With the first major aspect of the week occurring on Wednesday (15th), there is time over the next few days to digest last week’s events and lessons.  Was there a drain on your energy at the beginning of the week from Mars opposing Saturn?  Did it rain or shine on Good Friday?  It was half and half for me as I travelled to the Midlands, but fortunately I had ignored my own advice, and packed my umbrella just in case.  Have you eaten your fill of chocolate this weekend?  If so, give thought to the “potential and possibilities” of the Cosmic Egg as mentioned in the April blog by Celia Fenn.  Most edifying.  The Sun does make a sextile to asteroid Chiron before Wednesday and so this is a time for healing wounds, coming to terms and acceptance.  On to Wednesday (15th) when Mars sextiles Uranus at 24 degrees Pisces.  This may bring new scenarios, or news out of the blue.  Another Apprentice will be fired by Sir Alan in a shock decision. If, of course, you are able to use your intuition it may not be quite such a shock.  I won’t be watching anything else on TV that night, but if you are watching any soaps the same evening notice whther they reflect the aspects of the day.  It’s uncanny, when you consider they are filmed way in advance of transmission, how they often do.  During the evening there is a harmonious link of a sextile between the Sun and Neptune, so you may feel involved and aware of the illusion of life or reality TV at the same time.  If you are a photographer, amateur or otherwise, you may take a spectacular snapshot that day, maybe of a couch potato.  On Friday (17th) Venus is stationary prior to going direct again.  Normally this would bring relief in relationship difficulties, but it is still in the path of its square with Pluto, so emotional overload may be ongoing.  The early hours of Saturday (18th) or Friday night (which is binge night in the UK) there is a quick sobering up brought about by Mercury trine Saturn, a sensible appraisal which may help steady the revellers.  If you are also evaluating the bigger picture and working with the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron, you may have found that Pluto in Capricorn or the Saturn-Uranus opposition has disrupted plans. For those who are following my souffle recipe, you may therefore need to take the souffle out of the oven at this point to check it.  If it seems too complex to carry out, then make a quick and easy substitute dish for this conjunction at the end of May.  But if you are sticking with your original vision, make any necessary adjustments and then put it back in the oven, as a twice-baked souffle.