There is a complex tangle of aspects in the first half of the week, then a pause for thought in the middle of the week, followed by an upturn in mood in the second half of the week.

The tangle consists of Mercury at 9 degrees Capricorn, Mars at 9 degrees Aquarius, Pluto at 9 degrees Capricorn, and Saturn at 9 degrees Scorpio.  If you have a planet at 9 degrees of a sign, you may be well aware of what I am talking about.

The whole effect may be one of having to stay within a tangled situation until you can unpick the causes and find your way out.  It may be a complex problem involving three or more people, where patiently each interaction needs to be harmonized until each person is inwardly or outwardly freed.

Breakdown of the Tangle

Today’s experience of the bouquet of barbed wire (which is not totally negative, it is an awareness about how people are linked or how situations have arisen, prior to disentanglement) involves the planet Mercury in all three aspects, and starts with a semi-sextile between Mercury and Mars.

This is a connection between rationality, and activity.  It is setting the stage for two of the planets.  The mind is alerted: you start to understand that there is a problem to solve here, and it is a situation which may have started last week.  Perhaps there are two people in your circle, one who approaches life from a rational, Richard-Dawkinesque point of view, and another who is more basic in their approach.  Or maybe you are observing these two parts of your own psyche, and how they are currently interacting.  There may be, or may have been, a minor skirmish, or an altercation which highlights the difference in approach.  Words may have been exchanged, for this could be a very verbal day.

The second aspect today is Mercury conjunct Pluto, and that is the most intense aspect, occurring just before tea-time in the U.K.  The conversation or dialogue throughout the day may have skirted round the main issue, or stayed at a superficial level.  There may have been some petty sniping about unimportant things.  Towards tea-time there is a shift, and a sudden realization that the conversation and the communication needs to go to a deeper level.  Perhaps the conversation pauses, and it suddenly dawns on all parties, the active members and the observers or side participants.  The energy may suddenly go from busy busy to even silent pondering.  People start to reach into themselves for how they really feel and what they really mean.  Psyches regroup.  Then may follow a deeper level of connection, not necessarily comfortable, but more satisfying in terms of truth and emotional connection.  People will start to talk about what really matters.

In the late evening, Mercury will be sextile with Saturn, and a position of stability will be reached.  Perhaps a halfway house where things can be spoken without hurt, but with seriousness and effectiveness.  Plans or negotiations may be in order on that basis.  You will realize what you can speak about, and what feelings you may have to lay aside for the time being, in order to have some dialogue.  You can settle to sleep more easily, as a result.  You may have started the day a little rattled or irritated without necessarily knowing why, then gone through a deep cathartic phase, and finally won through to a more practical and boundaried reality, with a structure you can work with.

A good sleep is very much to be desired, for there is much work to do on the morrow, Monday (7th) in case you are already losing track.  The first aspect tomorrow is another semi-sextile: that of Mars and Pluto.  These two forces are going to clash, although it is a minor aspect.  Keep the warring factions apart, if you are able to.  They are releasing some primordial emotions, based on their ancient warrior Archetypes.  The scenario may well be a group situation, in which case there may be Peacemakers or mediators who can draw on and hone their skills.  Again, if you are working within your own psyche, be aware of the mental and spiritual space required by each Archetype individually, then work on the relationships and interactions.  This “face-off” is part of the process, but try not to let it get too out of hand, for the whole aim of the exercise is healing, for all.

Then, just after tea-time, Mars squares Saturn, and a practical solution may have to be found, which may be frustrating for some, but it is the culminating aspect for this complex set of interactions.  Again, healing and safety for all are the major considerations, especially if your own emotions are not too embroiled.  Hopefully, from the two days will emerge a set of solutions found from unpicking the needs and requirements contained in this cluster of planetary interactions.

Mid Week

On Wednesday (9th) Venus enters Capricorn and loyalty in relationships takes over as the theme, from the whooping it up of the festive period.  It is the “you know who your friends are” residue from the more surface link-ups of the party season.  This is the pregnant pause or hiatus which marks the first and second halves of the week.


On Thursday (10th) with Venus sextile Neptune, it gradually dawns that you have come through to a new spiritual reality.  That some old demons have been exorcised, ghosts laid to rest, and passions appeased.  Other Archetypes may emerge, such as the Inner Artist and the Mystic, and you may feel like writing poetry, or ice dancing.  This new scenery, like a serene swan gliding along a lake, is no less real than the earlier more grounding part of the week, just a different part of the psyche which also needs expression.  You may find yourself in a different social circle, too.

The last aspect of the week too, which occurs on Friday (11th) is equally constructive and helpful.  It is the New Moon of Capricorn (at 21 degrees) which brings new life to structures and institutions, in personal and private lives.  It is about constructing plans for your work in the world.  This is another good day to renew some of your New Year’s resolutions (last Friday was the first), particularly where they involve career or life direction.  If you were knocked by last November’s eclipse, or if you have fallen off your pantomime horse (like John Barrowman), this New Moon may enable a reconstruction and a healing.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – three chances to assess a complex situation
  • Tomorrow – a little confrontation, but diplomacy can be allowed in
  • Wednesday – a new cooler tone in relationships, but steadfastness rules
  • Thursday – artistic and musical notes, plus spiritual guidance
  • Friday – a new beginning for serious purposes