Everywhere I’ve turned this week I have seen Vincent Cable, Treasury spokesman and deputy leader of the Liberal Democrat Party: on the bookstands, on the television screen, in my weekend magazine.  What’s going on in his chart?  The South Node is transiting his natal Pluto, sextile his Mercury in Gemini.  This highlights that the man has something worthwhile to say.  His bestselling book “The Storm” decodes the present economic crisis.  He’s a money-savvy Taurean who states that life has taught him that “All things come to those who wait”.  Perhaps it was his Taurean Sun sign, which swayed him in his decision not to run for leader of the Liberal Democrats, as Taureans tend to prefer the supporting role.  He has a breadth of mental vision which is down to his Mercury sandwiched between Saturn (the old style of thought) and Uranus (the new style of thought), a perfect equilibrium or balance for a prominent member of the LibDem party.  Another feature of his chart points to seeing both sides of the political argument or life in general: his Mars squares Saturn and trines Jupiter.  He has a family-loving Moon conjunction with Jupiter in Cancer, and his karmic mission (North Node conjunct Chiron) has a healing aspect.  It’s in Leo, so maybe there is a showbiz side to his aspirations.  He came into the public eye around the time when Mingis Campbell resigned in 2007, when his progressed Sun reached his natal Jupiter.  I do not have a birth time for him, but the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron triple conjunction this year trines his natal Venus.  Venus is the ruler of his Sun sign, and on a personal level this could bring him emotional healing, but as Venus also represents his outlook on money, people are going to take even more note of this in the coming year.  October (Party Conference month) could be difficult for him, with Saturn squaring his Venus then transiting his Neptune, but early in the New Year Jupiter trines his Venus exactly which may restore his balance, financial or otherwise.  He is one to watch, but he’s not necessarily on a conventional career ladder.  I am puzzled by his poorly aspected Neptune (its closest aspect is a square to Venus): his love of dance and association with oil (as Chief Economist for Shell in the 1990s) would suggest a strong Neptune. If he has a Pisces Ascendant or Neptune rising, this may strengthen his Neptune and its roles.  The transit of Saturn to his Neptune in October may reveal more about this mystery: he may commit to Strictly Come Dancing, or there may be news about his links with oil, which tell us more about his life and character, and the meaning of his chart.