2012 Year of Extremes

2012 was undoubtedly a year of extremes.  Starting with the weather – in the UK alone we went from the driest year to the wettest year, all in one year!  The weather seems to be getting wilder all over the globe, and of course is set to continue that way.

The Uranus-Pluto square which first arrived in June, set supreme challenges in our personal and global lives.  Although we did have some good major aspects between the outer planets, this square, which recurred in September and will recur in 2013, dominated the skies.  This is the main astrological feature which correlates with extremes.

Some people have reported to me it has been the year they finally turned their lives around.  Others did not manage to catch their particular curveball and are still struggling with internal issues such as loneliness, or practical losses such as from the heartbreak of homes flooding, or the conflict of war.

I believe that those who did well, such as the Olympic athletes, were rising to the challenges of the Uranus-Pluto square, rather than doing well more from a favourable aspect from say Jupiter.  A wave of euphoria swept over the UK for sports fans, and some non-sports fans, throughout the Olympics, and then was echoed during the Paralympics.

One of those who learned and raised their game was Andy Murray who went from an abysmal Wimbledon final defeat (under the first square) to realizing what he needed to do, which if the common UK wisdom is to be believed, was to release emotion, show he was human, and connect with the British people! Then he won the Olympic tennis tournament. His coach Ivan Lendl of course had a lot to do with it too.  No man is an island, and the man himself has just received an OBE in the New Year’s Honours list.

The U.S. experience too was one of extremes, not only in weather, but in re-electing the good guy (the hurricane arriving the same week as the vote was due), and then having to face the edge of the fiscal cliff.  The “fiscal cliff” itself has coincided with the Saturn-Pluto sextile, giving gravitas to Obama’s efforts, and ensuring that everyone knows how important it is.  The outcome is yet to be decided.

We also faced the Armageddon of the Ascension Cliff, and came through as a species.

2013 Our Brand New Year

For the coming year, there will be more of the Uranus-Pluto square. We now have a personal handle on it, as we have experienced 2 of its 7 passes.  Financial dilemmas such as the Fiscal cliff and the Eurozone are continuing to cause anguish, and internationally Iran and Syria are represented as challenges connected with this ongoing astrological feature.

In our personal lives, if we have successfully negotiated it so far, we may be lucky in that it didn’t strike our charts very directly, but we may also have learned lessons we can pass on to others.

I think overall, the main lesson of the Uranus-Pluto square in our personal lives is in letting go and allowing the Universe to settle the form for us, then accepting to work with what is.  This works for some, especially where you are involved in a group effort.  There are in certain areas, higher blueprints which are coming into manifestation with surprising results.  Some businesses are bucking the trend and flourishing, often with ethical, humane and ecological principles.

One outcome of the Pluto/Capricorn and Uranus/Aries square has been one of tyrants overthrown, with no one person holding the reins, and the acknowledgement that power needs to be shared – a process which is taking time, in the phenomenon of the Arab Spring which notably made us aware of it, and the Occupy movement which succeeded it.  These were features of 2011, with Uranus newly occupying Aries and challenging the Pluto/Capricorn order and authority.  These processes and planetary transits were ongoing through 2012.

Financial astrology guru Raymond Merriman, not given to unrealistic claims, has said that he sees the summer aspects for 2013 as being very promising, and a cause for hope.

On looking into my ephemeris it seems that Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune are each in a different water sign in the summer, and can provide the solace and strength and uplift of Water Trines.  It will certainly be a good summer for Water babies.

I wish to thank 2012 for its lessons, but look forward to a new outlook in 2013, and possibly also a new relationship with time.  Certainly the brussel sprouts seemed to take a long time to prepare this Christmas, I found.  My mother-in-law took 12 hours to make mince pies and banana cakes.  And my youngest daughter took 8 hours to transfer me from I Phone 3 to I Phone 4.  I am enjoying the absence of pressure of apocalyptic thinking.  It feels freer, and it feels like a fresh start.

Dates for your New Diary

So, action for your diary: 20th May 2013, especially if you have planets at 11 degrees of the signs (this being the third pass of the Uranus-Pluto square).

1st November 2013, especially if you have planets at 9 degrees of the signs.  Dates to work towards in a constructive way, now that we have some handle on the Uranus-Pluto square.  You may be able to progress the issues which you worked with last June and September.  This is the fourth pass of the Uranus-Pluto square.


Lunchtime today the Sun will be conjunct Pluto, and our minds will be on transformation.  If, like me, you have experienced rollover Christmasses with different branches of the family, you may be considering how to transform leftover turkey into say curry, or the vegetarian equivalent manoeuvre.

But it’s a serious frame of mind, and no messing, psychologically, which is asked for by this aspect.  The mindset is that there are serious problems to address, and address them we will.

Consolidation of new plans, such as those set down last Thursday, can come later in the day.  It is a good aspect for serious negotiations, such as Barack Obama is having to carry out in relation to the fiscal cliff.  If you have serious negotiations in a personal capacity, the Universe is edging you in the right direction.

Tomorrow (Monday 31st) Mercury enters Capricorn, again a serious note, and one where everyone will have a political interest in events, watching closely for the right thing to happen.

Tuesday (1st January, 2013) will see Mars sextile Uranus, which is capable of bringing a surprise breakthrough in two areas of your life, or on the world scene.

This is backed up by another sextile between Mercury and Neptune which enables spirituality to ally with the mind, a spiritual tone of ideas to take the forefront.  You may be inspired by a guide or light being, on top of the dynamic action of the first sextile.

On Thursday (3rd January) Mercury will be square to Uranus, which is a little mentally fraught, but should not undo the work of earlier in the week.  There may be some bizarre thinking, and beware of people who tend to be loose canons speechwise.  However, the best job I ever had was begun under this aspect, at a Psychiatric Unit (which was very fitting).  If the nature of your task is about mental health for instance, you can achieve much because you are flowing with the nature of the squared planets, and not against the grain.

We end on a high, for Friday (4th) brings an enthusiastic trine between Mars and Jupiter.  Energy and optimism combine, and another feast is set on the table.  Renew your New Year’s resolutions on Friday, as the wave of energy could carry you far.  This is a good note to end the week on, full of New Year Cheer.  So I am able to wish all my readers, quite genuinely and legitimately, a Happy New Year!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – A serious note, or two
  • Tomorrow – A third serious note
  • Tuesday – Two harmonious notes
  • Thursday – a spanner in the works
  • Friday – A high note