Fixed Stars of the Week

The ancient interpretations of the Fixed Stars are mostly negative, based on fear and superstition (admittedly built up from observations of the timings of earthquakes and other disasters).  The stars deserve a certain respect and awe, but there is enough negativity in astrological interpretation (my own included) without adding to it from ancient sources of angst.  So I choose to work with the “Starlight Elixirs” book by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld, seeing that body of interpretations as a refreshing and uplifting source of inspiration. I feel that their work takes the contribution of the Fixed Stars to the next level, and they catalogue many more stars (and indeed deep space objects) than the traditional sources.  Bernadette Brady’s “Book of Fixed Stars” is very comprehensive and scholarly, but does not contain any detail about the two stars of this week, so I cannot cross reference her work on this occasion.

This week our Sun is aligned with the following Fixed Stars:

Today – Mirak, or Merak from Ursa Major

Tomorrow – Algenubi or Epsilon Leonis from Leo

I will weave their themes into this week’s portrayal of the aspects in order to provide a vision of the backdrop that the Fixed Stars provide in our lives.  Try working with this extra dimension, and see if it enhances your experience.  Quotations are from “Starlight Elixirs”.

Mirak picks up the theme of last week (Power) and focuses on its transformation into social and personally useful forms:

“…You have a society where there must be domination in order for there to be forward progress.  This has been accepted as a natural tenet in your civilization for many thousands of years, and yet it is completely unimportant in the grander scheme of things.  Motivation from fear is not the only way to create the energy to get things done in the world.  Where there is an awareness of the necessity for shared awakening, this can actually be a more powerful motivator for forward progress.”

Algenubi also picks up themes of empowerment and leadership, so these two stars assist the contemplation of some of the lessons which may have provoked thought last week on the nature of these themes and how they are played out in the world.

“At a higher spiritual level, this star can attune individuals to a sense of empowerment that can be shared amongst all people using the energy of the heart.  This is not so much an energy of unconditional love as it is an energy of communication that recognizes the common bond that all people share.  This bond is an energy of contact, telepathic communication, and emotional awareness which can allow individuals to lead others in effortless ways, do this in a way in which such leadership is easily accepted, and in which other people are empowered by the work itself.  This star is therefore recommended for individuals who seek such higher capacity in leadership and assisting others.”


Geminis and Virgos be aware, it’s all about you this week! Your ruling planet Mercury makes three aspects this week, starting at tea time this evening ( U.K. time) with a square to Saturn. We may feel blocked in our communications and may need to convey something of a difficult nature in conversation. You may need to prepare well and make notes and bullet points to make your case.  Geminis and Virgos may find they don’t have their usual flow or stream of consciousness and may get caught up on a detail.

Today’s Fixed Star Mirak holds the possibility of transforming power:

“This star can encourage the transformation of the context of power within an individual.  If the context is shifted from one of power to dominate into power to create, power to invite, and power to free, then this deeper awareness in a person of who they are and their connection to God and other people is enhanced.  Such contextual shifts can be very powerful and can shift tremendous things within a person and liberate all kinds of energies.”

It is a day to communicate your truth, though you may be unwilling or feel unable to do so.  You need to come from a deeper place in you, which recognizes that you have every right to do this.

Tomorrow’s Fixed Star Algenubi is about leadership.  There are also themes of how we connect with others, but also non-attachment:

“…This business of non-attachment can be enhanced somewhat by the use of this star.  Non-attachment is an interesting term, it belies what is really going on, which is the empowerment of processes within the physical being that go far beyond that individual’s usual capacities.  This star will enhance the sense of such empowerment, deeper communication with higher self energies, the awareness of the true self, and the interaction with others, all of which are usually required for the development of true non-attachment.”

In perhaps having communicated your truth on Sunday, you may find a new part of yourself comes to life, where the Inner Tyrant no longer rules.  The Inner Tyrant may have been a figment of your imagination or a temporary construct to enable you to stand free psychologically.  Allow this healing to emerge tomorrow.

On Wednesday (14th) Mercury runs into more challenges (don’t worry, it does get better!) with a square to the Nodal Axis. Both Saturn and the Nodes represent aspects of karma and this period may find you thoughtful about your blocks and their origins, whether lack of self confidence in this life, or group interactions from past lives.  More reclaiming of parts of yourself needed today, therefore.  Education and teaching roles may be strong themes today.

The breakthrough comes on Thursday (15th) with Mercury trine Uranus in the early hours of the morning. Perhaps a vivid and numinous dream wakes you with its import. Your mind may be alive with insights, thoughts from outside the box and future possibilities. If you are of a scientific bent, then there may be new discoveries along those lines. What sort of life would you like to be living in the future?  Perhaps the Now seems more appealing than any of the conjectures, but if so it is a Now pregnant with possibilities and the empowerment of choice.

On Friday (16th) Venus enters Libra and art, beauty and grace return to your life, if they ever left. You may tempoarily leave behind  a prosaic world of work and worry for a cultural holiday  break. Librans and Taureans will be able to charm the birds from the trees.  The star Mirak, whose energy is still available to you, can assist working in the artistic endeavour:

“…Expressing tendencies from music, art, writing, or awareness of movement, or even through scientific breakthroughs and discoveries, touch deep places within yourself.  These are connected to the collective unconscious, to your reason for being here in the first place, to your awareness of God, and many other innately human capacities.  Merak can encourage this potential to motivate society based on spiritual unfoldment, deeper communion, the awareness of God as a rallying force, and the willingness of people to make love an important part of their lives and of their Earth.”

The closing stages of the week offer the opportunity to get in touch with both sides of the brain, the scientific rational left brain, and the artistic imaginative right brain.  If you can do both and then connect them, you will be living holographically.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – careful steps in communication; lessons in power
  • Tomorrow – connectivity and non-attachment
  • Wednesday – balancing mental karma
  • Thursday – breakthrough and science
  • Friday – rediscovering your artistic vein