Justin Welby

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby narrowly missed out on having his own blog when he was enthroned because new Pope Francis was being elected at the same time.

They are both controversial new brooms, and I think will team up well, being an expression of the Uranus in Aries revolutionary energy.


Justin Welby has a very strong and determined chart, with Sun in Capricorn and 8 out of his 10 planets in Fixed signs (very rare!).

Coming from a background working in oil, he has interesting aspects to his Neptune (oil).  His Neptune squares exactly his Mercury, his Uranus squares exactly his Neptune, but his Jupiter (expansion and luck) sextiles his Neptune exactly.

He has some quirky ways of thinking.  Firstly he has Mercury square the Moon, which is a conflict between the rational mind and the imagination.  Secondly he has Mercury conjunct Chiron, which can produce mental stress but if handled well can be good at problem-solving.

Jupiter squares Saturn in his chart which again is not easy, especially when coming to judgements or conclusions, he could be torn.  Though he does claim he learned to be decisive when working in the oil industry. With Jupiter conjunct Pluto, he likes power, especially of a religious nature.  He would probably feel he had a hotline to God.  Mercury opposes Uranus, controversy in speech.  He certainly has the Rebel Archetype.

Uranus closely trines Saturn his natal planet so he is able to temper his rebelliousness with caution and responsible conduct.  Uranus squares exactly Neptune, giving him a complex understanding of social problems.  Saturn squares Pluto, and he is able to confront difficult problems.

One of his best aspects is Jupiter (Religion) exactly sextile Neptune (Spirituality) – an aspect I would pick if I was choosing a chart for an Archbishop!  Harmony of understanding between the religious and spiritual parts of his psyche.  He has explored Benedictine spirituality.

He was selected as Archbishop on 9 November 2012, when Neptune was exactly trine his Neptune (a state of spiritual centredness and grace) but with Neptune opposing his Jupiter (spiritual testing of his religion).

Although we have no birth time, we also know that he has an exact sextile between his Venus and his North Node in Sagittarius and his Venus in Aquarius, signifying a karmic mission of a religious path allied with impersonal Love.

Andrew White was quoted in the Guardian as saying about Justin Welby: “Most people cannot make things happen, but Justin was someone who could bring about change” referring to an aspect of his life before becoming Archbishop.

Rebel with a Cause

Of course this rebel isn’t without a cause, and he hasn’t wasted much time before trying a solution to the misery caused by pay day loans.  With a financial background and banking experience, he is confident in this arena.  He proposes to go into competition with the Wonga company, a major culprit in this field, and set up credit unions in the church.  His initiatives have been well received by some politicians and journalists.

It is a radical move and perhaps a bolder approach than previous Archbishops would have taken, but very consistent with his chart.  He made the announcement on Thursday, and by Friday was having to answer embarrassing questions regarding past investments in Wonga by the Church.

In interview he answered with fairness and without defensiveness.  I like his style, and believe that he and Pope Francis will get some changes on the way.  I see his current challenge as part of the approach of a square from Uranus to his natal Sun, which peaks in May next year, the honing of his “Inner Rebel”.


Sunday morning starts with Sun square Saturn in the early hours.  It is the morning after syndrome, picking up the pieces from last night’s revelries or dramas.  Perhaps the demo you were on was the wrong one (should have gone to Specsavers…) or you saw too much action.  There is a great deal to think about and digest.  Provided your hangover only lasts until lunchtime, you can look forward to a lovely convivial Sunday lunch hour in the company of a sextile between Venus and Jupiter.  It’s a welcome balm after recent stress.  It’s also good for socializing, catching up with a dear friend, or even taking in a celebration.

There is news of a Grand Sextile on the internet for Monday, formed with a Black Lilith Moon and Pallas Athene (an asteroid).  I was asked about this on Facebook, and this was my reply after much deliberation:

“If you work with Black Moon Lilith and Pallas Athena you will probably have more of a handle on this construct and feel it energetically.

Without this experience, the energies may be hard to manage, including as they do Mars opposite Pluto, Moon opposite Saturn and Venus opposite Neptune.

The Grand Trine is not exact, and we are at that time in the middle of at least one T-square.  The Grand sextile is not exact either, except for the moment that the Moon triggers it by opposing Saturn, I believe.

Jupiter also opposes Pluto which is power-mongering.  The impression I get is that power could fall into the wrong hands.

In summary I would say those who seek power should be aware of their motives.

I like sextiles and a Grand Sextile looks beautiful, but there may be trouble ahead…you can face the music and dance, or keep a low profile.  It depends how much you choose to take on”.

I would add that there is no other exact aspect on Monday apart from the Moon opposite Saturn and the Grand Sextile configuration, so you may be able to evaluate it clearly.

On Tuesday (30th) the valuable social or financial progress continues the work of Sunday’s sextile between Venus and Jupiter, expressing the principles at a deeper level in a trine between Venus and Pluto..  For example, you may recognize a good social connection on Sunday, but on Tuesday you may understand why it’s a good connection on Sunday (perhaps a past-life flashback or insight).  By Tuesday you may understand more about why it’s a good connection and can explore the experience.  The positive Venus aspects may give the Grand Sextile a safe passage.

Thursday (1st August) brings back the shock factors: Mars has moved on from its opposition to Pluto to complete the T-square with Uranus.  This component is not quite as harsh as the Mars opposite Pluto of Saturday evening, but can set you on the back foot.  Check electrical wiring and appliances for instance.  It could be an incident-packed day, or certainly morning.

Later in the day Mars trines Chiron and energies begin to smooth out again, e.g. cars have been serviced and are more reliable.

Friday (2nd) unsettles feelings which may have been stable earlier in the week, with Venus opposing Chiron. Healing may be required, especially around the neck area.  Beware if you are sitting outside a restaurant with a trusted long-term partner who may be interested in massaging your neck.  Not making light of Nigella’s experience, but maybe it is the trauma of something which happened a while back that needs to be released.

Luckily things may turn out well relationship-wise for in the evening Mars sextiles Venus, which is harmonious for male and female interaction, romance (or bromance), neck massages and cars. It could be an evening of rebalancing.

The week in bullet points:

  • Sunday – Sadness, then an opportunity for cheer
  • Monday – Look out for complex interactions
  • Tuesday – Money and relationships can prosper
  • Thursday – incident-prone, then ironing out the wrinkles
  • Friday – unsettled feelings, then personal warmth