The Turkish Spring

Turkey, a country which holds a crucial position in the world, in relation to the EU and in relation to the Middle East, is at a crossroads now.  It has had the same leader at the helm for 10 years, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, democratically elected, but now a rebellion is under way, triggered by the proposed building of a mall on park land in Istanbul.

The people have just initiated an Arab Spring style rebellion.  It differs from other such revolts, partly due to its timing, coming 2-3 years after the first ones.  Astrologically, the spirit of the Arab Springs were a product of Uranus (rebellion) entering Aries (self-will).  Several  of these are at the next stage, of wrangling for a new order, e.g. Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, which is proving as much of a struggle as the initial uprising.  The pure spirit of the Uranus in Aries has now, over the last year, become entangled, with Pluto in Capricorn, and the deadlock with the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Islamists in Iraq are being replicated where the new orders are attempting to establish themselves.  Syria, which began its “Spring” later than some, got caught up with the Uranus-Pluto square before a clear win could be established for the rebels, and the situation there is a no-win situation at the moment, with the ordinary population definitely the losers, and refugees spilling into Turkey and Jordan.

Erdogan is possibly surprised to find this opposition, as he has successfully governed Turkey since 2003, to all intents and purposes under a democratic regime.  But he himself has changed, and moved towards Islamism.  He has Sun, Mercury and Venus in Pisces so can encompass a range of political ideas, and has a basically flexible nature (with 3 other planets also in flexible signs).  This flexibility will have helped him stay in power for so long.  His current reaction in trying to quell the rebellion may not seem flexible, but it is the standard reaction of a government.  He had reached a high point in his self-confidence, and sanctioned the building project as an expansion of this, with Jupiter (expansion) exactly sextile his natal Pluto (power) at the time of the rebellion.  His own faith in his power will have made such a reaction from the public unthinkable. His recent adoption of authoritarianism may be the effects of the corruption of power, a desire to hold on to that power.

Turkey’s own chart is hugely affected by the current Uranus-Pluto square, as Uranus is exactly square to Turkey’s Pluto and Pluto is opposite Turkey’s Pluto, so the  severe and sudden spotlight of Uranus-Pluto change has come to alight on Turkey now.  However, Neptune trines Turkey’s Sun, so there is a subtle and spiritual side to this change too, an evolution of consciousness.

In an article on May 9th, Professor Alon Ben-Meir lends weight to Turkey’s position in the Middle East:

“Turkey can and in fact should play a constructive role, provided that the Erdogan government takes a hard look at what the opportunities are to contribute to building a structure of peace and stability. The Erdogan government, however, should also consider the risks entailed should it remain stuck in grandiose old thinking.”

He concludes in saying: “I believe that Turkey is a country that has the potential of becoming a significant global player, but, like any other power, it must also learn its limits.”  He was writing pre-Turkish Spring.

What may mark out this Turkish Spring, starting as it does in the midst of the Uranus-Pluto square series, from the Syrian situation, may be Erdogan’s grasp of what is needed in the democratic process if he can turn round his thinking, as he has engaged with it already, and listen to his people.  He is in the unique position of being able to learn what not to do in the region, from previous examples.  Bashar Assad of Syria, who has treated his people with great brutality,has no history and possibly no prospect of doing what is needed.  He does have an opposition of flexible planets in his chart, but crucially his Mars (will) is in the fixed sign of Scorpio, while Erdogan’s is in another flexible sign, Sagittarius.

Celia Fenn, an Earth Healer has recently written about the situation in Turkey, saying: “It’s about a generation of Indigos standing up and saying “This doesn’t work for us!…This is the Indigo Revolution.  It is young people who have said ‘no…it is enough’ and who will stand calmly in the face of aggression because they are light warriors and systems busters.”

To read her whole article go to:


The aspects this week are contrasting (the tail end of a Grand Trine and a T-Square) and intense, centring around the middle of the week.

You may still be processing the Grand Trines and T-square of last week now, and the first aspect to greet us this week is an opposition of Venus and Pluto on Tuesday (11th).  This is part of the T-square, and centres around facing deep or difficult issues in our relationships.  There may be a temptation to give up and walk away, but the real deal would be in sharing deep feelings.  Venus and Pluto also rule money, and economic crises could also be on our mind, both personal and global.  This aspect occurs late in the evening.

Even later in the evening, the climax of the Grand Trine occurs, with Saturn exactly trining Neptune in water signs.  This will assist the sharing and stabilizing of emotions, such as in relationships.  There will also be wider applications, such as the watery issue of international fishing.  This week Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall announced that cod stocks were on the rise again in the North Sea.  This is a strong partnership, Saturn and Neptune, and should sustain you this week if the going gets tough.  It is a marriage of spirituality and practicality.

The next day, Wednesday (12th) Venus squaring Uranus brings the T-square back into focus with more relationship and financial challenges, but the vibrations of Saturn-Neptune trine will still be available for assisting with balancing and mixing reality with hope.

After Wednesday, the intensity should lessen and you will be able to take stock of what you have achieved and what you have yet to master.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – problems and solutions
  • Wednesday – more relationship disruption, but looking at the larger picture will help