Over the next few days there’s a Grand Fire Trine, which might be good for among other things a barbecue. It sizzles together the Sun in Aries, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Leo. Remember back to 16 March (what were you doing?) when Jupiter trined Saturn, offering the chance to balance two areas of your life. Here’s a chance to consolidate that, putting a third area of your life into that structure – temporarily at least. It’s not perfect, mind, because the actual Jupiter-Saturn trine doesn’t recur, it’s just pulled together by the Sun, but it could provide a nice Easter treat. Today the Sun trines Saturn and that’s the sensible side of the triangle (e.g. setting up the barbecue). Tuesday (10th) is mixed: starting out with the Sun trine Jupiter (the social side of the barbecue) when you may enjoy the results of what you put into place on Sunday. For those of you on a spiritual path, just take it all as a meditation exercise, i.e. an abundance of insights occurring on Tuesday from a seed thought on Sunday. But reality sets in and a cloud threatens the barbie soon after, so get your positive experiences on paper. The storm is of the mental variety, carried by Mercury square Pluto, and may come in the shape of challenging verbal exchanges. Remember the Sun is still there peeping through the clouds and the highlights of the past few days are still part of your total experience. More attitude later on Tuesday with Mercury moving into plain-speaking Aries and out of idealistic Pisces. A few heads may clear. The next aspect of the week is my personal favourite (even over the Grand Trine – well it takes all sorts to make a world): On Wednesday (11th) Sun sextiles Neptune, which offers a different type of balance – Sun in Aries matter-of-factness combined with Neptunian etheriality. Heaven on Earth? In your meditations. Venus goes into Gemini on Thursday, lightening the social scene, and you could also see a sharp rise in the proportion of salad leaves appearing on our plates. For those of you visiting Art galleries over the next month it brings a change of emphasis from a sensual approach to the Arts to a more intellectual focus.