter)

Being too attached to old wounds (Chiron)

Illusion, delusion or even psychosis (Neptune)

Serving up:

Step up to the plate.  You may be required to serve up at any time.  This is where the adaptability comes in, keep a sachet handy at all times.  If you are working holographically, from your inner Whale, this will be easier to do.  Try to encapsulate and express what the moment requires, with all the knowledge you have gained up to that time.  You could surprise yourself.