Egypt natal chart

I have to use the traditional chart which dates from 1953, because the new regime was not established.  Idealistic and unworldly Pisces on the Ascendant opposed by Moon in Virgo (the possibility of civil war perhaps) and Sun conjunct Mars in 4th House (local unrest), though under dictatorships for most of these years some of these traits were underground and have only surfaced since the 2011 uprising.  Saturn conjuncts Neptune in 8th House, giving a mixture of the spiritual and practical, ancient and modern ideas sitting awkwardly.  With Chiron and the North Node in the 11th House, its strength is in its band of brothers, i.e. the Arab League.  There’s also an innate joyful/exuberant note in the national character with Jupiter exactly conjunct the Part of Fortune in Gemini in the 3rd House, which may display itself in cultural expression.

Astrologer Marjorie Orr uses a 1922 chart which she said revealed a while ago: “the explosive and insecure Solar Arc Mars conjunct Uranus in effect now clearly and coming to exact in a few weeks time and hanging around for another few months”

Egypt Uprising Chart

Egypt followed Tunisia into the new wave of the Arab Spring in 2011.  At that time, Uranus in Aries (Revolution and the overthrow of tyranny) exactly squared Egypt’s Sun, the stirrings of its Soul .  At the same time Saturn squared its Uranus, showing the counter resistance put up at the time by Mubarak, the reigning dictator.  Events were held together by a spiritual exact trine from Neptune to the nation’s Sun.

Morsi Chart

Mohammed Morsi came to the fore during that maelstrom, and led the country for a year.   He has Sun, Pluto  and Mars  in Leo and Moon in Aries, so keen to take on power and leadership. His link with the Egypt chart had warm support of its cause of revolution (his Venus sextile exactly Egypt’s Uranus) and the capacity to effect deep change (his Pluto exactly trine the Egypt Saturn) but his Neptune squared the Egypt Uranus, so some misunderstanding of what was truly required.  When Morsi was desposed on 3 July 2013, transiting Uranus was squaring his natal Uranus, constituting a kind of counter coup, which would have been a shock to him.

Egypt Head of Army

General Abdel Al-Sisi head of the Egyptian army has strong personal links with the Egypt chart, Moon conjunct its Moon, Neptune exactly trine its Sun, Pluto exactly sextile its Sun – he knows the country intimately, he knows the territory.  He is very strong minded (4 planets in Scorpio) and emotional (Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Cancer), with a fortunate (for him) sense of enterprise (Jupiter/Uranus trine Sun in Scorpio.  Plus he has Mars in Aquarius (good for mobilizing the troops!). It is easy to see the challenges between him and Morsi, with their Suns exactly square, Al-Sisi’s Pluto exactly conjunct Morsi’s Sun, and Al-Sisi’s Mars and Venus adversely aspected by Morsi’s Pluto.  At the time of the original uprising Al-Sisi had Uranus exactly trine his Uranus, Jupiter exactly trine his Jupiter, and Neptune trine his Neptune, so would have felt in charge to a great extent.  In his mind, he may have been biding his time, because when Morsi was deposed the North Node (karma) was exactly transiting his Saturn, and he was able to take a calculated step towards power.

Egypt’s  worst violence on Wednesday

Nancy Sommers of Nancy’s Blog predicted in early July that “In addition, transiting Mars will cross the interim government’s Sun/Uranus square on August 12 to August 13.”

On Wednesday the worst violence was seen in Cairo, with over 500 people killed by the armed forces, and a state of emergency declared.  The country seemed to be tearing itself apart in a civil war, composed of anti-Morsi  and pro-Morsi factions.  Mars (inflammation) was exactly transiting the Egyptian Mercury and squaring its Neptune.  The timing of the violence may be directly related to Al-Sisi’s own personal triggering, with Mars (aggression) sextile his Moon (emotion).

This is the story so far, although I am going to wordpress two days early this week, and by Sunday there may have been further developments, so I may include an update next week.


We’re working our way up to a Full Moon in the early hours of Wednesday (21st). This Full Moon is in Aquarius which is a group energy, and may challenge the expression of your individuality. Make an effort to encompass both ends of the spectrum. It would be good to master that before you wake (U.K. time) perhaps asking for a clarifying dream. The waking hour is dominated by a forceful square between Jupiter and Uranus –  a major aspect and one which might be out of control for some, yet dynamic for others: it’s rebellious, exuberant, forward thinking, adventurous and above all enthusiastic.  It does not work well where a situation is already chaotic however, such as in the context of the political situation in Egypt, which could worsen at that time.

Jupiter also trines Chiron so healing ventures could receive a boost. It would be a good aspect under which to have a spontaneous mind-body-spirit exhibition; gather, gather.

Thursday (22nd) sees the Sun enter Virgo. That’s it, folks! Gone are the hedonistic days of summer, if you remembered to grab them. It’s knuckle-down time. Serious planning for Autumn schedules, such as investigation of health and safety matters. Advance filing, as opposed to ad hoc or panic filing.

Mercury enters Virgo on Friday (23rd), continues to emphasize work mode, and adds concentration to the task. Plans are inspected at the level of the minutiae.

You really need to do the math, for different challenges beckon on Saturday (24th) with Venus square Pluto (emotional depth level challenges). What can you tolerate in a close relationship and where must you set your boundaries?

At the same time, you still have all that serious mental work to deliver, with Sun conjunct Mercury (0 degrees) in Virgo, so you may feel split between the emotional demands of the heart and the excitement of mental achievement.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday –bringing emotions to consciousness
  • Wednesday – group challenges; exuberance; flamboyant healing
  • Thursday – knuckle down
  • Friday – continued work mode
  • Saturday – emotional challenges; intense mental focus