This week’s aspects are looking like a chequer board: three squares today, two of them involving Mercury, making travel and communication difficult, though they will have healing lessons.  Already I can hear the pitter patter of footsteps leading to my Customer Service desk…honestly, I don’t have a say in the aspects.  But I will try to give a positive antidote to each square this week, in order to deflect some of the complaints.  Mercury squaring Neptune can cause vagueness, mis-understandings and absent-mindedness, as well as complications in journeys early in the day.  The positive?  The tunnel of illusion ends in the emergence into reality.  At the same time Mercury squaring Chiron could bring minor health crises which could be self-inflicted, such as hangovers.  Out-of-hours doctors and Chemists may find themselves busy, as well as herbalists and homeopaths.  The positive?  It’s better out than in, revealing the problem can also show the solution.  Another positive spin I can put on this, is that the peak has already passed by the time you are up and reading this.   However, don’t ignore symptoms or irritations, or let tension build up, for mid-afternoon Mars squares Pluto and confrontation is inevitable.  If you are being honest, be kind as well.  If you need to let rip, pay attention to safety, especially that of innocent bystanders.  The positive?  You now see what you are dealing with, and have the opportunity to exercise self-control.    If you are at a dinner party today, as I will be, just keep your head down and avoid controversial opinions.  Same goes if you are a blogger.  Luckily you have the whole week to recuperate from the consequences of your actions, for there are no more aspects until Saturday (2nd May).  Meanwhile, on Thursday (30th) Mercury enters Gemini, and you will find it easier to talk about what is on your mind, if you have been having to hold back while Mercury has been in Taurus.  Conversation-wise in fact you might find the floodgates opening as others too will be more chatty, and re-discovering their inner Parrot.  They may be more voluble, but the conversation itself may not be of deep quality.  But there will be a sense of releif and release of nervous tension.  Lastly, on Saturday (2nd May), Venus squares Pluto.  I have tried to keep this on your mind, dear regular readers, as it is not an apsect which came and went: it came, and hung around.  So by now you may be well aware of personal emotional issues of a deep nature which need resolution, and hopefully after this last application of the square you may be in a position to start to heal.  The positive?  You find out what a relationship is really made of, and in some cases can experience a rebirth because energy is always recycled.  The wider backdrop of things still shape our lives generally – Pluto in Capricorn throwing light on reality, Saturn opposing Uranus, pulling us in two ways, and the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius highlighting an opportunity in one area of your life.  A cautionary note though – the conjunction between Neptune and Chiron has thrown up the new swine flu virus in Mexico.   Jupiter (usually a benefic) will join that mix at the end of May.   Most of the weekly aspects I post on a Sunday morning in relation to that wider scene are more fleeting and of a lesser consequence. The connections that the outer planets make to your own chart will affect you even more.  So even though there are squares to contend with this week, their effects may not continue beyond the week.  It’s easy to get astrological aspects out of proportion.