An appreciation of Andrew Marr

Andrew Marr needs to be appreciated this morning for his services to this blog.  Andrew, who suffered a stroke last Tuesday, is the presenter of “the Andrew Marr show” which has been broadcast on Sunday mornings since September 2005.  I had noticed that his new book was quite prominent in the bookshops early last week, before I learned the news, but did not have any presentiment that all was not well.

So back to his relevance to this blog!  He has been part of my Sunday morning routine for years.  Every Sunday morning,  I read the Observer newspaper, then watch the Andrew Marr show with its current affairs and political interviews, after which I feel sufficiently up to date to begin working on my blog! Sunday morning wouldn’t seem like Sunday morning without Andrew…

I also have a friend, a text mate, who exchanges views (e.g on his sartorial elegance and orange ties teamed with purple socks) on Sunday mornings.  Last Sunday I had noticed a small article in the paper reporting unfortunately that he had been included in the top 10 worst dressed list. I was concerned how he might feel about that.  So you see, I have a bit of a fan club outlook on Andrew, and this is why I am writing this appreciation.

Andrew has a high wire nervous system (Mercury exactly conjunct Uranus in Leo) and high stress workaholism  (Mars conjunct Pluto in Virgo).

He has the Interviewer Archetype in the Mercury-Uranus conjunction, as distinct from the Critic Archetype, which is Mercury conjunct Mars.


At the time of his stroke Jupiter was exactly squaring his natal Mars, stoking up energy and activity in his system. However, in his favour Jupiter was sextile his Sun and trine his North Node. I am hoping this might mean that he will make a good recovery.

We don’t have a birth time or Ascendant for him, but the prominent “ginger” aura would point to Aries rising  (Scorpio is auburn) or Mars rising. As his Mars is in Virgo, and he is fairly lean physically, Virgo rising would make sense. The ginger tone can derive from his Sun in Leo but is not as likely as the Mars connection.

We hear that he is making progress, though his family understandably wish for privacy. And I imagine that many people who like me value his part in their lives, are sending healing thoughts his way.  Transitting Neptune exactly sextiles his Saturn today bringing sensitization, but with the possibility of reconstruction.   The Mean North Node will reach his Jupiter on 24th/25th January, which I hope will be another stage in his rehabilitation.  Further, more refined healing, may take place on 30th January when the True North Node reaches his Jupiter.


This is a week to examine our feelings:  you may be feeling alienated but this may give you the detachment to look at relationships honestly.  However, don’t turn this into a negative (which may be the line of least resistance) and throw the baby out with the bath water. Today this temptation may apply, with Venus squaring Uranus.  There is a hint of separation about this aspect.

Tomorrow, Venus is sextile Chiron, so there is a possibility of healing some of the separation, and understanding the reasons for it.

On Tuesday (15th) Jupiter squares Chiron, so there may be a setback in the healing, and some aspect of the problem may be exaggerated.  You need to find some appropriate mental or physical balm, as you would find skin cream for sore skin, or dock leaves for nettle rash.

The theme of early week separation continues and intensifies by Thursday, when Venus is conjoined with Pluto at 9 degrees Capricorn, adjusting the microscope lens on relationships and money to a closer or deeper setting.  It may also be decision time, e.g. If you are an employer you may find that you have to let someone go. You may point the finger, like Alan Sugar , and say “With regret, you’re fired!”   You may find yourself reluctantly appearing as the bad guy, or pantomime villain, but deep down you’ll feel it, just as much as your victim. …”The victim and the victimiser are one”, so says Chris Griscom. Except that often this concept can only be accepted and understood in a multi-incarnational context, such as looking from the perspective and overview of past or future lives, and karmic processes.

It will prove to be a new start for both of you, as the space is protected and stabilised by a sextile of Saturn to the Venus/ Pluto. Therefore it may become immediately clear to each of you what to do.

When I left a job in King’s Lynn in 2001, I “saw” a golden light above the city of Cambridge, and have not looked back since.  There was a future waiting for me there.  If you have to move on, where is your golden light?

Thought crystallizes, perhaps about your career or life direction, on Friday (18th) with Sun conjunct Mercury at 28 degrees Capricorn.  You may employ this time, and this aspect, with some valuable writing.

And the end of the week, Saturday (19th) may see changes implemented, for the same two planets change sign on that day, from the more institutionally retrenched sign of Capricorn, to the revolutionary road of Aquarius.  From a difficult position at the beginning of the week, entangled in the Uranus-Pluto square, you should begin to see your personal way more clearly by Saturday.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – a hint of separation
  • Tomorrow – subsequent healing
  • Tuesday  – inflammation
  • Thursday –  confrontation, followed by some stabilization
  • Friday – clear thought
  • Saturday – ch ch changes