You may be itching to get on with this week, but the first astrological event does not take place until Wednesday, and besides with Mercury retrograde and about to return to Taurus you need to get clear on last week before you can proceed.  I know this because I had an unprecedented turn-out at my Customer Service Desk last week, all asking the same questions, and in fact am ordering new carpet set to arrive within the next month.  FAQs:  Why has this been such a tough week? Is it the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction?  (Answer no) Is it the Mercury retrograde?  Is it the Full Moon?  There was a lot of confusion around.  It is true that the Mercury Retrograde event seemed to merge with the tension of the upcoming Full Moon.  But one of my regulars has asked me to reiterate that the larger formation of aspects going on is having a huge effect, so at the risk of boring you…and in the interests of clarity (what effects are derived from what), here is a guide for the overwhelmed:  The Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction is where you are building joyful constructs in your life.  Keep that pure.  The Uranus-Saturn opposition across two areas of your chart is where you are pulled by opposing forces, and where there is dismantling going on of lifestyle structures.  Keep your balance.  Pluto in Capricorn is where you feel most challenged psychologically at this time.  Try to understand the greater purpose for this.  In muddying up the waters, people may fail to act on the good that is coming into their lives, and you need to focus the light and wisdom of the triple conjunction now to see you through less inspiring times.  So don’t allow weeds of negativity and fear to encroach on those parts of your garden which are now coming into flower.  The first peak of the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction is on 23rd May, which is less than a fortnight away, and for weekly bloggers like me just about one blog away!  Back to the week in hand, Mercury returns to Taurus on Wednesday (13th).  You may need to pick up on an old unfinished project from a couple of weeks ago.  By this time you may be feeling “I can’t do everything” but you may clearly see which project is your priority now.  Everything has its time.  There are three days to make headway, before the next set of aspects, which occur right at the end of the week on Saturday (16th).  The first is the Sun squaring Jupiter, but take note that it will in turn be squaring the other two planets of the triple conjunction (Neptune and Chiron) within a few days.  So if you are feeling a sense of excitement and anticipation – and rightly so – just be aware of the point where you might be going over the top.  This is getting some of the negativity out of the way prior to the actual extravaganza on 23rd.  The wild expectations and hype need constant and careful examination, and some last minute pruning.  But hold fast to the general wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’ and plannin’ and dreamin’ for soon after shall come a sign: the Sun sextile Uranus will show up an unexpected rainbow.  Follow the rainbow…but be sure to read next Sunday’s blog for the yellow brick road (preview: stationary Saturn).