“Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this sun of York”

Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain

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Now that we have stared into the reconstruction of Richard III’s face thanks to the finding of his skull, he has become a modern celebrity, and we feel that we know him.

Monday 4th February was the day of unveiling the DNA results produced from unearthing his bones, and also the matching TV programme.

The television programme was fascinating, especially the role of his advocate, Philippa Langley, of the Richard III Society.  She became intensely involved after reading a biography of Richard III 15 years ago, and while standing in a car park in Leicester identified the spot where he had been buried.  Thus began a chain of events leading up to first his unearthing, and then the confirmation of his identification.I was very moved by her faith in him, and her own faith in her intuition.  She must have a very special karmic link with him.

The identification of the spot in which Richard was buried may have been through the astral emanations on the site, but clearly there was more at work.  Philippa was led to that spot, and that may have involved some telepathic connection with his Soul.

Several issues were raised by the programme, and his disability (scoliosis) was confirmed and highlighted.  According to Louise L. Hay the dis-ease of scoliosis is related to issues of responsibility.  I do not (yet) have a sufficiently extensive set of charts to identify an astrological signature for this, but it does seem to me that his Mercury conjunct Saturn square to his Chiron is a contributory set of aspects.

Another issue arising was his effeminacy.   Rather than having an effeminate chart, I see him as graceful with four planets in the sign of Libra.  The bone expert on the programme actually used the term “gracilis” as an alternative to feminine.

The day he was unearthed last September was a good day in relation to the aspects in his natal chart:  He had Jupiter exactly trine his Mercury, Saturn exactly trine his Jupiter, and the North Node (karma) exactly trine his Uranus (surprise).

Monday’s confirmation of his DNA was also a very good day in relation to the aspects to his natal chart, among which the North Node exactly conjunct his Venus (his feelings honoured by karma)

The next question on the agenda was where he should be laid to rest.  Should he go to York Minster, Leicester Cathedral, or Middleham Castle where he lived peaceably early in life ?  Or even Fotheringay Castle, where he started out that life. There is evidence to suggest that he wished to be buried at York Minster, according to the historian A.J. Pollard. The Soul that was or is Richard may have incarnated in between that lifetime and this, but it is clear that he has literally moved heaven and earth to rescue that portion of his soul which was trapped and restless under the Leicester car park.

I am sure that this event is the beginning of the restoration of his karma, but it has taken centuries to unravel, and could take a while longer.

If you were viewing the event solely on this lifetime, there might be a case for saying it is a cut and dried matter of Leicester getting to keep Richard, having done all the work to unearth him.  They have promised full honours in Leicester Cathedral, but will that be enough to pacify him so that he does not wish to be unearthed again?  It is important to get it right.

But if you believe in reincarnation and karma, you would have to take account what he would have wished, and the sufferings he endured as well as those he gave out.  And factor in that his sufferings in his life during the Wars of the Roses may have been karmic from earlier lifetimes. Whether or not he was responsible for the fate of the Princes, it is not our place to judge and we do not know the whole picture.

The karma directly affected the history of our U.K. royalty, and did not only involve Leicester and York, but Lancaster, and many other places too.  Richard’s story changed the course of history, but Shakespeare may have distorted his account of Richard’s history, perhaps unnecessarily vilifying him

The ensuing storm of where he should go and dispute about his character may seem unsettling, but I feel strongly that the force of his character or the wish of his Soul is that this should happen, for karmic clearing purposes.

The story rattled on through the week, and on Thursday it came to light, after over 11000 people had signed a petition on his behalf to be buried at York Minster, that York did not want him…There was also a petition for him to stay in Leicester.  A new War of the Roses was well under way.  Westminster Abbey was mooted as a possible way of averting confrontation.

Richard III and U.K. Karma

The U.K. chart has powerful links with Richard’s, showing the karmic importance of his life.  The U.K. Jupiter is exactly square his Pluto, depicting the huge symbolism of his (unprecedented) unearthing.  Richard’s Pluto is sextile the U.K. Ascendant, deepening the meaning and significance of his death.

The chart of his death at Bosworth Field takes on a huge significance as being the turning point of the continuation of the royal line (not his).  It is a real what-might-have-been moment.  Fittingly, Pluto at his death was exactly sextile the U.K. Sun, indicating a complete change of course for the royal line (Sun).


For me the process of choosing his final resting place should go to Philippa Langley, who found him.  She clearly has a special connection with  him, and the capacity to find out his true wishes.

With special thanks to Janet Leng and Daphne Charles for some of the information provided