In this most unpredictable Wimbledon, here is my last throw of the dice…

Men’s Semi Finals

Novak Djokovic,No. 1 Men’s Seed

Djokovic, continues to  look unbeatable.  Nothing we have seen has challenged that notion.

I have been looking further into his chart, and spotted a 1 degree conjunction between Mercury and the Part of Fortune in Gemini in his 10th House.  Could that be the secret of his intense mental focus channeled into his career?  He has Mercury by 1 degree sextile his Jupiter, and that combination with the Part of Fortune would make him very upbeat mentally by nature. He is born a week apart from Andy Murray and has similar transits.   He is still most likely to meet up with Murray in the final.  Today he has Venus exactly trine his North Node, which is a minor transit, but may ensure the crowd are with him.

In the semi-final today, he plays:

Juan Martin Del Potro, No. 8 Men’s Seed

We do not have a birth time for Del Potro, but he has some wonderful exact aspects in his natal chart,such as Mars exactly sextile Jupiter (boundless energy, and a recurring combination in the athletic world of tennis), Mercury sextile Saturn (realism) and Mercury sextile Uranus by 1 degree (mental acuity and the ability to link his left brain and right brain).   The transit I was worried would block him was Mars opposing his Saturn, which was graphically illustrated in the last match where he took a fall (Saturn) on his knee (Saturn) which was already injured (Mars).  This peaks in the next few days, so playing on it could be very injurious.  By the end of the tournament Mars opposes his Uranus, compounding the need for treatment.  It did not stop him from winning the last match, so there is a chance he can carry on, but even though there is a lot they can do with sports injuries, I don’t know if it would be wise.  He has the transitting North Node exactly trine his natal North Node today, so whatever is possible karmically will be so.

Del Potro and Djokovic would make good friends outside the court, according to their synastry (astrological compatibility).  Their Suns, for instance, are exactly trine with each other in Air.

Andy Murray, No. 2 Men’s Seed

I still feel there is little in it between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic, born a week apart, though I may be swayed, as much of the nation want him to win but hide behind a cushion when he is playing.

My recurring reverie:

The final has gone to 5 sets, they are 10 games all in the final set…

Then I can’t see what happens next, but I know that Djokovic has won.

My only consolation is that astrologically at this time Andy Murray has a slight edge with a Mars Return.

Andy plays Jerzy Janowicz today in the semi-finals:

Jerzy Janowicz, No 24 Men’s Seed

New star Janowicz has Mars sextile his natal Jupiter, like Del Potro. At the end of Wimbledon Uranus exactly squares his natal Neptune, which is challenging his ability to take in experiences. Uranus still trines his Jupiter which is a transit I think which supported his success in the tournament, but this aspect is on the wane.  Maybe he has done all he can for this tournament, but it is certain that he will be filling our screens again next year.  His synastry with Andy Murray shows an exact opposition between their Mercuries – so a good mental battle is on the cards.

Ladies Finals

Sabine Lisicki

Looking further into Lizicki’s chart I counted no less than 14 squares!  The aspect pattern is almost one of a triple T-square, a rarity.  She has not had an easy ride in life, and injured her ankle badly in 2010, could not walk on it for a long time, but has come back to enjoy Wimbledon as the commentators say with a perpetual smile on her face.  With the squares, it may be a smile burnished from adversity.

At this point in time Pluto is still on Lizicki’s Neptune, and Jupiter squares her Mars (which may galvanize her), but as we have seen she thrives on adversity, and may even beat the planets.  It is time for plumping, and I am going to plump for Sabine.  Her comeback from the match with Radwanska shows that she is currently in the flow of problem-solving.

She plays:

Marion Bartoli

Marion Bartoli, who won easily yesterday, has Mars exactly conjunct her Neptune, and combines her physicality and her spirituality well.   This exact conjunction is taken to another level by Jupiter close by.  Marion laughed as she explained in the after match interview that she had had a 20 minute naps literally just before the match, in order to renew herself.  With Sun exactly sextile Uranus and  conjunct Mercury she is intelligent, and rumoured to have an I.Q. of Mensa level.

Marion and Sabine could also be close off the court from their Synastry, with some personal connections.  Though they could confuse each other with a double whammy of their Neptunes exactly square the other’s Sun.

Well I may be back Wimbledon blogging next year, depending on the results of these efforts!