Last week we were thinking about 2 children who had lost their mother; this week we find ourselves thinking about parents who have lost their children – in the worst school massacre in U.S. history.

From my Postbag

Q: “I wonder if the fact of Friday’s aspect is what caused the spark (snap/crack) in the mind of Adam Lanza and triggered yesterday’s shooting rampage. The added flashes from the universe were perhaps too much for him to process, cut off as he seems to have been from his emotions.”

(from Dia, Southern California, 15/12/12)

Short Reply

A: “Transiting Uranus (the spark) is now conjunct Adam Lanza’s Mercury (mind) and would have intensified this process.”

Longer Reply

Adam Lanza was said to be autistic, and this may show in the karmic feature of his chart which is Mercury (his mind) square to his Nodal Axis (his karma).  Uranus transitting his Mercury and overloading his mind will have set off the square to his North Node conjunct the Moon in Capricorn, and the square to his South Node in Cancer, creating a T-square.  This would be a complex interaction between his karma (Nodal Axis), his mind (Mercury) and his relationship with the public (Moon).

Connecticut Shootings

The first thing that struck me when looking at the chart of the shootings was that the Midheaven (the meaning of the event in the world) was at 21 degrees Scorpio (a sign associated with the cycle of death and rebirth).  Though I am not well-versed in the astrology of eclipses, it was not lost on me that this was the degree which took place on the eclipse in the middle of November.

In this chart, Mars (planet of shooting) is exactly sextile the Midheaven, increasing the possibility of violence, or activity.  What could we do with such information?  Even knowing that, we could not be vigilant on the moment of every day that the Midheaven is at 21 degrees of Scorpio during the aftermath of an eclipse (the influence of which can last up to 6 months).

The Moon too in this chart is within one degree of Pluto, a destructive aspect emotionally, but one which occurs once a month.  Should we be more vigilant on this day every month?  I do not work with the Moon’s aspects in this blog, though there are some astrobloggers that do (notably Auntie Moon in the U.S., whose link is on my Contact page).  I only point out the New Moon and the Full Moon each month, but may in the future be more vigilant about pointing out vigilance for that aspect.  For those who would like to alert their diary, it will next take place around 10th/11th January 2013.

Gun Laws

Much has been made of the fact that this horrific event may be a turning point for gun laws in the U.S., as was the Dunblane massacre in the U.K.  At the time of Dunblane, there was not a conjunction of the Moon and Pluto (though the Moon was square to Pluto, fuelling destructive emotions).  Pluto however was square to the U.K. Mercury (with the Moon transitting that point) necessitating a change of mind-set.  At this time, the U.S. does not have Pluto squaring its Mercury.  It has Jupiter conjunct its Uranus (which is a new hope from a new Presidency) but more pertinently Mars is trine its Neptune, so that may be related to more sensitivity to gun crime, and a more spiritual approach to this problem.  The prominence of Mercury in these events may be due to the fact that they took place in Schools, establishments ruled by Mercury.  The ongoing backdrop of the square between Uranus and Pluto of course bears much responsibility for current violence and destructiveness.


The Hindu term “Ahimsa” meaning harmlessness may be fundamental to the concept of gun laws.  There was a discussion on the Andrew Marr show this morning which involved the fact that the Sandy Hook School, in which Friday’s massacre took place, was not armed.  Then it was mentioned that someone had suggested arming everyone (which would be the opposite of dis-arming everyone through gun laws).  For me, the fundamental question is, if you had a gun would you be prepared to kill someone else with all the karmic implication that entailed, let alone the mental anguish?

My late friend and working partner Sandy Colyer used to point out the absurdity of the gentle meditative art of Tai Chi being founded on a martial art, and the implication that in practising peace you would contemplate war and be coming from a warlike practice.  I hope I am not misrepresenting her thoughts.

Let us hope that this truly will be a turning point for humanity in our attitude to carrying arms, and mental health, and all the other issues that this tragic event has raised.


Today Venus enters Sagittarius, where it can express itself with a lighter touch than in the previous sign of Scorpio.  It may be a time to examine your relation to faith (Sagittarius) in order to move on from those things which have happened that we cannot now do much about.  That brings to mind the prayer of Reinhold Niebuhr, used by Alcoholics Anonymous:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.”

Venus very soon, also today, hits a square with Neptune, bringing confusion and paranoia in relationships and leaving us wondering what are the things we can change, whether we have the courage to change them, and where is the wisdom to know the difference.  This will be a period of evaluation.

Tomorrow Mercury opposes Jupiter, providing too much information to take in, but some of it positive.

Wednesday (19th) has a trine between Venus and Uranus, and looks like the best day of the week.  It is a much better day for relationships and meetings, and can provide a spark between people (hopefully not too much of a spark).

Friday (21st) is the end of the Mayan calendar and the Winter Solstice signifying the entry of the Sun into Capricorn.  It is ironic that as we go from the lighter sign of Sagittarius every year at that point into the darker or more serious side and sign of Capricorn, the daylight starts to increase again.  So you may notice some change in your inner and outer light and darkness, but may be confused which way it is going.  This year’s experience of course is complicated by the apocalyptic sense produced by what I called the “Ascension cliff” a couple of weeks ago.  I reprise my take on this, which remains essentially the same:

“I spoke to the founder of my Earth Healing group this week about the significance of the 2012 energies which had been feared by some, now that we are nearly through (and the Olympics turned out exceedingly well).  Her conclusion was that change is occurring, but she feels that the biggest lesson has been learning to live with chaos.  I do not feel that the western astrology supports any extraordinary precipice taking place on that particular day.  We are still in the midst of the Uranus-Pluto square and will be through to 2015, but the two exact aspects which take place on 21st December are Venus squaring Chiron, which is uncomfortable, but not rare, and the Sun sextile Neptune, which is a harmonious spiritual attunement.  It would be good to make a wish or two for that date, perhaps a personal one and a global one, for the Sun sextile Neptune supports your dreams, and you need to keep them alive.”

It may say more to you as we are now nearer the event.  My only modification is that the Sun-Neptune sextile actually peaks on Saturday (22nd) at 6.48 a.m. in the U.K., so the spiritual experience may be the dream you wake up with the morning after 21st, which is interesting…

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – love in your heart, and adjustments with others
  • Tomorrow – travel hopefully
  • Wednesday – brighter hope in relationships
  • Friday – the Solstice is what we make of it
  • Saturday – what dreams are left