Much of the action this week involves Mars, Venus and two of the signs which  they rule (Aries and Taurus).  So it is a week that may highlight the roles of the sexes, how they can adapt and interchange, and gender issues generally.  Within each person, the sexual subpersonalities will be interacting meaningfully this week, too, e.g. your inner male may need to support your inner female, or your inner female may need to evolve into a peaceful warrior.  This week is a minor round, and a step towards peace, in the war of the sexes which has not yet been resolved, in a society still seeking balance.  By the end of the week, there may be a subtle shift of position in your inner territory and possibly this may translate into outer changes as well.  Late tonight in the UK (please adjust your timing if you are reading in other parts of the world) the Sun shifts into Taurus.  We have been working for a month with the primordial male energy  of Aries and Mars, and perhaps been active and productive (mowing lawns, setting up new business projects to impress Sir Alan), and now need to rebalance and take on the feminine qualities and activities of the sign of Venus-ruled Taurus (hosting dinner parties, and emulating the food ethics of Jamie Oliver).  Taurus is a complete change of pace, and in fact cannot be hurried.  It put the “Go Placidly” in the famous poem Desiderata.  This cuspal interchange of Mars-Aries and Venus-Taurus reaches a defining moment on Tuesday evening (again, UK time) with the actual conjunction of Venus and Mars.  For those working literally and stereotypically on their male-female roles this could mean a romantic encounter across a dinner table or crowded room.  But for others it may mean a peaceful centring of their own energies, e.g. the left and right side of the subtle body coming together.  On Wednesday 22nd the energy balance tips again, for Mars leaves Pisces where he was a fish out of water, and regains his inner ram in his own sign of Aries.  It’s a macho sort of day, with a dose of the Apprentice and Aries Sir Alan on our screens in the evening.  It will be interesting to see if the boy’s team wins…Early on Thursday (23rd) Mercury squares Jupiter which is the worst sort of aspect for prospective Apprentices who might be staying up late to watch themselves on TV.  Business and Sales get their wires crossed and costings shoot over budget, and there will be regrets over silly statements made.  All good fun if you are watching, but not if it is your livelihood, so be cautious and pay attention in communications.  The Sun trines Pluto that day, something can be salvaged even if you encountered difficulties late Wednesday/early Thursday.  Something can be made out of nothing, and the phoenix can rise from the ashes.  It is a suitable day for profound change and transformation.  On the morning of Friday (24th) Venus concedes temporarily in the battle of the sexes and enters the male-dominated territory of Aries, but knowing that she will eventually turn the tide when she reaches Taurus, being placid.   She can wait.  And when she is in Aries, she is entitled to be just as selfish as Mars, look after her own interests and have her needs met.  In Pisces, she had been maybe too self-effacing for her own good, though exalted and on a pedestal.  So Friday’s message is “hold your own”, it doesn’t benefit anyone to give away your integrity.  Also on Friday the Sun squares the mean Nodes, which is a karmic feature also requiring integrity and seeing fairness.  Later, towards the evening, Mercury sextiles Uranus which restores some ground to business – a new idea may take hold, perhaps one which you tossed out when brainstorming in the middle of the week.  The ideas will be snappy and their execution will be zippy, so have fun.  The week ends with a placid New Moon in Taurus (at 5 degrees) on Saturday, and hopefully a new way of viewing our relationship to planet Earth.  A feminine note for the end of the week, reminding us to keep the heart open to the solution which benefits all.