Saturn sextile Pluto

Nick Clegg, leader of the Lib Dems and Deputy Prime Minister, must have been feeling very confused last week.

At the beginning  of the week he couldn’t remember what he did know about rumours of sexual misconduct concerning Lib Dem Chief Executive Lord Rennard.  Pluto had been conjunct his natal Mercury…

…Then in the middle of the week, it emerged that he had heard a little innuendo, but no detail.  We were confused by his story, and there was yet another question mark over his integrity.

Just when he must have been beginning to despair of his situation, on Friday morning his party did well to retain the seat at Eastleigh vacated by Chris Huhne (who was fighting a speeding allegation from 10 years earlier and after years of denial finally admitted recently that he persuaded his wife to take the penalty).  Nick Clegg had to adjust his mindset from defeat to victory.

The main aspect of last week was the trine of the Sun to Saturn and its sextile to Pluto, on the day the by-election result was announced.  Was this double-surprise what was divinely intended?  One, that the Lib Dems, whose star looked on the wane, should keep Eastleigh.  Two, that the UKIP party, headed by the unique Nigel Farage, who nearly lost his life on the day of the last general election, should take second place.  Three surprises if you count separately that the Conservatives failed to take second place, and were beaten by UKIP into third place position.  Four surprises if you forgot that Labour were even a leading party in this country, and took fourth place.

Saturn sextile Pluto was being highlighted that day by the Sun’s glare, and next Friday the sextile becomes exact.  For some reason, the current order is important, and there may have been new realities to face in your life last Friday, which will be understood more clearly next Friday.

Nick Clegg had Mars opposite Pluto last week, so he was certainly under fire.  If he was born at Noon, he will also have had Uranus trine his natal Moon, indicating surprises.  Nigel Farage currently has Saturn sextile his natal Pluto, a serious step forward for him.  His survival of the plane crash in 2010 occurred under a sextile from Uranus (surprise and accidents) to his natal Venus.  The chart for the United Kingdom at this time has Pluto opposite its natal Pluto (thus linking in with the Saturn-Pluto sextile), which indicates an overthrow of the natural order.  Admittedly, this is only a by-election, but the order of the four parties is unusual.

Saturn sextile Pluto in your life may be throwing up an odd sequence of events which is contrary to the usual order of things, and forcing you took look at issues in a different way, such as the value of things you have taken for granted.  There may be some incredulity too, as in the case of the election – how could the anti-European party UKIP have so strongly captured the public mood?  Food for thought.

The Aspects

Tomorrow the Sun conjuncts Mercury – on a good meditation day, with Sun/Mercury conjunct in Pisces, you can experience crystal clear vision, right to the heart of things. It is a good week for aspects with only a tiny cloud in the blue sky.

This meditational aspect occurs at 12.58 pm, and just less than an hour later, at 13.52 Hrs Venus squares Jupiter, so a 56-minute mediation window then gives way to the blip of the week.

The glitch comes when you try to translate your meditation all insights into a socially acceptable form , for soon afterwards there is the square between Venus and Jupiter, and it might be best to confine your impressions in the form of a poem, for the time being. Venus squaring Jupiter is usually fairly harmless but can evoke inappropriate behaviour which can be misconstrued.

So let’s say you experience unconditional love in your meditation, then feel evangelical about it on your return to the room or your chair…you might want to tell the first person you see (the unsuspecting newbie in the meditation group perhaps) or even demonstrate the wonders of unconditional love.

“Whoa!” Is the reaction from the unprepared recipient. Maybe it’s the milkman-

“Hold on. You haven’t paid your bill for weeks. How dare you”.

Back to your poetry notebook for an apologia style poem…

For the meditator, rising above it all, the responses from the wider world may seem petty.  But in this post-Saville world there are some fine lines around personal boundaries, and attention has recently been focused on inappropriate touching, whistleblowers have been damaged.  So there may be some serious issues under the microscope during this usually well-meaning and fairly harmless aspect.  Julie Miller, A blogger on I Peace, a networking site, recently described her practice, on retiring at night, to ask for forgiveness for any unintended hurts she may have caused during the day.  Her actual words were “I make a point of asking for forgiveness every night even for things I may be unaware of”.

Tuesday (5th) holds a conjunction between Venus and Chiron, a healing space for relationships, and forgiveness being one element of that.

Thursday (7th) is a busy day for relationships (Venus) but it’s all good.  By then you may have come down slightly from your unconditional high and begin to see how your new perspective can mesh with ordinary reality and existing relationship patterns.  There are three such aspects to process:

First, Venus sextiles Pluto. This may be helpful financially, and helps convey deep feelings in relationships.

Secondly, Venus trines Saturn and the virtues of commitment and loyalty can be comfortably demonstrated.

Thirdly, Mercury conjuncts Venus at 11 degrees Pisces, which enables you to write and broadcast it.

Curiously, I know three people who are scheduled to have neck (Venus) operations in this month (March).  One of them takes place on Friday (8th) at the time of the Saturn-Pluto sextile, an aspect of major reconstruction.  This is a major aspect, and lays broad foundations.  It was highlighted last week in different ways, but crystallizes at the end of this week.  On Friday it may especially be applied to relationships.

Saturday (9th) sees a conjunction between Mercury and Chiron, so health (as conventional and unconventionally treated) is emphasized, and perhaps even a forced co-operation between the allopathic and the natural forms of medicine, some shared consciousness between the two.  The surgery may have been necessary, but the aftercare can be shared hopefully.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – crystal clear thought; dodgy social performance
  • Tuesday – relationship crisis and healing
  • Thursday – all good on the relationship front
  • Friday – the new order confirmed
  • Saturday – radical thinking