Last week I mentally filled several notebooks about the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron at the end of May, but in the end have distilled into one recipe (see accompanying blog).  I hope to add further blogs on the subject, but in the meantime let me know if you have any probs with the execution, such as finding the ingredients, etc.  Always happy to help, when I am not manning the complaints section of my Customer Service desk.  Can get a bit stressed then…which brings me neatly to today’s aspects.  You may indeed be feeling it’s all a bit too much today, with Mars being conjunct Neptune (more demands on your energy and sensitivity, some of it related to upcoming events and projects), Mercury entering Pisces (realizing the complexity of information coming through to you now) and Sun opposite Saturn (seeing the heartrending nature of some events taking place in the world, e.g. Morgan Tsvangirai losing his wife, with Saturn opposing his natal Sun).  Do you feel exhausted by all your efforts, and wonder whether they will come to fruition?  You may have a busy day, but try to build some relaxation into that, such as an afternoon siesta, to re-charge your batteries.  Tuesday (10th) looks to be a day when your efforts could fall into a more constructive and meaningful pattern or pace, and you begin to sense their worth, with Mercury sextile Pluto.  If you’ve had a hard day at work, then on the way home, about tea-time in the UK, you might breathe a sigh of hard-won satisfaction for your efforts, and see how your contribution fits into the bigger picture.  At the same time the tension may still be building to the Full Moon in Virgo which occurs in the early hours of the next (Wednesday 11th) morning, though for some people the tension reaches a peak just before a Full Moon.  The Full Moon in Virgo will help you to gather some of the ingredients for the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction: adaptability, service, true humility (none of that false rubbish) and precision for weighing up your ingredients to suit requirements.  Added to that an awareness of ecological needs, such as making sure you are using non-GM ingredients.  After the climax of the Full Moon, lunchtime on Wednesday (again UK timing) brings renewed hope and confidence from a sextile between Venus and Jupiter.  You may feel that, yes, you can do what is necessary and relax and even enjoy the prospect.  You may even want to invite a few friends round to taste the mini-souffles you have been practising with.  If so, pay attention to the feedback, and adjust your seasoning to taste.  But remember you are doing the cooking and it’s your life, so don’t make too many compromises.  Last aspect of the week, on Friday 13th, brings a conjunction between the Sun and Uranus.  It’s a good day to make innovations, change your routine, expect the unexpected, or on a more mundane level spring cleaning.  The cobwebs won’t know what hit them, especially if they have been gathering for a year.  I leave you with a power thought from Louise L. Hay: “Good now flows into my life from expected and unexpected channels”.