Saatchi vs Lawson

We were forced into the prurient act of seeing what seemed like a public near-strangling by Charles Saatchi, when pictures of Charles Saatchi at the throat of his wife Nigella Lawson outside a London restaurant  were displayed all over the media last month.  This morning it was announced that he is to divorce her, citing the damage to his reputation as one of the problems.  She has since been taken up, unwittingly and possibly reluctantly, as a poster girl for domestic violence.


Nigella was born into a political family: indeed her father Nigel Lawson is graphically portrayed in her chart as Sun in Capricorn (politician father) conjunct Saturn (accentuating the politics).  She did not have a good relationship with her mother, who did not treat her well.  She describes her as depressed, but as she is depicted in Nigella’s chart she comes over as fiery and volatile (Sun in Aries trine Mars and Jupiter).

She was first married to a high profile journalist John Diamond, who wrote about his experience of having cancer (he had a difficult close natal square between the Sun and Pluto), and died while their children were quite young.  His Pluto was conjunct her Uranus, and his Uranus was opposite her Sun, and they were separated by death.  She was praised at the time for her caring approach to her husband’s illness, and her steadfastness.

Though her father and husband were gifted, she forged a name for herself in a different field, as self-styled Domestic Goddess.  She has a highly entrepreneurial exact trine between Jupiter and Uranus.  I am not a fan of her quantities of sugar and butter (natal Venus square Pluto tendency to excess), which may be hypocritical as I have a sweet tooth, but I do like the girl, and she does have a popular following.

Quite apart from the central issue of possible violence (Saatchi asserts that it was playfulness) it will have been destructive to her desire to keep an image of domestic bliss through her TV chef career.  However, her popularity is such that I think she could successful rebrand herself without the marriage.

She and Charles Saatchi married in September 2003.

Charles Saatchi

Charles Saatchi first made his name as an advertising executive teamed up with his brother Maurice.   Theirs is a twinlike relationship, as they are both Geminis (the sign of advertising) and will have made natural business partners.

Charles and Nigella both have the Sun conjunct Saturn, which represents a desire to keep control of their image.  We do not have birth times for them, so cannot see in which astrological Houses these are played out.

Further along his career, Charles became a patron of the Arts, collecting modern and Brit Art and establishing a gallery.  Charles has Venus (Arts) in Leo conjunct Pluto and trine Mars.  He would be passionate and intense about Art and its promotion and display (Leo).  Mars trine Pluto can harbor violence, though more usually intense energy, and is not as violent as the square between these two planets.  Violence, presumably, is the inability to manage one’s energies and emotions so that they may become directed outwards, and we know that many women too are capable of domestic violence.

Pluto was opposing Saatchi’s Sun when he married Nigella, so there may have been known issues regarding the explosiveness of his feelings even at that time.

In early 2012 he published a book expounding a controversial philosophical outlook entitled “Be the Worst you can Be”.  In a statement he made today, he says the couple have been experiencing a deterioration in their relationship for about a year.  Could it be that her trust was eroded from that time?  Pluto was square to his Mars at the time, so his feelings may have been destructive then.

Synastry and Transits

They have some difficult interaspects (including his Mars square her Saturn, and his Uranus opposite her Venus) but also clearly have had a deep bond.  His Mercury is trine exactly her North Node, a karmic connection.  Another karmic connection is his Neptune conjunct exactly her North Node (confused karma).  His Pluto also trines her Venus, a deep love originally.  At the time of the public strangling Neptune was exactly squaring Nigella’s Venus, bringing confusion and illusion to her emotional life.  Saturn was exactly squaring Saatchi’s natal Pluto, divorcing him from his feelings to an extent.  She left the family home shortly afterwards.  Nigella continues to stay silent about the event, and currently Pluto is transitting her Saturn, not encouraging her to speak out on her suffering.

Past Lives

Most of us do not have famous past lives, and some of us have perhaps one famous past life in order to taste the experience or hone a talent to the hilt.  Some groups of souls who travel together over millennia do seek public office in order to achieve certain outcomes.  For instance, the Kennedy clan have been likened to the  Medicis.  I have sometimes wondered whether Nigella and Charles were bit players in a group who may have been the Medicis.  Nigella lived for some time in Florence, and named her daughter Cosima.  Saatchi has been a patron of the Arts.  Saatchi and Nigella may also have lived in ancient Mesopotamia, the site of the Saatchi brothers’ Iraqi origins, where Nigella may have been cooking up a storm in one of the latest clay pots!


Tomorrow Venus trines Uranus making it a good day to set up social meetings, which can be most helpful, convivial, constructive, visionary and exciting. If you don’t plan such a meeting, you could happen on one spontaneously, such as a chance encounter on a train, or even a brief encounter in a railway station…

On the same day, Saturn turns direct, and you might feel that you are not having to push uphill quite so much. Plans could right themselves after a period of stagnation.

Finally, the same day brings a New Moon at 16 degrees Cancer: a day for new beginnings and consolidation of home and family affairs. If you know where this House falls in your natal chart, you’ll know more precisely where in your life this may apply. For example, it falls in my 3rd house of blogging and trips within the British Isles, and I will be visiting my grandson, so could find myself writing about family.

It can be a day of progress, altogether.

On Tuesday (9th) the Sun conjuncts Mercury at 17 degrees Cancer, close to the point of the New Moon, so if that was significant for you, the focus may be carried on the mental plane i.e. you may follow through a line of thought you started the day before. Imaginative writing thrives under Sun conjunct Mercury in Cancer.

We are well into the Cancerian season this week, as on Saturday (13th) Mars enters Cancer and you’ll pursue the Cancerian themes of home and family more energetically, and feel protective of young ones.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – sparkling society, progress and new family initiatives
  • Tuesday – intense focus of the mind on emotional themes
  • Saturday – new energy injected into home and family