Deconstructing last week:  The Sun-Jupiter Opposition

Last week’s Sun-Jupiter opposition could have been dubbed The Prankster.  From feedback, some were able to negotiate its challenge of working with polarity, some achieved miracles, and some suffered greatly (I had one complainant to my Customer Service Desk).

Royal Story of the Week

On Monday, the day of the Sun-Jupiter opposition, Kate Middleton was admitted to hospital.  It was a bittersweet story: the pregnancy was still early (about 2 months) and they were not ready to announce it.  It was, however, a source of delight once in the public domain, a good news story.  Except for the fact that Kate had a severe form of morning sickness, and experts were wheeled onto our screens to declare it was unusual, and other facts we didn’t know about it.  Could the baby be on course to be a Cancerian, like its father and grandmother?

Current mixed transits for Kate Middleton include Saturn squaring her Venus (this could be the severe morning sickness), Saturn on her Jupiter (some restriction on her exuberance), Jupiter trine her Mars (joy at the same time). We do not have her birthtime, so we do not know the exact position of her Moon (motherhood)

Current transits for Prince William include Neptune trine his Sun (a spiritual shift), Uranus square his Moon indicating surprise events connected with parenthood, South Node on his Venus (a karmic relationship event), Pluto squaring his Mars (extreme stress) and Neptune trine Jupiter completing a Grand Trine with his Sun (he will be privately over the Moon about the prospect of parenthood).

The condition was treatable, and under control, so far so good.

On Tuesday Australian DJs phoned the hospital, and impersonated the Queen and Prince Charles.  With Mars on Prince William’s South Node, there may have been an unconscious element of warriorship towards the royals in the prank.  The public generally were horrified at the intrusion of privacy which the prank achieved.  This prank would have come under the Sun-Jupiter opposition category of inappropriate laughter, for sure.


It is debatable whether pranks are an acceptable form of humour, or where a line can be drawn.  I myself remember perpetrating a prank or two in my teenage years, I have to hold up my hands in that regard.  Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand generally “got away with” their prank on Andrew Sachs.  A little remembered feature of that prank is that one of them joked about a possible suicide occurring.  If Andrew Sachs had been made of frailer stuff, who knows what might have happened.  Pranks themselves now are under threat.

On Thursday Prince Charles expressed his happy anticipation of grandfatherhood, his delight that Kate was getting better, and even managed a good-natured quip about the prank, asking reporters “How do you know I am not a radio station?”  The dust seemed to be settling on the story.

On Friday, the story took a tragic turn, with the suicide of the nurse who took the call, Jacintha Saldanha, possibly through public humiliation.  According to the hospital, she was not reprimanded, so it must have been the public element which loomed large in her mind.  Nurses are not trained in PR, and having come from India she was probably not even aware of the nuances of regional or class accents.  This was a truly horrific twist in the tale.  The effects on her family, William and Kate and the Australian DJs will be lasting, and live long in the memory and the collective psyche.  It was subsequently revealed that the prank call was pre-recorded and Okd by the radio station before being broadcast.

By that time, Mars was squaring Prince William’s natal Saturn (a harsh event beyond his control), and another element of Kate’s Saturn square her natal Venus emerged (a personal sadness).


On Tuesday (11th) Mercury enters Sagittarius, and there is scope for more mental positivity.  It is a good day to choose an affirmation, and stick to it.  You can make up one, based on your current circumstances, or pick one from a book on affirmations.  Louise L. Hay’s “Heal Your Body” is often by my side, and I think I have quoted the affirmation for flu at least once in my blog, so I will quote one for ageing: “I love and accept myself at every age.  Each moment of life is perfect”.

The focus of applying one’s mind in this way will be crucial on Tuesday, because later we face a square between Mercury and Neptune, and we could become absent-minded, or confused.  We need to remember who we are and what we are doing, before the square messes with that awareness.  Be vigilant, try to focus, and above all keep saying the affirmation.

On Wednesday (12th) Venus will be conjunct the North Node, and we could see some interesting interpersonal karma that day.  We might be catching up, or having reunions, with people we haven’t seen in a while, or since our last incarnation even.  Broadly, this is likely to be an affectionate encounter, though individual karmic or astrological factors could make things more complicated.  Hopefully, though, this aspect will bring the astrological barometer on the up, and help to clear some of our confusion, particularly where it is karmic.

The rest of the week should bring happier experiences.  Thursday (13th) has a New Moon in Sagittarius, happily uncomplicated without an eclipse.  There may be joyful news, and international relations may improve.

The same day Uranus is stationary, prior to turning direct, and you may look forward to the element of the unexpected working with you rather than opposing you.  I still wouldn’t advise in favour of pranks, though.

On Friday (14th) Mercury is trine Uranus, and I did prepare a whole blog earlier on the subject (under Aspects).  But to save you trawling through my back catalogue, here is a passage from that blog:

“It’s a good week to cultivate mental acuity, and telepathic transmission, and to keep your higher antennae out for messages from the Universe.  If you have this aspect natally, you have an intuitional mind, which can sometimes by-pass logic, and cut through it to the real truth.  So we can all have flashes of intuition under this aspect, and it’s a good week to hone the connection between the lower mind and the higher self.“

I would broadly agree with that.

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The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – Mentally lifted, then suspended
  • Wednesday – A whole lot of love
  • Thursday – Bright new ventures, more confidence
  • Friday – mental briliance