It’s a mini-blog for all sorts of reasons today, but mainly because I have given my all for the Wimbledon blogging (wisely or unwisely).  I feel I have done 10 rounds myself!  Hope to resume normal service next week.

The Rolling Stones play Glastonbury

Who could resist seeing what the Stones had to offer last night at Glastonbury?  Was it value for money, say for the TV viewer’s licence?  It didn’t seem so a few numbers in, when Mick Jagger rudely left the stage, without a by or leave.  But that’s his prerogative as showman, with Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, North Node and Chiron in Leo.  The beginning was lack-lustre, and their act was just starting to warm up…

In the event, after rubbishing the initial numbers then recanting, the presenter was told by Jo Whiley his co-presenter, that there would be more.  Indeed, the encore was more lively and engaging.  It was all very nostalgic and symbolic to this older generation.  I don’t know what it was like for the younger generation.

How was it for Michael Eavis, the proprietor of the Glastonbury Festival, a Libran with the musical ideals and attention to detail and ecology of Venus conjunct Neptune in Virgo?  Pluto was almost trine his Venus, perhaps the run up to the event was more exciting than the event itself for him.  There may also be more significant things going on in his life.  In the year Michael Eavis founded the festival, 1970, Pluto (a powerful enterprise) was sextile his Jupiter (a successful initiative).


Tomorrow Venus squares Saturn.  There could be a let down feeling emotionally, and you may need to be a good listener to a sob story.  Try to be present to the other’s dilemma, for we are all in it together, and there may be a perspective which enables your understanding.    Venus square Saturn may seem tedious, but is necessary.  Of course if it is your own sob story, then even more need for inner listening.

On Tuesday (2nd July) the Sun opposes Pluto, and you know what that means, don’t you?  We are having to re-engage with the Uranus-Pluto square.  And last week seemed to be going so swimmingly…indeed there is still a lot of swimming going on, because the Grand Water Trine is still going on in the background, providing a welter of emotional understanding.  But there are some deep and difficult issues to be looking at, which we cannot avoid.  You may find that you are developing an extra sense to deal with all the extra stress, and that life is providing compensations or distractions coming from the Grand Water Trine to keep you buoyant.  This is (another) chance to put you in touch with the core meaning of the ongoing square, and confront your deepest challenges in its second year.

On Thursday (4th) the Sun squares Uranus (the other element we are dealing with in the square) and it befits Independence Day.  Indeed there may be a lot of activity along the lines of the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement that day.  You may have a sense of wanting to break free.  It is a day you will be in the mood to challenge the status quo.  As in the whistleblowing dilemmas though, consider the consequences.  Adopt the approaches of Nelson Mandela, negotiation and forgiveness.

Friday (5th) brings a refreshing trine of the Sun to Chiron, which can bring healing initiatives, or healing through the Sun.  Sunbathing if appropriate (but not in temperatures of parts of the western U.S. at present), soaking up some Vitamin D by the poolside.  Not a Sun worshipper?  Explore the other side of the equation, the Inner Healer, and follow its lead.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow –Allow some emotional reflection
  • Tuesday – get to the core of issues
  • Thursday – high excitement, but don’t de-rail
  • Friday – Healing or Sun Worshipping – you choose (maybe you can have both)