Whistleblowing seems to come at great personal cost, and the conviction needs to be great to even contemplate it.  Are today’s big-time whistleblowers born, and not made?  Do they knowingly sacrifice their personal lives for a bigger cause?

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden, a former CIA employee, who has blown the lid on the PRISM surveillance system, has primarily a warrior’s chart, with Sun/North Node/Mars in conjunction in late Gemini.  His sense of conviction comes to some extent from having the Sun (his sense of self) and his North Node (karmic mission) united in the action of his warrior Mars.  The Sun, the North Node, and Mars are key planets of motivation in a chart.  His sense of responsibility comes from a trine between his Sun and Saturn/Pluto. His tendency to secrecy is shown by Neptune opposite his Sun.  At the time of his disclosures Jupiter was exactly trine his Pluto, bringing success to his hidden motivations and sense of internal power.  Neptune, the planet of secrecy, was exactly squaring his Uranus (I.T. activity and capacity to surprise), meaning that he was involved in complex operations.

Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning is a U.S. soldier who is said to have given classified information to Wikileaks about war activities, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Here his destiny as a whistleblower came into confluence with that of Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks.  Like Snowden, their personal lives have been on hold ever since.  The Wikileaks exposure of sensitive material exploded at the time of the Jupiter-Pluto square in 2010.

Manning has the warrior archetype (Mars conjunct Pluto, a military man) but more telling is his Rebel Archetype (Sun conjunct Uranus).  His Uranus is further highlighted, and in a karmic sense, by its square to his Nodal Axis  At the time of the Wikileaks explosion, Mars was square Manning’s Uranus (incitement to rebellion) and on his South Node (karmic action).  This T-square also shows an event which would put him in personal danger.

Julian Assange

 I have already written several times about Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks.  What is interesting here is how his destiny brought him together with Bradley Manning’s at the time of the Jupiter-Pluto square to create such an explosive event.  It seems likely to have been a pre-birth contract, if you are looking at it from the perspective of a past-life therapist.

Like Manning, he has the Inner Rebel in his natal chart, in the form of Sun square Uranus.  Like Snowden, he has the Karmic Warrior, in the form of North Node conjunct Mars.  His Pluto is exactly conjunct Manning’s South Node, indicating a past-life connection of a gunpowder plot variety.  At the time of the Wikileaks explosion, Mars was transiting the point of their karmic bond, i.e. Assange’s Pluto and Manning’s South Node.  The karmic astrology strongly suggests that they had been co-conspirators in earlier lifetimes, and their commitment to the theme of exposure of injustice brought them to a new contract for this lifetime.


The week kicks off tomorrow with a dynamic sextile between Mars and Uranus. This will encourage revolutionaries and protesters in their cry of “Freedom!”.  If you’re not a revolutionary, say you’re just a peaceful meditator, you may experience extra energy and “oomph!”  The energy of group work will be especially strong, and your sense of purpose will be focussed in the moment.

On Wednesday (19th) the Sun conjuncts Jupiter at 28 degrees Gemini, and if you have an event that day where you require a little luck, it could be forthcoming. Meetings will be full of good will.

Later that day, Mars squares Chiron, so don’t be overconfident in the aftermath, or in the celebratory period, as you may be incident-prone.

On Friday (21st) the sun enters Cancer, and it’s the Summer Solstice! We’re still waiting for summer proper to start and it will at least be there in spirit that day.

You may experience that sense of a lift, as a new Grand Trine is starting to form. But as so often recently there is a counterbalancing sense of tension, due to an impending Full Moon. If you are having mixed feelings at the end of the week, that’ll be why.

Next week: Wimbledon

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – Constructive rebellion
  • Wednesday – Luck then tricky adjustments
  • Friday – Celebration of Summer