The Aspect for today, and for the tone of the week, is Venus conjunct Mars.  Thus various forces represented by Venus and Mars seek to combine, such as peace and war, love and sex, money and spending.


Some conjunctions are easier to combine, blend and work together than others.  There are planets who naturally team up, such as the Sun and Moon (who also team up this week for a New Moon), Venus and Mars (easier to unite than some), Jupiter and Saturn (opposites, but they have a lot to give each other in terms of balance), and other planets who do not harmonize so well (Mars and Saturn, Uranus and Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, for instance).

Venus conjunct Mars

Venus (sensuality) meets Mars (sexuality) and there is a natural magnetism between these two.  The thrill of the chase may be for the young:

“Bold Lover, neveer canst thou kiss,

Though winning near the goal – Yet, do not grieve;

She cannot fade, though thou has not thy bliss,

For ever wilt thou love, and she be fair!”

~ John Keats

Some chase all their lives; some choose to sublimate, or develop other passions.  Venusian pleasures are vast: food, money, gardening, painting – to name but a few.  So it is a week to develop your passion, wherever it may lie.

Balancing Sexuality

In past life regression, people are often surprised to find themselves in a body of the opposite sex.  In these times, in this incarnation, there are more possibilities and permutations of expression, from androgyny, through heterosexuality and homosexuality to bisexuality.  In previous eras, there were fewer options, and more suppression.  Some people coming into incarnation are in a transitional period, e.g. male after a series of female lifetimes, or vice versa, and this can result in gender dysphoria.  Everyone needs to find their level for this phase of their Soul evolution.  But everyone needs to balance their inner female and inner male, and this is what Venus conjunct Mars is about.  A helpful book in this respect is “Feminine Fusion” by Chris Griscom.

Archetype – “The Lover”

For this Archetype, Caroline Myss gives the following:

“May manifest in anyone who  exhibits great passion and devotion to another, but also to art, music, gardening, nature, or needlepoint…

Shadow lover manifests as an exaggerated or obsessive passion that has a destructive effect on your physical or mental health and self-esteem”


People with Venus conjunct Mars in the birthchart

Miranda Hart – Much of her comedy is centred around her own sexual image

Giacomo Casanova – Who has become himself an Archetype of “The Lover”

Amy Winehouse – Having this conjunction in Leo, she used it in her creativity

Michael Douglas – Back in 1990, Michael Douglas was the first to be “reported” to be a sex addict (long before he met Catherine Zeta Jones).

Bill Clinton – An eye for the ladies could be said to be his downfall…

Emily BronteArguably the most sensual and passionate of the Bronte clan.



Today, Venus is conjunct Mars, so follow your passion today, and try to be in balance.  For instance if you are shopping, you may be attracted to items which in the long term may not be very useful to you.  Observe which chakra the desire to spend is coming from.  This aspect may hold sway throughout the week, and  you may hear of a new liaison in the world of celebrity.  The conjunction takes place at 20 degrees of Aries, so if you have a natal planet in that degree you will be able to capitalize on this.

On Wednesday (10th) there is a New Moon in Aries, enabling a new beginning in self-development, and additional outlets for energy and passion.  What do you feel is the next step for you in your growth, or the next active or physical project?  Wednesday’s New Moon is an opportunity to make a truly fresh start, being the first New Moon of the astrological year.  The New Moon is, like Venus conjoining Mars, a marriage of the male principle (in this case the Sun) and the female principle (Moon).  So there is extra male-female balancing, and it also takes place at 20 degrees of Aries, so if it is your birthday or you have a natal planet at 20 degrees Aries, you will certainly be the centre of attention and at the centre of the action.

Finally, on Friday (12th) Pluto is Stationary, prior to turning retrograde.  All the planets involved in this week’s story (Venus, Mars, Moon, Sun) are very personal to us, but in comparison to Pluto, they are skimming the surface.  So we may have had a pleasant and pleasurable week, we may have made some short term gains, but by Friday we may realize that we have deeper work yet to do.  We shall return to the navel gazing and the deeper study of ourselves (coming from reading  “Bridget Jones’ Diary” early in the week,  to “Pluto” by Jeff Green later in the week). So, summing up, capturing your joie de vivre today and midweek, and then rejoining the journey towards a deeper experience and appreciation of life on Friday.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – amoureuse
  • Wednesday – carpe diem
  • Friday – back to the psychological grindstone