“Oh I come from Pittsburgh to study Astrology

She said as she stepped on my instep…

Come back to my place I will show you the stars and the signs.”

From “Love Chronicles” by Al Stewart, 1969

40th Wedding Anniversary

Early in our acquaintance, at University, I found Mike snorting at the astrological poems on my door in halls.  I suppose I should have been grateful he wasn’t snorting anything else.

It is our 40th Wedding Anniversary today.  We are often asked incredulously how that has happened.  Each relationship is unique, and our model probably wouldn’t work for others.


Synastry is the compatibility between charts. You often see a recurring interaspect between two charts: some may be based on the quincunx (tense) or the semi-sextile (a teaching aspect), but ours is an opposition (a balancing and complementary relationship) with Suns, Moons and Ascendants in opposite signs.  Each of the 6 zodiac polarities have a connecting principle, and Communication is the connecting principle for Gemini and Sagittarius.

Bullet Point Presentation:

  • As a Sagittarian (me) and a Gemini (Mike) we are opposite signs, and polarized in so many ways.
  • He is a Scientist, and I am on the Arts side.
  • He favours conventional medicine, and I favour alternative medicine.
  • He likes conventional religion, and I like Universal religion.
  • We have to have separate televisions, because he likes Sport and I like Reality TV.
  • He has a lot of energy, and I don’t (he’s chief hooverer).
  • He’s an omnivore, and I’m a vegetarian
  • He walks fast; I walk exceptionally slowly, 10 paces behind



You’d think never the twain shall meet…The working out of an Opposite relationship depends on blending on a higher level, and I was told by Lita de Alberdi’s guide Ortan that Mike and I are from the same Soul group.  When we were first married, it was easy to divide tasks according to our obvious skills and lack of skills.  I think we made some decisions on a Soul level, because there were areas of silent Unity:

  1. Bringing up the children – Unity
  2. Politics – Unity, with one exception: we differ on the Falklands.
  3. Books – we are both overfond of these and the house is well and truly cluttered with them.  So much so that our children were anti-reading until they were studying for A-levels.
  4. No arguments – notably we do not argue (unhealthy perhaps?).  I refuse to do so, with my Moon in Libra opposed to Mike’s argumentative Moon in Aries.  The only notable argument we had was before we were married, and it was over the choice of wallpaper!
  5. Space – there are no power plays in our relationship, and we each respect and support the other’s ability to be themselves.  We have both been very tolerant!  I would like to thank Mike for his tolerance.
  6. University Challenge – we both watched it before we went to University, and it is the one programme we watch together.  I am not competitive, but it is the one spot in the week where I challenge Mike (and I almost always lose!).


Electional Astrology

One of the few times I have chosen a date for myself astrologically was the Wedding Day.  I tend to be non-interventionist usually.  The Wedding Day was chosen mainly on the basis that Jupiter (Success) was transiting my Venus (Love).  Since then I have chosen Wedding Days for other people, and I believe they have all been successful.


We are of the transitional generation between those who stuck together at all costs, and the break-up of the institution of marriage.  Some couples choose not to have children, and put their energy into the relationship itself, but having children (two daughters) has given us a positive focus, and a grandson is the icing on the cake.  We have many shared memories, but tend to remember different things!

The Celebration

We are having a few celebrations around the country, but yesterday we met three sets of old friends who were married around the same time, including three you may have met in the Zodiac Masterclass Series: June – “A Cancerian Experience of Motherhood”, Jeanne – “The Scorpio Guide to Accentuating the Positive” and Georgie “The Taurean Guide to the Inner Artist”, and their respective spouses.  They toasted us in sparkling mineral water.

Another outlook on a long-term pair bond:

“The Libran Guide to Relationship” by Sue Hudson


Right to Reply

Mike says:

As a person with an interest in science but several other things, I tend to be sceptical about astrology but respectful towards it.  Being a Scorpio/ Gemini I have inherited all the unhealthy aspects of both and would have perhaps preferred being Aquarian where a dodgy ankle is something I could more easily have coped with. When I am unsure of our anniversary date, i google Bobby Charlton’s last match, because it was at Chelsea, about a quarter of a mile from the registry office. And yes, I would recommend separate TV rooms.


If you suffered the emotional sadness of last Monday’s Venus-Saturn opposition you may be sensitive to today’s Sun opposite Saturn, a sense of flatness in relation to your day’s purposes. There may be a dissonance between your reality and your ideology. You need to ascertain whether there is a psychological block, whether it is a spur to perseverance or an invitation to let go!  That may be a fine decision.

On top of that, there is a need to balance karma in relationships today, with Venus at the South Node.

On Wednesday (1st May) Mars opposes Saturn, and someone could be giving you the cold shoulder, or providing a tussle in the form of a battle of wills.  Certainly there will seem to be a clash of needs.  After this point, the week could become more comfortable, as though your fears have been spent for the time being.

In the afternoon, Mercury enters Taurus, and there’s a change of mind (no better, or worse), logic gives way to aesthetics and you may look at life a little differently.   For instance, you may have bought a new vase intending to display flowers in the hearth, but then discover that the colours of the vase go perfectly in the dining room.

In the late afternoon, the Sun trines Pluto and the week takes an upturn (unless you are not on very friendly terms with Pluto these days), albeit a serious mood: life demands something from you, but also gives back in kind.

On Friday (3rd) the Sun sextiles Chiron and you may feel you are taking a step towards healing your life.  Perhaps it’s a total left field approach that presents itself to you, but it may give you a new perspective, take you out of yourself, and be the change that is as good as a rest.

Saturday (4th) brings you on a step further with Mercury sextile Neptune, subtle understanding arrives which is needed for healing.  Words or images may come to you out of the blue, providing higher ways of looking at the detail of your life.  If you are a medium or channel, you may be introduced to a new guide.  The week ends with intriguing new possibilities, glimpsed or captured.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Anti-climax, and karmic dues revisited
  • Wednesday – Frustration, followed by a new outlook
  • Friday – Healing through creative avenues
  • Saturday – Subtle new cognizance