A boy, born 4.24 pm 22nd June 2013

The main three points on the new Royal baby’s charts are all cuspal: the Sun is at 29 degrees 59 minutes of Cancer (1 minute away from Leo), the Ascendant is at 27 minutes Scorpio (3 minutes away from Sagittarius) and the Moon is at 28 degrees Capricorn (2 minutes away from Aquarius) and all on the same side of the cusp.  This baby planned his birth chart with precision!  I remember thinking when Kate was forced to reveal her pregnancy early on that this baby might have a forceful nature.  Certainly it is an energetic chart, and has the fine Grand Water Trine which peaked last week.

I tried to make the Sun in Leo the regal sign, but it wouldn’t quite stretch.  Instead, the baby has his Sun right at the end of Cancer, a Sun Sign inherited from his father and his father’s mother, Lady Diana.   The sense of family, and a caring, sympathetic nature is therefore carried through.  The Cancerian qualities and the high emotion are emphasized with the birth occurring exactly at the Full Moon, which adds a sense of drama to the personality too. The Ascendant in Scorpio comes from the paternal side, with Prince Charles the grandfather having Sun in Scorpio.  This reinforces the emotional nature and the personal guardedness of in the character.  The Moon is in the sign of Capricorn, and as mother Kate Middleton has Sun in Capricorn that is very fitting, the Moon representing and symbolizing the mother in the chart.  His chart has 6 water planets (emotion) and 0 air signs (mental approach) so he will mainly sense his world and his life through instinct and emotion.

Mars is exactly  conjunct Jupiter, providing a fount of energy and enthusiasm.  This is linked in with the Grand Water Trine which is completed by Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.  There will be a certain thread of luck running through life, starting with that silver spoon.  This luck may be karmic, for there is also a Grand Trine between the North Node (karma), Chiron (the Inner Healer) and Mercury (communication and health), so there is a great deal of protection for this child.  He will be interested in health and healing (and probably Homeopathy, like his grandfather).  Karmically, his trine between the North Node and Mercury is exact, so his Soul lineage is as a teacher.  The trine between Mercury and Chiron is also exact, emphasizing the connection between teaching and healing.  Could he forgo the world of air combat of his father, uncle and great uncle before him for a more sensitive role (before becoming enmeshed in the possibility of succession)?  With Sun in Cancer and Midheaven in Virgo, he may not relish the idea of the  top job.

The family, heredity and synastry links are very interesting:

Kate Middleton

Kate’s Moon conjuncts the baby’s Mercury exactly, so she will have an instinct for what interests him and can help to nurture those pathways.  The baby’s Pluto squares her Mars, so she will feel acutely that she needs to protect him, and that her protection is also his protection.

Prince William

There are more exact links with Prince William’s chart, so there is a great deal of personal closeness shown for his relationship with his father.  The baby’s Venus sextiles exactly Prince William’s Sun (heartwarming love).  The baby’s Saturn and Neptune trine exactly Prince William’s Moon (loyalty, respect and sensitivity for William’s emotions and William’s maternal line).  Prince William’s Mercury is exactly opposite the baby’s Ascendant, so many a night he will cradle him with a monologue of his thoughts – communication is key in their relationship.  Prince William’s Mars is also squared by the baby’s Pluto, so he will also be a very protective parent and mindful of the times we are living in, the baby having been born in the second year of this chaotic Uranus-Pluto square.  Prince William’s Jupiter squares exactly the baby’s Sun, so he will be keen to share the joys and advantages of being royal with the baby, such as the silver spoon collection.  And last but not least, the baby’s Venus receives a beaming sextile from his father’s Jupiter.  This baby is received by his Cancerian father with great love, joy and pride.

Lady Diana

The baby’s Pluto opposes exactly Lady Diana’s Sun, a bittersweet reminder that her relationship with her grandson is across the veils.  However, he will have known her in the spirit world before he entered incarnation.  His Saturn conjuncts her Moon and squares her Jupiter, again making it difficult for him to know her on a practical basis.  His Mars/Jupiter sextiles her Pluto, so there is a deep emotional knowing, a current which locks into the more universal experience of the Grand Water Trine and knowing her through culture and history as well as personal ancestry.

Prince Charles

The baby has four exact aspects to Prince Charles’ Saturn, so fitting Prince Charles’ new role as Elder.  He will try to inculcate his firm views and tradition in his relationship with his new grandson.  There will be lively banter between them too, with the baby’s Mars exactly trine Prince Charles’ Mercury.

Carole Middleton

Carole will undoubtedly have an important role in bringing up the baby, but we do not have a birth date let alone time for her.  If one subsequently emerges, I will fill in the gap.

Queen Elizabeth

Great Granny is pleased that the baby has arrived in time, before her holiday in Balmoral.  There may be some clash of personality, with their Suns exactly in square to each other (the Queen having her Sun in early Taurus, and the baby having his Sun in late Cancer).  However the baby will also charm the socks off the lady, who seems to be thawing that icy reputation these days, as the baby’s Venus is exactly trine her Sun.  The baby’s Uranus also exactly trines her Moon, so he will be stretching her further into the modern world and stimulating her imagination.  His Mercury trines her Venus, which is very personally companionable. But her Pluto also conjuncts his Mercury, so her authority will be stamped on him – she may have the last word on certain features of his life.  This would be a role he willingly takes on (being under the royal thumb) for his North Node (karma) is exactly trine her Pluto.

Prince Philip

Last and intriguingly, the key to his relationship with Prince Philip is that their Mercuries are exactly conjunct (Mercury being Prince Philip’s ruling planet)!  Prince Phillip’s Mercury is his most prominent feature, the tongue that gets him into trouble, and he has handed it down directly.  Look out for the same wit (but hopefully not the blunders) in the great grandson.  Prince Phillip’s mental quirkiness comes from Mercury squaring Chiron in his chart, and his great grandson has Mercury square Uranus (controversial in speech).  Not only that but he has many close astrological links with the baby, including four warm and exact planetary links to his Venus.  He may not have many years to interact, but they know each other well as Souls and their relationship will continue telepathically afterwards.