Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai was again in the news this week as it was her 16th birthday and a week which saw her address the U.N, and in which she received two awards: one for International Development for her work for female rights, and an Ethical award for campaigning.  She has been nominated for the Children’s Nobel Peace Prize.


Malala is a Cancerian, and though many Cancerians shun the limelight, others become ambassadors for women’s rights, deliberately or unwittingly.

She has the Part of Fortune in 3rd House of communication (a passion for Education), and wrote a blog for the BBC under a pseudonym, about female life under the Taliban with a focus on education for females (3rd House), from age 11.

We do not have a birth time, but it is likely that she has Moon conjunct Mars, warriorship for the female cause, in Libra the sign of Peace.  Mars also trines Uranus, showing immense bravery, in shocking circumstances.

The Sun sextiles the North Node in her chart, giving a karmic mission of the theme of Leadership.  Mercury trines Pluto, making her a deep thinker who looks the truth in the face. Mercury also opposes Uranus exactly, which is controversy in communication, not being afraid to tell the truth no matter what it costs.  With these two aspects to Mercury, she is very strong-minded indeed.  Pluto sextiles Uranus, giving a strong matrix for working in the world.  Jupiter also sextiles Saturn exactly – good balanced judgement: the combination of optimism and realism.

The Sun squares Saturn exactly – which can produce martyrs or victims for a cause.  But strength also comes through – the greater the obstacle, the greater the achievement with this aspect.  She has turned this square into its most positive manifestation.

The Moon sextiles Venus – underneath it all, a very loving and gentle person.  At heart, she is working for Peace.  She has been recognized within her own country as holder of the first Youth Peace Prize.  By the time of her attack, she already was a high profile activist for her cause.


On 9th October 2012 she was shot in head and neck by the Taliban, sustaining life-threatening injuries, and transported to hospital in Birmingham.  The North Node sextile her Neptune at the end of Capricorn at the time, highlighting the refined political idealism in her chart.

She holds a crucial role for the transformation of her native Pakistan.  Mars in the Pakistan chart squares her natal Moon (highlighting violence against women).  Pakistan’s Saturn conjuncts her Pluto, symbolizing the repression she has worked to reveal.  Pakistan’s Uranus opposes her Neptune, stimulating her spirituality through the necessity for change.  Its Neptune squares her Neptune, a condition of being spiritually uneasy within its society.  Her Pluto trines its Sun for its transformation.

Gordon Brown has been a special supporter, together with his wife Sarah (whose Venus sextiles Malala’s North Node).  This karmic connection and involvement is shown by the Synastry between Gordon Brown and Malala having a Nodal reversal, i.e. Her North Node is at his South Node and vice versa.  His Mars is also conjunct her South Node (past life warriors together).

She told the U.N. that the attack had only made her more resolute. “Strength, power and courage was born” she says of the attack by the Taliban.  Having come through such a trauma, the world will continue to be watching this remarkable young woman and her quest for justice (Mars, Moon and Chiron in Libra).


A week of trines – isn’t that what you dream of? Let’s see how that works out in reality…there are 5 trines in all and 2 changes of direction from planets associated with our mental functioning. Prepare early this week to ride the surf of this rare Grand Water Trine from mid-week.

On Wednesday (17th) in the afternoon you could be forgiven for wondering if in fact this is a week of trines. Uranus turns retrograde and everything may seem as though it has all gone tipsy turvy. You may experience dizziness in relation to a turnaround in your higher mental functioning. Or you may experience revisions in relation to earlier phases of mental functioning. The planet of the unexpected is particularly unpredictable now.

Once you have re-established your equilibrium, you are free to enjoy and bask in the unalloyed trines of the week or go surfing if that’s more your style. The first trine occurs only 11 minutes after Uranus’ revolution, at 17.31 hrs. If you are adept at Uranus revolutions you can take them both on at the same time. Otherwise meditate during those 11 minutes to steady yourself, then enjoy Jupiter trine Saturn, a major component of the grand trine, and an excellent aspect with which to begin the rebalancing or new order. Jupiter represents optimism, Saturn represents realism, Jupiter propels forward, while Saturn stands steadfast. You might at this time see clearly the relation between your movement and progress, blocks that have held you back, their timing, their dance and their purpose.

By the early hours of Thursday (18th) Jupiter trines Neptune (the second component of the grand trine) which is perfect for higher vision and dreams, so whether still awake at 00.41 a.m. Or dreaming, you’ll feel the richness, perfection and vision of this trine and its role in the complete Grand Trine/divine plan. Jupiter and Neptune are about inspiration and idealism. They make up the dream and enable living the dream. There’ll be a sense of euphoria, part of you feeling you’ve already achieved the dream on some level, but there is further work to do to fit the piece in the jigsaw.

This is Friday’s (19th) objective, with Saturn trine Neptune completing the triangle, balancing the material and the spiritual.

Further progress is made on Saturday (20th) with Mercury turning direct (party on). You might start to feel the words are coming out of your mouth in perfect sequence, your message getting across as intended.

As a final push in the new birth, on Saturday Mars makes a more minor grand trine with Saturn and Neptune. Early evening Mars trines Neptune (sensitive action can be performed) while mid evening mars trines Saturn (laying plans) making it swift and easy to implement new ideas, inspirations and plans.

Make use of these rare alignments, but if you feel life is too stressful at the moment to enjoy these astrological bounties, then try to find time for yourself to relax or meditate and connect in some way with this healing vibe.  I suspect I shall have at least one ding dong at the customer service desk pointing out that life is not all roses this rosiest of astrological times.

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – The element of the unexpected; revolution and rebalancing
  • Thursday – Religion and Spirituality harmonize
  • Friday – Practicality and Spirituality harmonize; communications unclog; Action and spirituality harmonize; Action and practicality harmonize