Uranus-Pluto square – Phase 3

At the time of the Uranus-Pluto square last Monday, a tornado struck the town of Moore near Oklahoma City.  Extreme weather is one of the possibilities where the Uranus-Pluto square is at its most intense.  Someone asked me recently if I do weather astrology…I make notes, but I don’t research and monitor it as such as it is so complex – for instance, if there is going to be a tornado, where will it strike?  It is easier to research after the event, looking at the regional charts.  In this case, the Uranus-Pluto square directly contacted the chart of Oklahoma State, with Pluto exactly square to the Oklahoma State Moon and Uranus exactly conjunct the Oklahoma State Moon.  In 1999 there was a similar tornado in the same area, and Pluto was exactly conjunct the Oklahoma State Venus.  So the transits to the Oklahoma State chart are worth monitoring in this respect, as I am sure U.S. and Oklahoma Astrologers were doing.

Woolwich Murder

So we followed the story of the Oklahoma tragedy, rescue and aftermath, which continued to dominate our headlines here, until Wednesday afternoon.  It was halfway between the Uranus-Pluto square and the upcoming Full Moon eclipse of Friday.  At 2.20 p.m..on a London street, an English soldier, Drummer Lee Rigby, was decapitated by two Moslem extremists. This violence was transmitted on the 6 pm news – there is no shielding of children and grandchildren before the watershed any more it seems.  I have always been against violence in films, but feel we need to know what is going on in the world, and the content of our news broadcasts is becoming more and more shocking.  So much so, that many people have stopped watching the news.

There are so many strange questions around this attack, e.g. whether or not it can be labelled as a terrorist attack.  It seemed more spontaneous than the average terrorist attack, in that the perpetrators ran over the soldier, then got out of the car and attacked him.  He was wearing a “Help for Heroes” t shirt, and part of their motive was that the U.K. forces should leave Afghanistan.  But then they hung around until the Police came – a very unusual thing to do.  On top of possibly being influenced by the teachings of extreme Islamist leaders such as Anjem Choudary, they may have had drugs in their system, or have a form of mental illness.  We live in a society that is becoming increasingly violent, in a world that is becoming increasingly violent.  Is violence itself a form of mental illness?

In looking at this event astrologically, we have very little to work with.  We have no birth time for the victim, Lee Rigby.  We have a chart for one of the murderers, Michael Adebolajo.  We also have a chart for the time of the event.  There is the U.K. chart, and the chart of Home Secretary Theresa May who seems to be having to work very hard on such issues at the moment, almost being willing to ditch the Human Rights Act in order to get Abu Qatada out of the country for instance.

Michael Adebolajo has Sun conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius, unpredictable and likely to go overboard about ideas.  He also has Mercury conjunct Neptune, which could also make him mentally impressionable.  His Venus and Mars are in idealistic Aquarius too, adding to the unpredictablilty.  He is energetic, with Sun exactly sextile Mars, and that is his main Warrior signature.  At the time of the murder, Pluto was opposite his Moon (stirring emotion), but we do not know how close it was as we do not have his birth time. His Mars opposes the U.K. Neptune and his Nodal Axis squares the U.K. Mars, so not a good compatibility with this country.  The third Uranus-Pluto square hits the U,K. chart directly, with Pluto opposing exactly the natal Pluto and Uranus square exactly the natal Pluto. Saturn is squaring Theresa May’s Uranus, so she is having to develop her indomitable spirit, and deal with the role of the unexpected in her (and our) life.

One of the tragedies of this event is that it has set back the cause of peaceful relations in our society in relation to the Muslim community.  The main tragedy of course is for the poor family of Lee Rigby.


Today the Sun squares Neptune, and sensitivities may be raw, or you may be confused about your initial direction for the week.  Especially if contemplating the events of the last week…

But the aspects for this forthcoming week are mild in comparison, so there may be a respite from fast and furious news headlines.

Tomorrow Mercury conjuncts Jupiter at 23 degrees Gemini, and you may actually hear some good news.  This aspect is good for sales and business, and for disseminating information on a wide scale.  It is good for education, and for broadening the horizons through travel.

On Tuesday (28th) Venus conjuncts Jupiter at the same degree, and this is a happy clappy aspect, which we need right now, but some may not trust it!  Centre yourself, meditate if possible, and extend good will to all – don’t waste it wondering if it could be true that we have a good aspect.

On Friday (31st) Mercury enters Cancer and we leave behind the logic of Mercury in Gemini, and become more soft-focussed mentally and able to incorporate feeling into our ideas. Hard factual thinking gives way to sidestepping and viewing from a different angle, in order to take a another angle on issues that may have been difficult to confront lately.

On the same day, Mars enters Gemini, so determined courses of action (Mars in Taurus) give way to a cooler more logical approach to the use of physical energies.  We are combining brain with brawn, so we have not lost our rational side completely.

What starts to emerge by the end of the week are a couple of Grand Trines for next week, which is more to look forward to.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Feeling your way to the truth
  • Tomorrow – Good luck on the commercial front
  • Tuesday – An Abundant day
  • Friday – Changes in the way we think