This morning’s conjunction of Mercury and Venus sets the tone of a communicative and congenial Sunday.  Whether you are on Twitter, hosting a dinner party or preparing to attend the G20 you will be gratified by the feedback you are getting.  The North Node is sextile Mercury, Venus and the Sun early this week, so the karmic compass could be re-set to favourable if it has slightly gone off course lately, especially in relation to group work.  Tuesday (31st) brings a conjunction of Sun and Mercury, much needed mental clarity for pondering the world’s economic problems or the problems within your own immediate circle.  You may suddenly be able to home in on what the problem is, and how it should be tackled, providing you have put in the homework in recent days of mulling over the scenario from every angle to familiarize your subconscious with what it needs to process.  Communication and debate will be lively on that day, and some words will be mightier than swords.  If you are a reporter, get that down.  There are no aspects for Wednesday April 1st, so I did think about making up a spoof aspect, but why not create your own?  You don’t need to be limited by the planets in our Solar System, there’s a whole Universe out there, and the unlimited imagination of the human consciousness.  Revel in the freedom from aspects, and the permission of April Fool’s Day.  The G20 Summit takes place on Thursday (2nd), and with the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in his 11th House of group endeavour, Gordon Brown is trying to prove that the economic woes of his administration are indeed global in nature and putting into practice all he has learned from his bedtime reading of “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.  Any practical jokes which backfired on Wednesday need to be put right by Friday (3rd) when retrograde Venus (difficult enough on its own for some) squares Pluto.  As an aftermath of the G20 summit, it looks pretty intense, as Venus represents money as well as relationships.  Passions are likely to have been inflamed, or to be smouldering from the day before.  This is probably the most weighty aspect of the week, and in relationships if you have been twittering inappropriately, or practising dishonest negotiations, the time of reckoning has come.  You have to be absolutely sure of your integrity to the best of your self-knowledge.  Saturday (4th) brings some recovery from Friday’s wobble, with Mercury sextile Jupiter, i.e. some good news may come of the week’s proceedings.  Shortly afterwards though, Pluto, following Venus, goes stationary prior to retrograde and a cautionary note may be sounded.  Between them, they wish to leave no stone unturned where money and love are concerned and all the combinations in between.  Lawyers and mediators will be busy with financial settlements, and reporters will be busy recording allegations and revelations.  Turning to lighter matters, as you may have noticed I have thought about nothing other than the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction for weeks.  Hope that pet project is shaping up, and I hope to resume blogging about that next week.