Mars conjunct Uranus

Again we have a week where there is only one main aspect, that is Mars conjunct Uranus, an aspect which occurs once a year.  It’s a conjunction which yields several Archetypes, and I have selected three which describe a range of its attributes.  It is a dynamic aspect, and you will find its possibilities under the description of the week ahead, in order to make the most of it.

Engineer Archetype

Caroline Myss describes the Engineer Archetype thus:

“Grounded, orderly, strategic qualities give creative energy a practical expression; Talent for engineering everyday situations or designing solutions to common dilemmas”

When I see this conjunction in a chart, I expect to find a market talent in the area of problem-solving and invention.  Uranus/Aquarius on its own is invention, but together with Mars it provides a more practical expression than just the theoretical ideas.  Skills often combine mechanics (Mars) with electricity (Uranus), such as in Electrical Engineering.

Henry Bessemer, an Engineer and Inventor of the 19th Century was particularly known for the advancement of the manufacture of steel.  His Mars-Uranus was in Scorpio.  As an Inventor, he held 129 patents.

The Occultist

Mars conjunct Uranus can also arise in the charts of those who practice active (Mars) Occultism (Uranus), as distinct from Mysticism (Neptune).  It is a particular esoteric path, and one trodden by the late Douglas Baker, a qualified doctor who served and sustained injuries in the second World War, then became a prolific writer and teacher and interpreter of the work of Alice Bailey.  His own Mars-Uranus conjunction was placed in the sign of Pisces, and his work is characterized by a great deal of visualization and symbolism; his books are heavily illustrated, an expression of the desire to express the deep spirituality of Pisces in more than just words.  The Coronation Street actor William Roache was associated with his metaphysical school for many years, and actually also has this conjunction!  Douglas Baker’s powers are expanded by the fact that the conjunction works through a Kite formation in his chart.

The Freedom Fighter

The exuberant ex-Canon Chancellor of St. Paul’s Cathedral,  Giles Fraser is not a freedom fighter as such; he just happened to be at St. Paul’s Cathedral at the time of the Occupy occupancy there, and forced by circumstances to nail his colours to the mast.  He sanctioned the presence of the protesters there, and would not countenance their removal, resigned from his position and moved on.  That seemed to be his destiny, and he is almost a household name now, writing regularly in the Guardian, and this week appearing on This Week.  So he is associated with an edgy social bent, and the Occupy movement which itself was inspired by the Arab Spring.  Freedom fighting is definitely a province of Mars (fighting) conjunct Uranus (freedom), and particularly expressive while Uranus in Aries and we are still working out the effects of the Arab Spring and the impulse to stand up against tyranny.  This current conjunction of Mars-Uranus takes place in Aries.  Giles has the conjunction in Virgo, which gives a more grounded and community expression to it.  His forced resignation was due to the transit of the Nodal Axis squaring his Pluto, thus it became a matter of integrity.


At 20.03 Hrs this evening in U.K. time Mercury is stationary prior to turning direct.  This will be good news for those having difficulty with their communications, or who want to delay their blogs so as not to be contentious.

On Wednesday (20th) it is the Spring Equinox and the Sun enters Aries at 11.02 a.m.  This is the true beginning of Spring, a chance to begin anew at the start of the Astrological new year.  It is a chance to lay aside all the psychological convolutions of our inner reflection during the period of the Sun in Pisces, to lay aside any failures or disappointments from the struggles of winter, and step forward in a more physical and purposeful way in our daily lives.  Hopefully we have done enough integration in the past few months.

Friday (22nd)  is the main menu this week, with Venus also entering Aries and supporting the freshness of the Sun in Aries, adding perhaps new love, new heart and assisting creativity.  Venus will have to lay aside some of the idealism and romanticism of its recent experience in Pisces, and be more realistic and practical about her feelings and where to place her affections.  This event takes place in the early hours of the morning.

The early evening aspect is that of Mars conjunct Uranus, which could be capricious or explosive, or could be trained into more constructive pursuits such as aspects of science, sport or socially beneficial projects.  There may be a desire to surprise, so make sure that this has a constructive outcome.  Sparks may fly, both human and electrical.  If you are combining art and science, the art will have a highly original quality.  Independence and willfulness may also be a feature in your dealings with others and yourself, e.g. if you are looking after toddlers there is sure to be a tantrum.

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The week in bullet points:

  • Today – a constructive evening for communication
  • Wednesday – a spring in your step
  • Friday – more heart in art; harmony or disharmony through conflict