20 May 2013, 23.02 Hrs in the U.K.

This week we face the third square between Uranus and Pluto, on Monday. The first two phases occurred on 24 June and 19 September 2012.  The square will now occupy the 11th degree of the signs Aries and Capricorn.  If you have planets or angles in this degree, the square will be more relevant to you, though it affects everyone. The square will recur between now and March 2015.

Globally, dangerous situations seem to be escalating without outside monitoring have much control over the situation, e.g. in North Korea and in Syria.  I focused on some of these issues in earlier blogs, and blogs about the Uranus-Pluto square.

In the U.K. we have the breakdown of benefits to the disabled, and the changes to the NHS which are destructive, and Britain and its political parties tearing itself apart over immigration.

Do you in your life have a stand-off, or an issue of brinkmanship in a group you belong to, or conflicts between different parts of your psyche?  You may be finding that you feel more under pressure than ever, or your fears still have the upper hand in ruling your thoughts and actions.

Transformation Game

Here are some stories of growth or progress in the news which have taken place since the last Uranus-Pluto square, not always obvious in nature, which are relevant to and illustrate the nature of the struggle, and were subjects of earlier blogs:

  1.  President Obama managed to get re-elected despite a complex struggle with the Republicans, and the neck-and-neck polls near the election.  He still faces much opposition to his efforts, e.g. the gun laws which failed to materialize.
  2.  The Hacked Off group were tired of waiting for the government, the newspapers and the Leveson Inquiry to come up with the goods, and have taken matters in their own hands.
  3.  From the agonizing revelations about Jimmy Savile, many victims of sexual abuse who have struggled for decades trying to process their experiences, have found the courage to come forth and report what happened to them.
  4.  The tension rose to such a degree that Andrew Marr had a stroke, and he recently divulged that it took place when he had been exercising too vigorously on the rowing machine.  He was overdoing things in his life physically and mentally.  This is something to be observant about during the course of this square.
  5.  Richard III managed to emerge after centuries under a car park in Leicester and initiate a continuation of the Wars of the Roses.  That is quite a feat.
  6.  The Pope in his 80s courageously solved his inner struggle to cope in his elderly condition with the demands of a centuries-old tradition that a Pope should die in the struggle to continue serving the Papacy.  He decided to try a new twist, and it worked.
  7. David Milliband also tried a sidestep from a difficult situation in taking up a post in America, leaving his brother a free hand within the Labour party in the U.K.

Lessons that can be Drawn

  1.  Take matters into your own hands, if you are disillusioned with the way authorities are dealing with things.  Combine to form a self-help group.
  2. Take a sidestep if you feel that karma allows, or at least step out for a while to create a breathing space for all parties
  3. Be strong and centred, if something is of great importance to you, and you feel that it is part of your life purpose.  Circumstances may adjust around you, if you are coming from your highest truth.  Have faith in your life.
  4. Don’t buy into the frantic pace of life and the rat race if at all possible.  Try to find ways to connect with your inner rhythms, and listen to your body.
  5. Question outmoded traditions, and if necessary be the change you want to see.  You may fear the reactions of others, but they may surprise you in their understanding.
  6. If you cannot let go of your karma from past lives, you can use telepathy to communicate to others what you would like to happen, but need to examine your motives.
  7. Truth will out eventually anyway.

To Play:

Match the possible lessons to the situations.

See if any of the solutions used might fit a current problem that you have.