I am pleased to say that last week’s Wimbledon blogging bore fruit, so I am featuring 8 players again for the second week.  Some of the content will be reproduced from last week’s blog, commentary and updates.  Serena seems likely to win the Ladies’ trophy, and I am undecided about the men’s, but hope to have a conclusion by the end of writing.

Serena Williams, No. 1 Women’s Seed

Serena looks unbeatable this year, and finishes Wimbledon with Jupiter sextile her Ascendant (in supreme physical shape).  She will play Sabine Lisicki in the next round

Sabine Lizicki

I wrote in 2011:

“Lizicki has a deeply emotional chart, with Venus conjunct Pluto in Scorpio, and  Jupiter with Chiron in Cancer possibly joined by the Moon there.  This will be the source of much of her energy.  Uranus, Saturn and Neptune sit in stoical Capricorn in her chart.  Her Sun is in Virgo, a sign which figures heavily in this generation of tennis players, both as Sun and Ascendant.  Mercury (her nervous system) and Mars (her physical energy, as distinct from her emotional energies) are in the traditional tennis sign of Libra.   Without knowing her Ascendant (from her birth time) Mars and Mercury represent important elements of her physicality and there is a gracefulness and elegance there, but not as much robustness as some other signs.”

Midway through Wimbledon 2013 Pluto is on Lizicki’s Neptune, the North Node is on her Pluto and Jupiter opposes her Uranus, heavy numbers for a heavy meeting with Serena.

Novak Djokovic,No. 1 Men’s Seed

Djokovic, like Serena, looks unbeatable at the moment.  He seems incredibly fit, in the exercise use of the term. He is born a week apart from Andy Murray and some of their transits are similar.   Most likely to meet up with Murray in the final.

In the next round, he plays

Tommy Haas

Haas injury prone career is shown by Sun in Aries, Chiron conjunct his Venus,  and Mercury square Mars . His physical stoicism is shown by Mercury closely trine Saturn .  He has a difficult Sun opposition with Pluto.  He remains upbeat due to his Mercury sextile Jupiter, which provides a balanced outlook with the Saturn aspect to Mercury: he is able to be realistic and positive.  Jupiter currently sextiles his Venus, so he is enjoying the tournament so far…Mars sextiles his Mercury at the end of Wimbledon, so he may end Wimbledon in good physical shape and with fewer injuries than most.  It seems to have been the most injury prone Wimbledon I can remember.

Laura Robson

Laura Robson could meet Serena Williams in the quarter-finals  Our very own Laura has a very focussed chart, with Sun early in Aquarius sextile a conjunction of North Node/Pluto. She has the capacity to pull off some dramatic effects on the court, and is literally a game-changer.  She provided illustration of Sun sextile North Node/Pluto in her astronishing comeback in yesterday’s match. Midway through Wimbledon Uranus is sextile Laura’s Mercury, enabling flashes of genius to sparkle through her game.

She will play Kaia Kanepi tomorrow:

Natally, Kanepi has a lucky Jupiter, being trine her Sun and sextile her Uranus, and a dynamic sextile between her Jupiter and Uranus.  Though curiously her natal Jupiter squares her Nodal Axis exactly, so it is as though she can only be lucky as long as her karma allows.  Midway through Wimbledon Jupiter is on her Mars and Mars is on her Sun, so there will be fire in her performance, and she is likely to have some lucky shots.  By the end of Wimbledon Jupiter will be trine her natal Pluto (a powerful assistance from the Universe) but Jupiter will also be opposite her Neptune (confusion).  I couldn’t rule out her going another round or so.

Andy Murray, No. 2 Men’s Seed

Born a week apart from Djokovic, he has slightly more interesting transits.  At the end of Wimbledon, Murray will have Mars opposite his Uranus (like Djokovic), but he will also have a Mars Return, so may be iron-fisted!

I see Murray and Djokovic almost as twins astrologically. Indeed my mother-in-law kept saying they look alike yesterday evening (I don’t think they do).  If they meet in the final, I don’t think there will be much in it, they’ll be like two sides of a coin.  My heart says Murray to win, but my head says Djokovic (I am rarely split).  Murray has his Mars Return so he will be really true in his own energy, which astrologically would give him the edge.

He is playing Youzhny tomorrow:

Pluto squares Youzhny’s Mars in the middle of the tournament, which could indicate a knock out.  Uranus sextiles his Mercury which favours his mental acuity, and Jupiter trines his Jupiter, the force of which has brought him this far, but then this transit starts to wane.

Agnieszka Radwanska, No. 4 Women’s Seed

Neptune does sextile her Uranus and conjuncts her North Node at the start of Wimbledon, so she will be opening up spiritually now, and that may distract her physical performance this Wimbledon.  If she can get through the challenges of the early tournament rounds (which she has), she is likely to be rewarded by her experience towards the end.  The tournament is likely to be a test of character.  At the end of the two weeks, Saturn trines her North Node (perhaps reward for hard work) and initial aspects are still around.  This could take her as far as the semi-finals.  I don’t think she would be able to beat Serena Williams, however.

She plays Pironkova in the next round:

Midway through the tournament Pironkova has Neptune sextile her Neptune, so is balanced spiritually, but Mars squares her Sun, so overexertion or injury may prove overwhelming.  The North Node sextiles her Mars at the end of Wimbledon, so she will be pleased with her performance overall and be very at peace with herself karmically.

David Ferrer, No. 4 Men’s Seed

At the end of the Wimbledon round Jupiter squares his Mercury (high hopes) and Mars trines his Pluto (extra power to his elbow) so he may make the final, though Murray is most likely to.

He plays Dodic in the next round:

Dodic has a quick witted conjunction natally of Mercury and Uranus, so this is his brilliance.  Currently Uranus squares his Sun (a sudden fall perhaps), and Saturn transits his Pluto, so not easy aspects to support a the route to the top, plus Mars opposing his Mercury (also incident-prone).

Petra Kvitova, No. 8 Women’s Seed

Petra Kvitova seems to fall on the right side of the draw to meet Serena in the final. She is a player I have looked at (successfully) in past years in this blog. Imaginative Piscean Petra Kvitova has some solid planets in Capricorn which help her focus This year she has a Jupiter Return, so could be a real contender, at least for facing Serena in the final. By the final, the Jupiter Return will have peaked, so probably not the outright winner.

Plays Carla Navarro (Seed 19) in the next round:

Natally, Navarro has the asset of Jupiter exactly trine her Mercury, excellent physical co-ordination for a sporting career.  Her natal Pluto sextiles her natal Sun, providing great strength.  Neptune squares her Jupiter currently, which could be a hurdle for her against Kvitova.  But Pluto sextiles Navarro’s Pluto at the end of Wimbledon, so she is playing solidly, and it trines her natal Sun so she is secure in herself. She’ll have no regrets.

Jerzy Janowicz, No 24 Men’s Seed

A bright new star emerged on the firmament on Friday, praised by all the television commentators.  Janowicz  is a deep Scorpio Sun conjunct Pluto, with Chiron close to the South Node and trine his Venus/Sun conjunction,.  Psychological healing is part of his karmic mission, and there may be an instinctive quality to his play which shows this.  His power (Plutonian)and big serve, as well as his height, have caught attention this year.

Midway through the tournament Uranus squares his natal Neptune. Uranus trines his Jupiter (which is waning towards the end of Wimbledon)

He will play Jurgen Melzer before he can meet Murray:

Meltzer natally Sun in Gemini trine exactly Jupiter in Libra, a very upbeat combination.  But he has Mercury opp exactly Neptune – which means hecould sometimes get distracted.  Midway through Wimbledon Saturn squares his Nodal Axis, which may work against him karmically.  Jupiter squares his Jupiter and he could make some forced errors.  At the end of the tournament, Jupiter squares his Saturn and Saturn still squares his Nodal Axis prominently.   So it looks as though he would be beaten by Joanowicz.

I hope to be back midweek with commentaries, and hopefully produce a blog or two towards the final.