Jupiter in Gemini – A Review

Jupiter has been in Gemini since last June, and will be there for a few more months: time to review its performance, before it goes into the sign of Cancer.  Like the Chinese New Year signs, Jupiter moves one sign per year, and sometimes it coincides with its Chinese animal, and sometimes it doesn’t.  Today is the beginning of the Year of the Snake, and neither Gemini nor Cancer correspond.  The Year of the Snake, animal totem speak wise, would be Jupiter in Scorpio.

Blogging on 10th June 2012 my hopes were:

Jupiter in Gemini

New ideas will be coming in, though not necessarily of the economic variety just yet, and new ways of thinking.

Communication will also be stimulated, both in your personal life and in the Communications Industry.

Publishing too may have a revival, and initiatives in Education.

If you are a Gemini you can look forward to growth this year, with a special surge when Jupiter transits your actual natal Sun.

The Reality – Jupiter’s Report Card

The reality has brought changes in the areas governed by Gemini, but not as positive as is usual for Jupiter’s influence.


Newpapers, media and broadcasting have had to become more aware and responsible, but the Leveson Enquiry and its findings have not yet delivered optimum results.  Jupiter was retrograde, and still has a few more months to run forwards.  That may be an opportunity to deliver some positive change in these areas.  The prevailing view is that there has not been enough government-backed change, and the moral pressure has been left to the self-regulation of the press.  A new campaign backed by Gerry McCann has been reported, to push forward initiatives.

Michael Gove

Michael Gove might be the wrong person at the right time, for he has tried to bring change in this period to Education, the area which Jupiter would benefit now.  But his changes have been retro in nature, not futuristically visionary.  The interesting thing astrologically about this is that he announced his U-turn (about overhauling the GCSE system) just after Jupiter turned direct!  Neptune is currently exactly opposite his Sun this year, so he is confused.  Today’s Observer leader writes “At heart, the problem is that Gove is trying to make an education system fashioned out of his own education experiences”.

Personal Applications

In previous sojourns of Jupiter through my 2nd House of Finance in Gemini, I was invited to write a magazine column, and had a major influx of work (my day job was always secretarial, a province of Gemini). So far, I have not noticed any major effect on my earning ability, so I am hoping that I can do better before Jupiter leaves this House and sign.  The daughter of some friends took an exam (again, Gemini) when Jupiter transitted her natal Sun at the beginning of Gemini last summer: normally this would indicate a guaranteed success, but she did not pass the exam.  Jupiter is not easily coming up with the goods at this time, for some reason.

Campaign for Supporting Jupiter!

It is possible that Jupiter’s push to achieve its aims socially and personally have been cowed by the Uranus-Pluto square.  But it would be helpful to polish your own Jupiter principle and make headway in the area of your life covered by the sign of Gemini in the next few months.  If you know the House it falls in within your own personal chart, then you can focus more accurately than just upholding the principles of clear communication and progress in education.  Use it, or lose it, I say!


With a New Moon in Aquarius today, and the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Snake, it denotes new beginnings all round.  This website was launched on the Aquarian New Moon of 2006, and the blog followed on a year later.  So what would you like to begin this Aquarian New Moon, bearing in mind that computers and technology have an affinity with Aquarius?

As for the Year of the Snake, I know nothing, other than its characteristics correspond to the western zodiacal sign of Scorpio, sizzling with mystery.  The main aspect to Scorpio’s ruling planet Pluto this year is the continuing square with Uranus, which adds shock and awe to mystery.  Either way doesn’t make for smooth sailing.

We had some squares yesterday, and the beginning of the week brings another two to contend with, after which it is plainer sailing.  Mars squares Jupiter today, which can bring a flare up of over-the-top enthusiasm, which is OK unless you don’t know when to stop.  If you are a Sagittarian, you may not.  There may be a lot of hot air for the fire signs generally, so the cooler earth and air signs could need to bring out the equipment to fan the flames.

Tomorrow Venus squares Saturn, so if we are going to have emotional disappointments we might as well have them right at the start of the week, so that we can deal with them and put them behind us, and clear our minds for the more constructive aspects to come.

Tuesday’s (12th) sextile between Mercury and Pluto is important for settling medical and psychological issues.  Scan your body and mind and get to the heart of things.

Mercury also trines Saturn on Tuesday, and that is the formulation of plans based on your researches and findings.

Friday (15th) is the day of the fly past of asteroid 2012 DA14 at 7.24 pm GMT.  We have been reassured that the asteroid will miss planet Earth by 17,100 miles.  As it is a unique event, we have no way of knowing what impact it will make on our consciousness, but I personally found that Halley’s comet in 1985 and comet Shoemaker-Levy’s collision with Jupiter in 1994 were profoundly felt experiences.  So if you experience anything unusual that day it could be due to the asteroid passing through the aura of our Earth.  Asteroids generally have become high profile in modern astrology, so it is your chance to find out how much power they exert.

But the day’s main aspect Mars sextile Pluto is a very strong and energetic one, so you may have difficulty distinguishing the experiences.  Some serious work can be accomplished, and shifting of energies experienced with Mars engaging with Pluto in this way.  You can knuckle down with others to long term projects, but others may prefer to lock horns.  If Sunday’s cooling equipment is still serviceable, time to bring it out again.

Last but not least, Mars trines Saturn on Saturday (16th) and on the ground much laying of foundations can be successful, at the end of what looks like a productive week.

Richard III

When I was a student in the History Department of Nottingham University back in 1969, the History Society Christmas party was a cosy fireside chat with our Medieval History lecturer about the Princes in the Tower…Richard III has haunted me for most of the week, and I dare say I am not alone.  So read the blog I posted earlier, to find out why!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – new beginnings, and new enthusiasms
  • Monday – letting go in relationships
  • Tuesday – examinations of a deep nature, and plans
  • Friday – strong energies and shifts
  • Saturday – laying foundations