Sir Alan Sugar, The Apprentice and Entrepreneurs

On the day when the new series of the Apprentice started, I found myself at a business breakfast club, with 60 seconds to pitch my business, and half expected Sir Alan to appear and tell me I was fired, so much a fan of the programme as I am.  I don’t have much of a business head, but I do like to get out and dust down my Inner Entrepreneur from time to time, as it can be fun.

I wrote last year (25th March):

“Alan is just a textbook Aries, good with figures, straight talking, calling a spade a spade.  He has both the Sun and the Moon in Aries, and his engineering and electrical technology bias are shown in his chart by Mars (his ruling planet) square Uranus.  He is also from that aspect a risk taker, but he also has a cautious practical supportive trine of Saturn to his Sun, ensuring that money doesn’t run away from him.  It is quite clear from his autobiography that his approach to life, sales and invention is one of Aries simplicity and functionality.”

Unfortunately, I do not have any of the contestants’ birth dates to work with.  But has anyone noticed that current contestant Francesca MacDuff-Varley looks exactly like Stella English, winner of 2009 Apprentice, who recently lost a legal battle with Sir Alan?

Alan and Donald

The British version of The Apprentice arose from the success of the original U.S. version starring Donald Trump.  Trump created the programme during 2003, a year when Jupiter was at the midpoint of his natal Jupiter-Urarnus trine.  He and Alan Sugar were born within a year of each other.

In the UK the programme was first shown in 2005, though Alan Sugar was approached in 2004.  On 18 May 2004, Sir Alan Sugar was confirmed as the choice for the role. Pluto (power) was sextile his Venus (money), Jupiter (success) was opposite and stretching his Mercury (sales and business) and Uranus (surprise) was square his Nodal Axis (karma) bringing an unexpected opportunity.


The entrepreneurship manifests differently in the charts of Sir Alan and Donald Trump.  The focus for Sir Alan is his bluntness and practicality (Sun in Aries exactly trine Saturn – making for literally a self-made man) and the Inner Critic (Mercury conjunct Mars, nothing gets past him), whereas in the case of Donald Trump he has the quickness and genius of North Node conjunct Uranus in Gemini (describing his karmic mission), and a talented set of planets in his house of money (Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune).

The conjunction I associate with the Entrepreneur Archetype is Jupiter conjunct Uranus, but Donald has the trine between these two planets which is perhaps more powerful (as does Richard Branson).

Sir Alan Sugar has some feeling of rivalry towards Donald Trump.  In Sir Alan’s autobiography entitled “What you See is what you Get” he describes his initial pitch on being invited to take the role:

“I’ve seen this programme in the USA and, quite frankly, I could carry off Trump’s role  with my eyes closed.  I know you don’t know me from Adam, but it’s a shame you weren’t a fly on the wall at some of my board meetings at Amstrad – if you had been, you’d know you need look no further for the right man.”

Will either of the two men relinquish the role before the format goes stale?


The week begins with a square on Monday (20th) between Venus and Chiron, so there may emerge a health issue linked with self-image. Cosmetic surgeons may profit.

The Sun then enters Gemini from Taurus, favouring an intellectual approach to life. Towards midnight (UK time) is the third Uranus-Pluto square in the series  (I have written separately about this, posted 18/5/13)). You may have felt the tension building from last week. Maybe you are embroiled in a complex group problem which is difficult to extricate from, and need to work at your highest level of awareness.

Best aspect of the week occurs in the early hours of Tuesday (21st) morning which brings Mercury into a sextile with Uranus. This enables you to work with the mind (both lower and higher aspects of it) in finding ideas to promote freedom, a content of the Uranus-Pluto struggle. The difficulties of the previous day may have inspired you to seek such solutions, you may open a channel from your intuition or higher mind (Uranus) and bring through some high quality thought. If your karma does not demand that you stay and face the music, you can formulate a plan to escape your Colditz.

By Wednesday (22nd) there may be a crisis of mental confidence with a square to Mercury from Chiron. Some of the brilliant ideas of yesterday may seem awkward or unworkable, but it ain’t necessarily so. Think on it, and you may be able to implement the spirit if not the letter of your plan.

Then on Friday (24th) Mercury and Venus conjoin, and all the ideas and even the problematic elements can form part of your creative cauldron, in writing  (e.g. a whodunnit) or other forms of artistic communication. You may stay up till midnight formulating constructive dialogue.

Through all that there may be a sense of unease, because there’s yet another (pause for thought) eclipse, a Full Moon in Sagittarius. Some found the Full Moon eclipse in Scorpio a month ago quite tough, and the ramifications may continue. A positive focus would be to put what you have learned into philosophical terms (Sagittarius) as a new basis for life.

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – a need to analyse problems
  • Tuesday – brilliant solutions may be found
  • Wednesday – nervous
  • Friday – writing favoured, and adopt-a-philosophy