I envision a world of peace and plenty.  I feel harmony and unity between nations, and ccontribute to that harmony.”

Louise L. Hay “Affirmations”


The chart for Syria’s inception in 1944 has two exact conjunctions which make for difficulties: Mars exactly conjunct Uranus in Gemini, which can promote violence (in this case inflicted from within), and Pluto exactly conjunct the North Node in Leo (a leadership which has a negative view of fate).

We are currently in the middle of a crucial process in relation to Syria!  Until Thursday night, it all seemed like History repeating itself, U.S. and U.K. preparing to interviene, UN Inspectors looking for weapons of mass destruction… Then the U.K. Parliament refused to endorse Prime Minister Cameron’s plans.

It is true that the use of chemical weapons in Syria is utterly sickening on the scale of man’s inhumanity to man.  But the long term massacre of its citizens by its own rulership has been unacceptable and sickening from the beginning, and progressively more so.

To find a clean and effective way of intervening is everyone’s prayer, but a short sharp strike would not achieve anything, just more loss of life.  Would Al-Assad be cowed by such an act of aggressive force?  It is not likely.  There has to be another way, even if you are not a pacifist.  We need the psycho-spiritual key to his heart.

We do not know what the possible strike in the mind of President Obama would entail.  Would he be attempting to strike at Assad himself, as was the mission in the Iraq war (in relation to Saddam Hussain).  If successful that would remove the source of the conflict, but is even that morally acceptable?  And Syria itself and its people are in such a mess now, that it would take decades of peace, stabliity and wise rulership to heal the country.  It is 10 years since the Iraq war, and bombing is still frequent there.  They have taken a few steps towards stability, but still have far to go.

The story so far:

Syrian Spring

The Syrian Spring began with the entry of Uranus into Aries, a symbol of the Inner Rebel made manifest.  The Syrian Spring itself, which  occurred after the Tunisian, Egyptian and Libyan dramas had been well under way, occurred with Uranus at 0 degrees Aries.  This degree of 0 Aries was such a crucial one for the Arab Spring in general (in the inception of the Egyptian Spring Jupiter was at 0 degrees Aries, and hope sprung eternal).  The chart of the Syrian Spring would also be the chart of the Syrian Rebels or Opposition.

Chemical Attack

On Wednesday 21st a chemical attack in Ghouta, close to Damascus, crossed the red line of unacceptability which had been laid down by President Obama.  There was a major aspect that week, that very day: Jupiter exactly square Uranus, which can make a chaotic situation shockingly worse.  But chemicals are ruled by Neptune, so what was Neptune doing that day?  It was conjunct the Moon in its own sign of Pisces, so chemicals were accentuated in the chart of that day.

This was not good news for anyone: not the Syrian people (Pluto was on the Syrian Sun), it didn’t help Assad’s cause (Neptune was opposite his Mercury and it is most likely that the attack originated in his mind), not for the rebels (with Mars on their natal Moon, a red line had been crossed, but is there any truth in the rumours that they were the perpetrators?), not for Obama (for whom with Neptune squaring his Moon it is a moral headache) and not for the world watching horrified (I don’t have the chart for the world – Alice Bailey alludes to it in her work, but doesn’t explain how to get to it).

Raymond Merriman, the astrological financial guru, makes a great point in his blog this week about Neptune, which rules oil, as well as chemicals:

Once again, everyone knows that the real reason for becoming involved in Syria is the same real reason for involvement in Iraq 10 years ago, oil.  Why else is Russia there?  Why else is the USA there? Yes, human rights, of course.  It is the two sides of Neptune in Pisces.  Pisces and Neptune both rule crude oil, as well as compassion for those who suffer.  However, as Mundane Astrologers clearly understand, it is furthermore the battle of the world powers for control of natural resources, which is symbolized by Uranus in Aries, square Pluto in Capricorn.”

David Cameron

David Cameron suffered a major defeat on Thursday night (Saturn squaring his Moon) in Parliament over trying to obtain permission to go to war (Mars was transiting his Jupiter signifying overzealousness in a warlike context).

Ed Milliband had his moment, in challenging this action, but Mars was squaring his Jupiter so he was probably in some inner conflict himself, other than making the point that we should not go to war without finding out the results of the weapons inspections first, but fate handed him a little lifeline with the North Node trine his Moon.  It is a minor triumph at the moment, as he is struggling with Pluto squaring his Uranus, not really knowing where to turn with his leadership of the Opposition (I think he should just go back to plain Old Labour).

Special Relationship

On 18th March 2012, I wrote about the special relationship between the U.K. and the U.S:

Is there a Special Relationship between the U.S. and the U.K.?  The historical link is undeniably unique, and the Astrological link between their charts is quite compellingly in favour of its existence.  The U.S. Uranus is exactly conjunct the U.K. Ascendant, which is symbolic of the breakaway nature of their original relationship history, as is the exact square between their Uranuses.  There are a couple of good sextiles in their synastry (astrological comparison), plus the U.K. Mars is conjunct exactly the U.S. Moon, so there is an emotional connection.”

I think it is to the credit of both Cameron and Obama that they decided to go to Parliament/Congress for their view, after the mistakes of the 2003 fiasco in Iraq.

Current Dilemma

The Observer leader comments today:

Practically, then, the continuing debate lacks reality, and therefore substance.  It won’t stop the killing.  It is gesture politics.”

It is understandable that we want to do something, but the right thing to do would have to be right, certain of success, and above all humane.


The Sun trines Pluto today, and it’s a good day to acknowledge and exercise your power and creativity, and combine them in harmony. With Sun in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn the natural arenas for this co-operation would be work and career , but other areas may be highlighted in your personal birthchart.

On Tuesday (3rd) the Sun opposes Chiron and the creativity may be subject to a healing crisis, or generally there may be a crisis of identity/identities, particularly for Leos (such as Barack Obama) and Virgos (such as Assad). Capricorns and Scorpios may be pushing your (or their) buttons.  It may be a critical day in the search to find right action.

Wednesday to Friday you can process this dilemma or look forward to Saturday’s uplifting aspect of Sun sextile Jupiter, in which some may strike it lucky. Last weekend’s Mercury sextile Jupiter brought a pause to war.  At the very least at the coming weekend, there will be a lot more flow in your affairs. You might perceive a bright new order emerging, even if your life is still fraught with complexity.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – weighty issues, sensibly approached
  • Tuesday – crisis exposed, solutions may be found
  • Saturday – uplift