After predicting the winners these last two years, I will attempt to make it third time lucky.  Though it did not win me popularity last year: some felt I should have predicted Andy Murray to win, and resented that I didn’t.  Here as starters are the first four seeds from the women’s and men’s players, and I will be adding updates and forecasts in blogs and comments throughout Wimbledon, as I have in previous years.

Serena Williams, No. 1 Women’s Seed

Serena Williams is now regarded as one of the greatest female tennis players of our time.  What features of her chart stand out?  A competitive Mars in Leo closely sextiles Jupiter (enthusiasm and luck) and Saturn (precision).  She has the brilliance of Uranus trine North Node.  Her sister Venus of course is also a great player, and Serena has Mercury in Libra square her Nodal Axis, which may indicate sibling rivalry on the tennis court.  But what they both have is Venus square Mars, and Serena has it exact.  Maybe this is a key to her success.

She begins Wimbledon with Jupiter trine her Venus, and has the afterglow of recently winning the French Open.  Mars also trines her Jupiter (energy added to her enthusiasm) and enhances her own natal Mars-Jupiter sextile.  Should have a splendid start to Wimbledon.  In the first round she plays Mandy Minella who has some good aspects, but nothing I feel strong enough to upset the status quo.  Serena finishes Wimbledon with Jupiter sextile her Ascendant (in supreme physical shape).

Novak Djokovic,No. 1 Men’s Seed

I was working without a birth time last year, but now find he has a competitive Leo Ascendant in a Grand Trine with Jupiter and Saturn, which is a powerful configuration.  His Moon in Pisces in 8th House is very instinctive and sextiles his Sun in Gemini (he’s a great mimic) in 10th House (he knows his own mind).  Having the Sun sextile Moon and Jupiter trine Saturn gives him a great deal of balance and measure and the ability to centre himself.  He has the odd temper tantrum (Moon square Mars).  He is proud of his Serbian roots and they go deep (Pluto on his I.C.).

He begins Wimbledon with Mars on his Mercury – sharp, but possibly accident-prone.  Neptune also sextiles his natal Venus so his mind may be on his personal life, or he may display added grace on the tennis court.  In the first round he plays Florian Mayer who has some interesting transits, and could give him a good match.  Djokovic ends Wimbledon with Mars opposite Uranus, so could be plagued with something like a dodgy ankle throughout.  He is born a week apart from Andy Murray and some of their transits are similar.  I will be watching for any parallels.

Victoria Azarenka, No. 2 Women’s Seed

Azarenka is a Sun Leo with a fiery Mars in the same sign.  She has the exuberant Mars sextile Jupiter like Serena Williams, but 2 degrees apart as distinct from Serena’s 1 degree apart (which may often give Serena the edge!).  Azarenka’s Moon is in Cancer, suitable to the ebb and flow of tennis action (many tennis champions are Cancerians or Librans).  She has Venus trine Saturn/Neptune which gives her dedication and inspiration in combination, and Mars on the South Node (the past life warrior archetupe).  Great inner strength is shown in her chart by Chiron closely trine Pluto.

She begins Wimbledon with a Jupiter Return in Gemini!  That would ensure a lot of hope, luck and buoyancy at the start.  Pluto also transits her Neptune, so she may feel very excitable.  In her first round she plays Maria Joao Koehler, and is not likely to encounter any problems.  At the end of Wimbledon, the Jupiter Return will have passed, but Pluto will still be conjunct her natal Neptune, so she will be working out complex issues.  Jupiter opposes her Uranus too at that time, so she may make an unforced error.  Sadly, after a good start, she may not make the final.

Andy Murray, No. 2 Men’s Seed

The Olympics last year were a turning point for Andy Murray, and though he did not win Wimbledon there was a psychological shift within himself and in relation to his public.  In August, with the empowerment of  transitting Pluto sextile his natal Pluto, he won the gold.  As mentioned in previous years, he does have a gifted chart, and we look forward to more successes from him in the future.  He has a unique style said to resemble an earlier tennis player Miloslav Mecif:  they are both Taureans, and while Andy Murray has Moon/Saturn/Uranus conjunct, Miloslav had Moon/Uranus opposite Saturn, which is an interesting parallel.

Born a week apart from Djokovic, he has slightly more interesting transits.  At the beginning, Mars sextiles his Jupiter, so he’ll be fired up and hopeful, with an injection of adrenalin.  The North Node is on his 3ed House cusp and sextile his Ascendant, so he is at peace with his karma at this time.  He plays Benjamin Becker in the first round, who has a couple of favourable transits, so could needle Murray a little.  At the end of Wimbledon, Murray will have Mars opposite his Uranus (like Djokovic), but he will also have a Mars Return, so may be iron-fisted!  He seems a little more engaged than Djokovic, maybe a little more focused and a little less distracted, but there may be parallels.

Maria Sharapova, No. 3 Women’s Seed

Maria has several planets in the energetic sign of Aries, including an exact conjunction between her Mercury and North Node, indicating that to achieve athletic prowess is part of her karmic mission.  This conjunction is 2 degrees away from Jupiter (success) and sextile Mars (extra speed).  Venus (her love life) squares her Uranus (disruption) and though she is currently dating Grigor Dimitrov, she was previously engaged to a basketball player Sasha Vujacic with whom she was very compatible astrologically, but maybe the karma wasn’t helpful.

At the start of Wimbledon she has Pluto squaring her Mercury, so a lot of nervous tension at this time.  Uranus will be conjunct her Jupiter, so there will be an element of surprise keeping her on her toes.  Jupiter sextile her Sun will provide some uplift, which will be helpful in the early rounds.  She plays Kristina Mladenovic of France in the first round, but she may be on edge throughout the tournament.  The final aspects for Sharapova are Mars opposite her Uranus (like Djokovic and Murray – she is born the previous month) and may also be plagued with the equivalent of a dodgy ankles (they can’t all have a dodgy ankle, can they?). Again, I am not sure she would make the final.  I think that if Serena is in the final (very likely) she may face someone from outside the first four seeds.  That may become clearer later.

Roger Federer, No. 3 Men’s Seed

I have written a lot about Roger Federer over the years, and we are fortunate to have his birth time.  Like Murray, he has a Virgo Ascendant and the Moon conjunct Uranus, but without the added encumbrance of Saturn.  He has the Sun and North Node in competitive Leo (very motivated), and Venus rising in fine-featured Virgo.  I correctly predicted he would win last year, but don’t feel so sure this year.  He has a strong personal bond with his twins, who were born with the Moon sextile his Ascendant and Venus exactly trine his Venus.

At the outset of Wimbledon, the North Node trines his Mars, and his sense of purpose is strong.  Pluto also trines his Ascendant on his 5th House cusp, which gives him strength but there is a sense of him finishing a phase of life and starting a new one.  He plays Victor Hanescu in the first round, and with Hanescu’s Pluto opposing his own natal Mercury, it is likely to be a washout for Hanescu.  The same transits apply for Federer at the end as at the start, but the addition of the Nodal Axis squaring his Mercury (Ascendant ruler) brings the winds of karmic change.

Agnieszka Radwanska, No. 4 Women’s Seed

Like Roger Federer she has the highly motivating Sun and North Node in the same sign, though hers are in Pisces (her style has been called “subtle).  She also has Mars in Taurus (stamina) conjunct Jupiter (high energy enthusiasm).  Uranus sextiles her North Node exactly (North Node/Uranus connections being often found in brilliant tennis players).  Plus she has a powerful exact trine between her Sun and Pluto.  She has not done so well recently this year, and may not do so well at Wimbledon, but has a strong potential and likelihood of future success.

She could have mixed early performances, with Saturn sextile her Uranus, but Uranus squaring her Saturn/Neptune.  Neptune does sextile her Uranus and conjuncts her North Node, so she will be opening up spiritually now, and that may distract her physical performance this Wimbledon.  She plays Y. M’burger initially, and if she can get through the challenges of the early tournament rounds, she is likely to be rewarded by her experience towards the end.  The tournament is likely to be a test of character.  At the end of the two weeks, Saturn trines her North Node (perhaps reward for hard work) and initial aspects are still around.  This could take her as far as the semi-finals.

David Ferrer, No. 4 Men’s Seed

He’s an energetic Sun in Aries, with Chiron closely sextile his North Node in Cancer so he would be good at problem-solving.  His Venus trines Pluto exactly (with Neptune sextile in the middle), so he has deep feelings which run true in relationships.  Saturn squares closely the Nodal Axis, which may indicate an Indian Summer in his career, certainly earlier delays in success.  He has a strong and inventive mind, too, with Mercury trine Uranus, with quick reflexes  He  is doing well this year..

Uranus is on his Sun at the start of Wimbledon, which is likely to work in his favour and may produce some stunning intuitive play.  Neptune squares his Uranus making him oversensitive and a little overwrought.  Pluto is squaring his Mars, which is dramatic, but this aspectdoes not become exact until after Wimbledon, so should not affect his performance.  He plays Martin Alund in the first round, whose chart shows mixed fortunes at present.  At the end of the Wimbledon round Jupiter squares his Mercury (high hopes) and Mars trines his Pluto (extra power to his elbow) so he may make the final.