A Tale of Two Borises

It has not been a good week for those named Boris…whether you are a Russian exile, or Mayor of London.

Boris Berezovsky

This Boris was a wealthy Russian businessman, who had taken part in the history of his country (assisting Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin in coming to power).  This intervention may be shown in his Uranus squaring Russia’s Jupiter.

In 2000 he joined the opposition and then moved to Britain, befriending other Russians and forming a circle of exiles, which included Alexander Litvinenko who was poisoned with Polonium and subsequently died.

Boris was found dead on 23rd March in his bathroom, in circumstances which police say were not suspicious.  The family think it may be otherwise, as he had received threats of assassination.  Current reports mention that he may have been hanged, or strangled, but what is clear is that he was depressed, having had many setbacks in recent years, such as losing a lawsuit against Roman Abramovich, and a draining legal settlement with his ex-wife Galina.

He had a hard-nosed mental make-up, composed of Mercury exactly opposite Saturn, Saturn exactly conjunct Mars, and the opposition square very tightly to Chiron.  The prominent involvement of Saturn in his mind (Mercury) and action (Mars) and woundedness (Chiron) will have meant that he always had a tendency to look at life bleakly or cynically, which would have turned to depression in tough times.  Suicide may have been in his mind recently, with the Mars/Uranus conjunction opposing and putting pressure on his Neptune, and Saturn squaring his Pluto.

Boris Johnson

Our Mayor of London has had a better fate.  Those who have faithfully followed the Andrewless Marr show (we are assured Andrew will return when he has recovered from his stroke) will have seen a Scorpionic grilling from Eddie Mair on Sunday morning.  I think it is true to say that both fans of Boris and even those not so sympathetic were shocked by the hatchet job.

Boris is a highly popular politician (Sun exactly conjunct Venus indicating the lovable component of lovable rogue), and riding high on the success of the Olympics last summer. His chaotic, anarchic side is his Uranus conjunct Pluto.  Sun in Gemini is associated with cycling, and he has promoted a cycling hire scheme in the capital among other accomplishments.

The interview came prior to the screening of a documentary about Boris (who incidentally does have Russian in his mix of ancestry) which aired last night.  We learned a lot: that he was two years above David Cameron at Eton, and that he is very competitive (a Leo ascendant would be consistent with his tousled “mane” and sunny disposition).

In the interview on Sunday morning, Eddie Mair asked some pertinent and relevant questions, but in such a manner that Boris was totally taken aback.  Mair had prepared his attack very carefully and stealthily, if you look at the course of the interview.  Boris was trying to sidestep each awkward question, and in the documentary he sidesteps the issue of whether he would like to be Prime Minister with analogies to rock stardom, sport and art.

Eddie Mair of course is a Scorpio (hint dropped earlier…).  He also has stealth, as evinced by his Sun exactly conjunct Neptune, and is an experienced radio interviewer.  This was an important choice for him karmically, as the North Node was exactly transiting his Sun/Neptune in Scorpio.  Definitely an eagle going for his prey, while the Marr’s away.

Boris (whom his Mayoral predecessor Ken Livingstone portrayed in the documentary as needing to be liked) has been gracious about the savaging by Mair, saying that his inquisitor did a “splendid job”.  That is more than fair, and commendable in my pacifist book.


At 10.26 a.m. in the U.K. this morning (Tuesday 26th) Mars will be sextile Jupiter, enthusiasm allying with action.  This is dynamic for doing, rather than just being, and if you have been stuck lately on a project, it’s all systems go.  There is a pioneering quality to this aspect, if you are feeling gung-ho.  Much can be achieved.  Do what you can do today, for…

…tomorrow, Wednesday (27th) is another story.  It starts with Mars square Pluto…conflict, and action without thought.  Much meditation needed today, for those of you who meditate (I know a lot of lapsed meditators).  If you find that the day starts with a skirmish, go back to bed and get out of the right side, or just meditate to bring about a modulated energy for yourself and your affairs.  This is part of the bigger picture of the Uranus-Pluto square – we have met it before, and we shall meet it again.

The next aspect which comes up is Jupiter square Chiron.  It is a square, but maybe having Jupiter (luck) and Chiron (healing) in combination, it may prove beneficial, e.g. you might stumble upon a wondrous new natural remedy for a long-standing health irritation.  The new book by Louise L. Hay (“All is Well”, with Mona Lisa Schulz) may be good to settle your body, mind and spirit.  This aspect may overstretch your healing resources, but may equally help you settle after the Mars-Pluto scuffle.

Have another meditation at that point, because you are working your way up to a Full Moon in Libra, and it’s only 9.27 a.m. (alternatively, have a lie-in).  This Full Moon takes place at 6 degrees Libra, one of the most common positions for the Ascendant (the rarer Ascendants are in Pisces).  Unlike Sunsigns and Moonsigns, Ascendants are not spread evenly throughout the population.  Focus on linking your emotions with the spiritual plane or lightbody while in meditation, but f you find the tension of a Full Moon too intense to settle to meditation, then be assured that the tension will naturally ebb away during the course of the day after the Full Moon.  Don’t hold on to it, breathe deeply, relax, and let go!

You’ll be relieved to get to Thursday (28th), ready to shape some serious communication or educational work, such as drawing up documentation, thanks to a trine between Mercury and Saturn.

We also have two components of a triple conjunction on Thursday, the triple conjunction consisting of Venus, the Sun, and Uranus.

The Sun and Venus warm the atmosphere first: this favours all arts projects, including musical interests and drama or theatre, plus all aspects of creativity.

Late in the evening, Venus conjuncts Uranus and a touch of originality and invention are added to art, music and drama. Artistry is added to invention.  Social meetings are lively and stunning.

The next day, Friday (29th) brings the last component of the triple conjunction: Uranus teaming up with the Sun.  This is even more lively than the other two facets, and could be a little risky.  But if you are tuned into new ideas, or even instigate them, you probably wouldn’t be fazed by the changes inherent in this combination.  Be on your toes, though.

Get ready for three more aspects later the same day, all involving Mercury.  Polish up your mental equipment, to process them all.

First, Mercury conjuncts Chiron: combining conventional medicine and alternative medicine.  Actually, the “All is Well” book by Louise L. Hay and Mona Lisa Schulz fulfils the brief here, as the subtitle is “Heal your Body with Medicine, Affirmations and Intuition.”  The book goes through the various systems of the body and provides healing modalities, with stories of how the two forms of healing have been combined in specific cases.  It is an informative and useful overview of healing.

In the afternoon, Mercury squares Jupiter, that wide-ranging aspect from a couple of weeks ago (Mercury turned direct in the meantime), which can be summed up as “too much information”, and in a chart gives rise to the Explorer Archetype and restlessness.

Finally, the week’s aspects end late afternoon/early evening with Mercury sextile Pluto, a respectable way to end the week, taking stock mentally and linking your insights with your deeper psychology.

Suggestions for ending the week: another meditation (do I hear groans?), tea and cake…

If these do not appeal, the gym might beckon for you hardier souls, or a session with your favourite psychotherapist…

Still no good?  How about curling up with the latest Hilary Mantel novel for a few hours, or decluttering the stubborn corners of your home…

I am sure you will find the right outlet for relaxing at the end of this strenuous week of aspects.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – Good energy
  • Wednesday – Clashes and tension, with the possibility of some healing
  • Thursday – Planning and creativity
  • Friday – Originality, healing, and mind-stretching (both horizontal and vertical)