Future Lives

It is nearly two years since I wrote my introduction to this subject, “Future Lives – A Literary Trail” (link below).  Time now to update my journey, in which I share a few personal stories and look at some of life’s themes, which I hope you will find thought-provoking, may resonate with some, and realize may be commonplace for others.  I have been a Future Life Therapist for two years, and the work has been a true joy.  On one occasion, the future life energy was the most positive space I have ever experienced, and I sat and basked and marvelled at its vibration as long as I could allow myself to linger!

Future Vision

 I am not a clairvoyant, and my dominant senses are clairaudience and clairsentience.  In my astrological work, I deduce from the astrological facts allied with intuition.  Although I have had many past life flashbacks over the years, originating tentatively from the early 1980s, in 2010 I did begin to receive some much clearer visual messages (astrological note: coinciding with my progressed Sun being trine my natal Moon).

The Stresses of Life

One of the top 10 or at least 20 stressful life events (depending on what lists you read) is pregnancy, bringing as it does anxieties about the health and safety of the mother, and the prospect of childbirth, and the concern over the  well being of the baby. It is one of those rites of passage, which especially the first time round, seem laced with uncertainty.

Visions related to Pregnancy

One of my daughters went through a stressful pregnancy in 2010, and after ascertaining that she was carrying a boy, I began to receive a series of visions.  These would come at the end  of a meditation, or sometimes on waking in the morning.  They carried on until my grandson was born, and in his early months.  When my daughter was undergoing a crisis during the  pregnancy therefore, I was able to make reassuring noises.

One particular vision stands out: I saw him at 6 months sitting on the floor playing with a chemical model.  I had never seen such a toy, and  as some of the visions were symbolic, I assumed that either my  Chemist husband had given him an actual chemical model in the future, or it meant he was scientifically inclined (which he most certainly is).

When he was a few months old, a family member actually sent him a toy resembling a chemical model.  So when he was 6 months old I was able to take a snapshot of the vision, while he was sitting on the floor playing.

I have no idea where these visions came from: whether from my guides, or from the incoming Soul who was to be my grandson, or from the Akashic Records (it is possible to receive information from the future through that source). I knew  Light beings from the future have been known to send messages, as evinced by the books of Bruce Goldberg.  John Lilly, the pioneer of work with dolphins was guided by light beings from far into his future.  I do know that the visions were sent for my reassurance and information.  And when he was born, his personality and features and energy were exactly as they appeared in the visions.  Over the years I had heard stories of an incoming soul making contact with parents or grandparents, but I had not experienced it before.

Future Life Progression

At the end of May 2011 I went to a workshop led by Anne Jirsch at the Festival of Mind-Body-Spirit in London.  I have long been interested in the subject of Future Life Progression (having  years before attended workshops of Chet Snow), and was not disappointed.  Anne took us through a series of journeys to the future, including 1000 years hence

Vision of a House

One of our journeys took us 5 years hence (to 2016) and I saw myself standing in a house in Leicester.  The daughter I mentioned earlier lived in Leicester, and my husband and I journeyed there frequently.  I would look for this house when we drove through – but it was not to be located on our regular route.

Future Life Progression Training

So impressed was I by Anne’s workshop, that I wanted to sign up there and then for the Practitioner Training.  But the training was scheduled for my mother’s birthday, and at that time there were no more planned.  So I wrote and asked to be informed should there be another workshop, and in October 2011 Anne did hold another one, and I went to Maidenhead Kent for a weekend of training.  One of the early exercises was again the look at 5 years ahead.  Again I saw myself in this house, and subsequently continued to look out for the house on our travels.

The Practitioner Training was excellent, and enabled me to add this work in my practice.  As I said at the time, I felt my life had been divided up into 20-year segments: Astrology had been given to me at 20, Past-life Regression at 40, and now Future Life Progression at 60.  Anne is one of the most positive people I have ever met, and I felt strongly at the time that she has been given the gift of this work to present to the world, and further it, because she is so positive.  She is also an extremely generous teacher, in the way that she shares her work.

Fast Forward Two Years

Earlier this year, my (aforementioned) daughter decided to put her house up for sale.  House moving is also on the top 20 list of most stressful life events, often fraught with uncertainty and twists and turns.  Early on, she sent me a list of properties she was viewing and I immediately recognized the house.  “That one!” I pointed out excitedly.  When she hit the first problem with the purchase, and was despairing, I decided to tell her I had seen the house in a future vision.  “What, that house?”  she replied (she is a sceptic).  “The very one” I replied, with almost 100% certainty. “That’s the one we are most interested in” she commented. The house sale  and purchase was not a completely straightforward process and again, the Universe was helping me to be a reassuring mother.

Houses are often easy to work with intuitively.  I remember first hearing of someone having a vision of a future home in the early 1970s from a workmate.  And Anne Jirsch reports that buying property does lend itself successfully to future life work.

So this story has been simmering, but yesterday I was standing in the front room of the house in my future life progression.  The karmic grace of this vision had helped me negotiate the uncertainly of this rite of passage.  The grandson was a little disorientated, but hopefully he will get used to it!

Mothering and Grandmothering

As a mother and a grandmother, therefore, you can be helped by future reassurances.  Mothers are often prone to worry, that is what they tend to do.   I asked a friend who has 5 grandchildren who she worries about most, the grandchildren or her children.  She replied: “My children.  If the children are all right, I don’t need to worry about the grandchildren.

Felicity Cook and her daughter Kimberley Shaver

Felicity, or Flick, is well known to this blog, as a commenter and supporter.  She also has a huge following on Facebook, which as an Aquarian is a medium that comes easily to her.  Though we tend to worry about offspring, we are not all in Felicity’s position in having a daughter across the pond, in the U.S.   Mothering is hard to do across the pond, and now her daughter is facing brain surgery because of a condition called “Arnold Chiari Malformation”, which requires urgent surgery.  Chronic Illness is another condition in the top 20 Stresses.  Well this is truly stress overload, as in addition Flick’s daughter has two very young children.  This has to be one of the most stressful situations anyone can face.  Medicine is advancing all the time, and you can look at possible indications and try to address the issues that come up through Future Life Progression, but  in the face of non-surgical options running out Flick’s mother love has led her to set up a fund for the family in crisis. Please read her story via this link, and help if you feel you can:


Fear, Worry and Superstition.

I am as much a prey to fear as the next person, and haven’t yet found a cure for worry!  But I believe that when you decide to undertake Future Life Progression, you suspend fear and  take the signpost to hope.  One of the session types is three possible future lifetimes (a good book about this is “Same Soul, Many Bodies” by Brian Weiss.)  In the first lifetime, you carry on as you are and see what the likely outcome would be.  In the second path, you make a few tweaks which can be suggested by your Future Life Self, and see an enhanced lifetime.  The third possible lifetime is your optimal lifetime based on the best choices.

Thus it is that you can co-create your future life.  It is a more malleable process than past life work, which is still a valuable resource.  Where there is an intractable problem, or where you really would not welcome the outcome, Anne Jirsch urges you to go to optimal lifetime possibilities until you are happy with the outcome.  As we work with the future, we help to evolve it.  Thus if you have had Future Life Progression, and it was a while ago, I would say have another session now to see how it has evolved.  Apparently working with the future brings it closer, as the process accelerates and also helps you evolve.  Certainly I stepped into the house of my vision three years before the due date, though  I may still have a “moment” in three years time, of feeling more exactly aligned with it.

Going back to fear, I feel I should mention that in this lifetime I have made major strides in clearing one area: Superstition.  I have always tried to challenge superstitions.  When I studied History at University, I realized that many fears and blocks resided in ancient and even more so Medieval  times, or from the Dark Ages.  I am not a great risk taker, neither do I believe in tempting fate, but I have cleared superstitions largely from my psychological baggage, which is very freeing.

In conclusion, why not explore the benefits of Future Life Therapy. There is nothing like trying something for yourself.

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Past Lives

I was asked last week if I had written any books on Past Lives.  I replied that the reason I had not was because I never wanted to break client confidentiality.  It then occurred to me that a few people might actually want their stories to be told.  Therefore if you have had regression with me over the last 23 years, and you feel you don’t mind sharing your stories, either in your own name or under an assumed name, or even would positively like to do so, please email me from my Contact page.  You have to agree, it is a positive turn-around in my thinking!


You could start the week with a fresh mental outlook tomorrow, with the entry of Mercury into Libra.  While Mercury was in Virgo you may have established your Autumn work routines – now you can relax a little more, make quality time with your nearest and dearest, and begin mental projects which focus around art or music, e.g. composition and design.  Begin first thing tomorrow, when you spring out of bed full of  the joys of the week ahead.  For later in the morning Mars squares Saturn and you may hit a block, or something needs urgent attention which disrupts that lovely flow, or early qijong session.

More urgent attention is called for on Tuesday (10th) when Mars squares the Nodal Axis.  This may centre around warriorship, groups, and tribalism or rivalry, related to ancestry or past lives.  Maybe you are rehearsing an amateur dramatic production of West Side Story or Romeo and Juliet, or a stage version of Band of Brothers.

On Wednesday (11th) Venus enters Scorpio, so there is another change of focus.  A harmonious thread which has been developed recently weaves into a deeper sense of connection and intimacy.  Transiting Venus represents the prevailing feeling tone, or if you like the background ring tone.  The tune might change from “All you need is Love” to “How deep is your Love?”.

Three aspects come up on Saturday (14th) lending the day some import.  The first is a trine between Venus and Neptune  Artistic, musical and relationship projects, especially if begun earlier in the week, will benefit from new inspiration.  This may occur mystically during a meditative state, or in the act of painting or making music.  This aspect takes place early in the day, so seize the day.  In a lively evening two more aspects arrive, the next being Mercury square Pluto.  Don’t party too hard, it could be stressful, and keep an eye out for Health and Safety issues, such as the timetable for the exact time of the last train home.

Shortly afterwards, at 20.57 Hrs Mars trine Uranus, which is testosterone or adrenaline-fuelled.  It’s good for the Band of  Brothers and their interests, but not so good for Juliet, or allowing in feminine energies which might find it hard to get a look in.  It favours deals made at the Rugby or Golf Club, concerning business interests.  Girls, you might need to bring out your inner Deborah Meaden!

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – fresh mental outlook, then interruption to the flow
  • Tuesday – urgent attention needed
  • Wednesday – another change of focus, a deeper experience
  • Saturday – important day; Inspiration, mental stress, then electric energy