Sun opposite Jupiter: Monday 3rd December 2012 1.45 a.m.

We have less drama this week, and a chance to accentuate the positive, with only one aspect, and that aspect being a Jupiterian one.  This aspect comes at the beginning of the week, and occurs just after midnight tonight, at 1.45 a.m. tomorrow morning in the U.K.  So it will set the tone for the week.

Current Themes

The Leveson Report has turned out to be a minefield in terms of understanding and deciding what should now be done about press freedom.  Shami Chakrabarti of Liberty, like Cameron, would tend not to legislate.  Hugh Grant, the McCanns and J.K. Rowling have come out in favour of implementing Lord Leveson’s suggestions and acting to make a difference.  This tug of interests reflects the themes of the Sun opposing Jupiter and especially the signs they fall in, which are Sagittarius and Gemini.

Can I just have another pop at the inappropriateness of Michael Gove’s educational initiatives.  When he was appointed Education minister, and Jupiter went into Gemini (education) I mentioned there would be educational changes.  Unfortunately, these have turned out to be retrogressive, coloured by Michael Gove’s own childhood experiences.  Jupiter in Gemini so far then has been disappointing in this respect.   I hope that the outworkings of this transit prove more useful by the time Jupiter goes into the next sign, Cancer, next June.

Themes for Sun opposite Jupiter

The main themes for Sun opposite Jupiter are: pushing boundaries, going for goals, and taking risks.  Because the opposition is an antagonistic aspect, the energy and fire of action will be there, but may often miss the mark, e.g. as in the arrow of the Sagittarian not quite hitting the target.  However, this is an opportunity, and you may regret not having a go at whatever is in your sights, e.g. it is better to have tried and lost than never to have tried at all.  It is an experimental energy in many ways, and certainly is adventurous.

Inappropriate Laughter

Sun opposite Jupiter is humorous, but the humour may be too alternative or go over the edge of acceptability.  We all have our individual tastes in humour, and our dislikes.  I currently enjoy Jupiter-ruled Miranda Hart, but also the U.S. comedy series about lovable geeks, “The Big Bang Theory”, and am not a great fan of stand-up comedy, or racist jokes such as those which poke fun at the Irish. It is a time when you may generate humour, e.g. in writing a last-minute panto, but hopefully will experience some natural highs.  Unplanned and spontaneous laughter is the best!  I don’t tend to laugh if I have seen an episode of a sitcom before, but hubby can watch the same episode of “Only Fools and Horses” 10 times and still laugh as though he had never seen it before.


Because this aspect is very expansive, even to a fault, the heart may be very open under its influence.  It is not quite the compassionate heart of Pisces, but it is very warm hearted and inclusive in its affections.  Therefore, there may be a tendency to give to others more than one’s material resources would justify, e.g. it is a good time for those Christmas charity collection boxes outside the supermarket to tug at the heartstrings.  If you are a charity worker, capitalize on this!

Hope against adversity

I knew a baby born at the end of 1977 when Jupiter was also in Gemini opposing the Sun in Sagittarius.  Her given name meant “hope”, and she was born two months’ prematurely.  As is often the case with such births, there were several medical emergencies before her parents brought her home, and now she is a very capable mother of two young children.  Her own mother was very positive at the time, and this aspect is about remaining positive under crisis.

The “Gambler” Archetype

This opposition represents the gambler who doesn’t know when to stop.  Poker player, journalist and TV presenter Victoria Coren has the perfect chart for a gambler: Sun in Leo (speculation) trine Jupiter in Sagittarius (luck).  But the opposition between these two planets may eventually cause a player to topple on the side of excess.  Caroline Myss says of the shadow side of this archetype: “Relying on luck rather than hard work…a compulsion to look for the lucky breaks even in relationships, rather than working hard to make them succeed.”  She advises: “Look for the ability to follow your intuition in risky situations.”

Polarity and Beyond

An opposition always brings up a polarity, i.e. two opposite signs.  In the case of Gemini and Sagittarius, the principle is communication.  Gemini is ruled by Mercury and represents for instance magazines or short articles such as blogs.  Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and represents deeper study and the publishing of the weightier tome, i.e. books.  Polarities can complement each other and blend, because they have a common thread (in this case communication). If you master each genre or sign, when you unite the opposites, you can have access to the hologram.  To continue the analogy, you would have access to any type of suitable communication vehicle for your own publication need.

Fiscal and Ascension Cliffs

Jupiter opposes the Sun only once a year, and it doesn’t crop up much in the charts I work with for some reason.  However, astrological financial expert Raymond Merriman tells us this aspect is very significant for finance.  He says “This is one of the most significant of all trading signatures used in Financial Astrology for timing stock market turns”.  The fiscal cliff of January 2013, long-hailed as a time of decision-making for the U.S. after the Presidential election, he feels will be brought forward in time in effect to before the Christmas holiday, to December 21st (the same date as the Mayan Calendar experts and Ascension movement set as a time for shifts in consciousness).  Furthermore, he feels that the European debt crisis will have great significance during 2013.  To read his current blog, click on the link to his website on my Contact page.

I spoke to the founder of my Earth Healing group this week about the significance of the 2012 energies which had been feared by some, now that we are nearly through (and the Olympics turned out exceedingly well).  Her conclusion was that change is occurring, but she feels that the biggest lesson has been learning to live with chaos.  I do not feel that the western astrology supports any extraordinary precipice taking place on that particular day.  We are still in the midst of the Uranus-Pluto square and will be through to 2015, but the two exact aspects which take place on 21st December are Venus squaring Chiron, which is uncomfortable, but not rare, and the Sun sextile Neptune, which is a harmonious spiritual attunement.  It would be good to make a wish or two for that date, perhaps a personal one and a global one, for the Sun sextile Neptune supports your dreams, and you need to keep them alive.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow (Monday) – take a chance on life