Jupiter in Cancer

This week Jupiter enters Cancer, and the forthcoming year will favour Cancerians generally or anyone who has a preponderance of planets in that sign.  It is preparing to hook up with the Saturn-Neptune trine to form a Grand Water Trine in the middle of July, which is a real astrological highlight!

Jupiter in Gemini in the U.K. hasn’t lived up to its promise in terms of educational changes.  It has come under the governance of Michael Gove, Education Secretary, who has not evolved his thinking towards the future, but rather tried to propel us back to the 1950s.  Another U-turn was announced yesterday, in connection with the teaching of History.

Jupiter in Cancer will turn us towards family life, or a sense of belonging in Soul groups.  It will enable us to express our emotions more joyously, and may bring out some rich literary tomes (such as the third in Hilary Mantel’s trilogy).  The preserving and restoration of antiquity also comes under the sign of Cancer, so some old treasures may be unearthed in the archaeological world.

If there is one book I would recommend for this summer, it’s “The Dolphin Within” by Olivia de Bergerac.  She divides us naturally into four aquatic Archetypes: Dolphins, Turtles, Seahorses and Sharks.  Great fun!

If I would recommend another book for the summer it would be “Ecstasy is a New Frequency” by Chris Griscom.  Her work has inspired my past-life therapy since 1988. This summer will be a grand opportunity to clear the astral pollution from the planet. This is because the Grand Trine enabled by Jupiter’s entry into Cancer will bring a great sense of global connection and empathy, and much of that operates on the astral level. If you are working with spiritual awareness you may make headway in clearing your emotional body, and that has benefits for all. Chris Griscom’s work is about clearing the emotional body, which she defines as “the emotional vehicle of consciousness which is an entity and vibrates at a low frequency”.  Her thesis is that it tends to dominate the mind and body, and that it can only raise its level in contact with the Spiritual Body, when it is given a better diet of experience.


We start with a Full Moon in Capricorn today, an extra large Supermoon at that.  Moon lovers will be able to revel in its beams.  The Moon is at its closest point in relation to the Earth, and so its effects will be heightened.  Its placing in Capricorn makes it a good focus for career or life direction, or meditating on the structures of society and how they need to be aligned

Busy Day Wednesday

On Wednesday (26th), Jupiter enters Cancer, and you may notice a sea change in how you are thinking and feeling.  You will be engaging more with your emotions, having done what you can with opening up your thinking apparatus while Jupiter was in Gemini.  New hope there is for Cancerians, and all water signs for the year ahead which is the natural passage of time for Jupiter’s transit through a sign.  Jupiter enters Leo in mid-July 2014.

Wednesday is a busy day aspect-wise, for Saturn then trines the Sun, and if you are engaged in water sports you will be in your element this summer.  It is the sort of aspect which favours signing up at your local Water Sports centre, or beginning a coastal holiday.  For those of us without much water in our charts, we can occupy ourselves by getting into our deepest emotional territory (Saturn in Scorpio trine Sun in Cancer).  We will find a rich inner world of totemic creatures such as our Inner Crab and Inner Seagull (Cancerian animals), interacting with the darker creatures of Saturn in Scorpio such as Water Snakes, Water Rats and Sharks, and emerge with insights about our inner waterscape which can continue to reveal themselves over the summer.  With the three planets Saturn/Neptune/Jupiter swishing about in the Grand Water Trine this summer, it is a good time to initiate some good old psychological delving, ducking and diving.  If like me you have only one water planet, drowned in a past life, and can’t properly swim, it is time to make friends with the water.  Here is Olivia de Bergerac’s definition of the Inner Shark Archetype:

HUMAN SHARKS – “People who primarily live in beta brainwaves, whose main reaction is to fight.  A shark is one of the two characters of the personal stage, the one which demonstrate a lot of will.”

Also on Wednesday, Mercury turns retrograde, and so it is that intermittent test of your communications coming round again.  Hopefully if you have been following this phenomenon for some time (and it has almost become mainstream – why it’s almost the acceptable face of astrology to blame Mercury retrograde for travel woes and such like) you may have built a set of strategies, such as learning to speak clearly and succinctly, which will ease things.  Our local railway ticket office is threatened with closure, and so I am a little more anxious than usual about this one, though I don’t normally find Mercury retrograde too troublesome (oops except for the time I put a pencil in the button of my computer and it went right through, but I won’t do that again).

The fourth feature on Wednesday is a trine between the Sun and Neptune (thus forming a Grand Trine on the day).  This elevates any foundations you laid earlier that day, to the realms of inspiration, and an openness to higher mystical vision.  Much can be achieved today, despite possible problems in communication.  The Inner Dolphins may now arrive on the inner seascape, and here is Olivia de Bergerac’s description of the Inner Dolphin Archetype:

HUMAN DOLPHINS – “People who can self-regulate their brains and easily access beta, alpha and theta brainwaves at will, to reach peak performance.  They can also access the awakened mind pattern.  People who are in touch with their higher self, their full potential.  They have explored their turtle, shark and seahorse characters.  They know their purpose and do not react, but flow with life.”

On my contact page is a link to Theresa Wagner’s website about animal communication and her work with dolphins and whales, and under the Interview category you’ll find an interview with O’Douce and a video of her underwater work.

On Thursday (27th) Venus enters Leo, leaving the dreaminess of Cancer (wafting on a Venetian gondola) and entering a more showy and glittery phase.  It is time to show your wares, stop hiding your talents under a bushel, and enjoy the delights of summer picnics and other indulgences, weather permitting.

We are working towards the Grand Trine of Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune now (17th/18th July) so have faith in some aspect of your collective endeavours, and start colouring in your dreams.


Wimbledon starts tomorrow, and I have put down some initial thoughts, but no clear predictions of winners yet in an earlier blog today.  But I will update my thoughts and add other favourite players such as Nadal as we go along.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – heightened tension
  • Wednesday – water activities and deep feelings; travel and communication may be tricky
  • Thursday – bring out your best points