Global Security

When I embarked on having 10 sessions of Rebirthing in the late 1980s, the very first affirmation I was given went something like:

“I am safe on this planet now and always”

Since then of course safety on this planet has become more complicated and precarious.  It may be time to upgrade the affirmation.

Within ourselves, safety I believe is a 1st chakra issue, a question of feeling grounded and sensing our environment.  So maybe we need to look at this chakra, and work on getting clearer about it.

Cindi Dale in “New Chakra Healing” describes no less than 32 chakras.  She quotes Gerber’s “Vibrational Medicine” describing the first chakra:

Psychologically speaking, the root chakra is linked to the basic survival instincts.  It is connected with primal feelings…and is the prime mover behind the so called fight-or-flight response.’

In Astrology, minor accidents tend to be shown by Mars transits, more serious accidents by Uranus, and larger scale violence by Pluto, especially bombs (both of the smaller variety and the nuclear scale).  Personal security can be a function of the natal Imum Coelum or I.C. and divine protection is related to Jupiter.

With two unstable regimes holding nuclear capability, North Korea and Iran, and threatening to use them, we cannot ignore these threats to countries and states on our planet.  All countries who have the means to use nuclear weapons think they have the right to do so, but are often suspicious of the rights and intentions of others.

I would like to have unilateral disarmament (and was for several years a card-carrying member of CND), but also have always felt that we (especially as a small island nation like Japan) should not entertain nuclear power on our shores.

With the third phase of the Uranus (unexpected)-Pluto (destruction) square due on 20th May, I felt it was time to look at this issue in relation to North Korea and Iran.  You may have issues closer to home which are more preoccupying.  Do you have a stand off, or an issue of brinkmanship in a group you belong to?  In the U.K. we have the breakdown of benefits to the disabled, and the changes to the NHS which are destructive, and may reach a peak around then.

Last week, the Boston Bombing came out of the blue, a tremendous level of violence, echoing 9/11 in the U.S. and 7/7/ in London.  Thoughts turned to the London Marathon, which is happening today, and safety procedures in place for that.  The Boston events have had an extra psychological effect on the London Marathon. Competitors are wondering whether or not to have their families cheering them on.  The explosion at the Texas fertilizer factory also in the week just gone, took place exactly on the Sun/Mars conjunction.

Boston Bombing

Notably Mars was conjunct the Sun on the day of the bombing, and Saturn is conjunct President Obama’s Neptune, and the Nodal Axis squaring his Ascendant/Descendant axis, affecting him personally.  The Nodal Axis is also exactly square the natal chart of Boston. But this event is surely a part of the overall Uranus square Pluto climate.

North Korea

I have resisted looking too closely up to now, as there is no firm birthdate let alone time for the ruler of North Korea.  The nation chart is a little firmer.  We have a warrior nation chart here, with Pluto (the bomb) on the descendant in the 7th house of relationships also occupied by Saturn, and Mars (the warrior) on the South (karmic) Node in the 9th House of foreign lands.  The chart of Kim Jong Un’s coming to power has the Sun exactly conjunct Pluto.  Uranus was exactly square the North Korean Uranus, an indication that matters were out of control.  At the time of the third Uranus-Pluto square the Nodal Axis will be exactly square to China’s Pluto, China being a key neighbour.  There seem to be several exact squares to aspects of countries prominent in this issue around the time of the third Uranus-Pluto square, suggesting a huge karmic theme being played out.


The nuclear threat from Iran is being taken seriously by the U.S., and its ally Israel.  In the comparison between the chart of Iran and the U.S. chart, Iran has its Neptune opposing the U.S. Mars, so that it can have a psychological hold of fear and paranoia held over the U.S. decision to act or not.  Iran has this week suffered a very severe earthquake, with Pluto exactly squaring its Sun.  At the time of the third Uranus-Pluto square, the Nodal Axis will be square to Israel’s Saturn, which is conjunct Iran’s Ascendant.  They will both be feeling pressure.  At this time, the onus is with Barack Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry to conduct the delicate negotiating with North Korea and Iran, but if the United Nations were to be more involved around the time of the forthcoming Uranus-Pluto square, there could be some favourable balance set up, as Pluto will be trine the Uranus of the United Nations chart.

Feeling Safe

With all that is going on, being reported all around the world, there is a sense of sympathy, caring and support being transmitted from people who cannot understand this inhumanity.  Each person needs to stand in their own authenticity, maintain the light in their own area, and ask for divine protection for all.  When you, as a human, feel aligned with your own purpose in being here, you are able to send healing to the planet more strongly, and we have all chosen to be here at this time.  In your relationship with the planet, use all the chakras you have at your disposal.

I would like to conclude this report with a quotation from “Companions in Spirit” by Leah Maggie Garfield:

“We evolve globally as well as individually and regionally. At this point in our global evolution, we are learning magnanimity and absorbing compassion. (Compassion is the emotional component, magnanimity the intellectual component.) Insofar as we’re able to be compassionate and magnanimous, we are all potential magi.”



Today we start the week on a note of dissonance with Pluto squaring Mercury. You might perhaps feel that this blog strikes a dissonant tone.  You will be challenged to articulate your ideas clearly and logically, so be prepared to be tested to the limits in this respect. For example, your family may ask you to validate any beliefs which come from your inner black sheep!

Tomorrow Venus opposes Saturn so some emotional flattening may take place. Your inner black sheep may not have done a good job, and unless backed up by your Inner Rebel who does not care, may slope off to the corner of the field to mope!

Wednesday (24th) has three aspects, starting in the early hours of the morning in the U.K. with Mercury sextile Jupiter. You may have worked out for yourself what you needed to re-align in your thinking on Sunday, and are now in a position to sell your ideas. It’s a buoyant day in the market place and for small companies, e.g. struggling astrological businesses. It may be a defining time where local business expands to global.

The other two aspects on Wednesday are equally buoyant, so you can follow through on early gains. In the afternoon Venus trines Pluto. This is healing for any heartache experienced on Monday. Any partings in relationships could be fairly amicable, so it’s a good day for mediation in separations. For existing solid relationships there could be deeper understanding, such as when one party has worked on their growth and communicates it successfully to the other, enabling a joint shift.

The evening brings a sextile between the Sun and Neptune, bringing about a spiritual integration of the day’s gains, possibly through creative activity. Perhaps the day’s events would make a good starting point for a novel or screenplay.

Thursday (25th) starts with Venus sextile Chiron so there is some prospect for balancing and healing of the week’s downs and ups.

Once that is settled you have the space to deal with the emerging tension from the eclipsed Scorpio Full Moon of the early evening. This is likely to highlight a thorny emotional issue, possibly re-awakening the inner black sheep of early week. You may be re-assessing your role in the family, or examining how you are treating someone, shining a light into your own subconscious motives.

The finale of the week on Saturday (27th) is Mars sextile Neptune, a chance to balance action with sensitivity. It is a suitable one to integrate all the ranges of emotion of this week, and to bring together the personal will and divine will in concert.

Take good care of yourselves, and good luck to all of you taking part in the London Marathon and raising money for good causes.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – a little nerve-wracking
  • Tomorrow – some sadness
  • Wednesday – dynamic
  • Thursday – early healing, then another issue builds up
  • Saturday – two or more levels of your life balance out