Explorer Archetype

The Explorer Archetype relates to our aspect this week of Mercury square Jupiter  (It’s a close relative but distinct from the Pioneer Archetype, which combines Mars and Jupiter).  Jupiter square Mercury relates to physical and mental travel, but being square it can lead to overstretching.  The square can propel into other dimensions, for both Mercury square Jupiter, and its related Mars square Jupiter, but usually only if we are travelling spiritually.  For instance, if you are travelling in regression say, to a lifetime on another star system you might suddenly turn left in a corner of the Universe and find yourself on a distant home star destination.

Ranulph Fiennes, who just recently gave up an expedition to the Antarctic, has the natally robust sextile of Mars and Jupiter (the Pioneer Archetype) but was defeated by transiting Jupiter squaring his natal Mercury, frostbite putting an end to this ambition, overstretching himself being part of the problem.

Marco Polo, the Explorer, combined the two Archetypes successfully: Jupiter trine Mars with Mercury at the midpoint sextile both planets.  Christopher Columbus, another prominent Explorer, also had Jupiter-Mercury in a favourable sextile.

Adventurous minds and visionaries also come under Mercury square Jupiter, and some can be very successful in this field of human endeavour. Mercury-Jupiter of itself does not predispose to higher consciousness necessarily, but does lead to the sharing and exchanging of information, and does favour communication and publicity.

For channeling and interdimensional work there does need to be a significant presence of Neptune or Uranus with Mercury.  However, Mercury and Jupiter in combination do cover a lot of global ground.

Mercury square Jupiter in the Birth chart

The following three examples of people who have Mercury square Jupiter natally have followed its potential for adventures in consciousness and breaking mental barriers to an amazing degree, two of them on the spiritual plane and the third on the mental plane.

Alice Bailey

For 30 years, Alice Bailey served as an amenuensis, a telepathic secretary (a Sun in Gemini skill), to the Ascended Master Djwal Khul, known as “The Tibetan”.  She produced numerous books on esoteric subjects (such as “Esoteric Astrology”) which are revered by many today, and founded the Lucis Trust.  Once could say her mind was overstretched (she used to read or study while ironing) but as a Gemini with Mercury ruling, she may have thrived on the mental stimulation.  She once said that she felt her service in this lifetime was due to having let the Masters down in a previous lifetime.  She has the “channeling” aspect in her chart, the link with Mercury and Neptune being a sextile.

David Spangler

David Spangler is the author of among other works the seminal “Revelation: The Birth of a New Age” and was a significant force in the development of the Findhorn spiritual community in Scotland.  He was open to the experience of other realities from a young age.  Here was an unlimited and liberated mind in the true promise of Mercury square Jupiter.

I have a quote from him on my website’s Light Body page:

“I emerge, a new earth and a new heaven emerge, through the hearts and minds of those who can receive and express them”

~ Limitless Love and Truth through David Spangler

Derren Brown

Derren Brown is an atheist, but has developed the mind and exploited its capacity for illusion to the hilt.  He denies any spiritual element, but has used his charisma and personality to create some daring work.

His autobiographical book “Tricks of the Mind” is revealing in many ways, but does not let you into the heart of the writer!  With Moon conjunct Chiron in Aries, there is an emotional knot, but one perhaps he is not willing to share.  He has the more tortuous link between Mercury and Neptune, of the square, which is indicative of his mastery of illusion – maybe he was compelled to master this difficult aspect, or if not it would have mastered him.


Today’s square between Mercury and Jupiter may be felt throughout the week, as it is unchallenged by any other aspect, though we have a new moon tomorrow and a planetary change of sign on Tuesday.

The Mercury-Jupiter square occurred in the early hours of this morning, which is probably why I was tossing and turning, my brain trying to work out several leads on this aspect.  If you are able to get a handle on its challenge of presenting huge swathes of information, you may capitalize on it all week.

Mercury square Jupiter can bring about adventures of the mind, to the point that the mind can be overstretched, there can be a lot of information to take in, possible mental overwhelm, and a lot of questions thrown up. The travel and exploration can be both mental and physical, and there is a danger of overdoing things.

Tomorrow there is a New Moon at 21 degrees Pisces, which is a new start spiritually, depending on which area of your chart it falls in.  In my chart, it falls in the 11th House of Friendship and Groups, and I will be meeting Sarah for  preparation for Light Pod and Channelling, which implies a larger group when seen in its spiritual context.  You may want to tune in for meditation at 3 pm UK time on Monday 18th March if you are interested in our focus for this Light Pod, which is Children of the World.  Camilla Batmanghelidjh (she of the colourful turbans), founder of Kid’s Company, published a book on her charity on March 7th, entitled “Mind the Child”.

On Tuesday (12th) Mars enters Aries, so there may be an element of Spring energy, and it would certainly be a good day for springcleaning.  Strangely enough, I already had that earmarked in my diary for that purpose.  You may notice spring is in the air, lambs are gamboling, spring flowers  arresting your attention, and sap rising generally.  You may be toying with your Inner Pioneer or Inner Warrior today – have a look and see what you’ve got in your dressing up box.

It’s a week to keep your eyes, ears and hearts open, and you could go beyond your usual mental, spiritual, time and space frontiers.

Mantra:  “Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha”

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – travelling beyond your usual boundaries
  • Tomorrow – a new spiritual beginning
  • Tuesday  –  new physical energy