Obama and Putin

It is easy to be cynical about the current engagement of the U.S. and Russia over the Syrian dilemma, but I welcome it as a change of energy in the situation, a diplomatic effort rather than a military one.  So I thought I would just look at the current situation with regard to Obama, Putin and Syria to see if there is even the slightest hint that the current proposal to deal with Syria’s chemical weapons could be a helpful way through.  The deal, brokered in Geneva, is to give Syria one week to comply with conditions which would enable the accounting of its chemical weapons.  Bashar Al-Assad, allied to Russia,  has agreed to this plan.  This period coincides with this week’s aspects (below) which are fairly up and down, but end well and significantly.

Obama and U.S.

Current prevailing transits for President Obama are Neptune squaring his Moon (apparent indecision caused by confused emotions), Saturn transiting his Neptune (the Universe attempting to pin down his spirituality and idealism) and Pluto sextile his Neptune (a complex and deep awareness of the wider issues and ramifications of current personal, political and global issues).  That is a lot on his plate, and note that all three aspects involve Neptune, so he is taking a crash course in compassion and the complexities of carrying out his spirituality in this material world.  Neptune is a lifelong theme for him, as he has the Sun square Neptune in his chart natally.

Looking at the transits to the U.S. chart at the moment, there is Neptune trine the U.S. Venus (a possible indication of acting as the compassionate parent in the world or towards Syria).

Putin and Russia

In suggesting this course of action, it is the first time in the two years of the conflict that Russia has acknowledged that there is sufficiently a problem which needs to be acted on, and that its friendship with Syria can be used to start some bargaining.

In the synastry (natal comparison) between Putin and Obama, there is a double whammy (an exact aspect which occurs mutually).  Putin’s Saturn trines exactly Obama’s Ascendant, and Ohama’s Saturn trines  exactly Putin’s Ascendant.  Thus, on a higher level at least, there is a recognition of needing to act responsibly in relation to each other – a recognition that in their political roles there is a need to act as a check and balance towards each other, according to their international roles.

Mars is currently squaring Putin’s Venus – he might see this diplomatic role as an interesting diversion, like a romantic role in a film.  It is not a heavyweight transit, so he may not be taking it all that seriously at the moment.  But Uranus quincunx his natal Venus  at the same time may be prompting him to try something new, again perhaps in a detached manner and not necessarily in an involved way.  As his Libra Sun ruler, Venus is an important part of his psychological anatomy – vanity and image are important to him in many ways.

Neptune currently sextiles the Russia Chart Sun, suggesting that it does the right thing on a spiritual or idealistic level.  Mars trines its natal Mercury, which is the taking of an initiative, though a relatively minor transit.  Uranus also trining the natal Mercury lends weight to this initiative, and may have some humanitarian motive.  Jupiter opposes its natal Neptune, suggesting there may be some possibility of deception, or inflation of its secret motives, but there may be some genuine motives in there.

Assad and Syria

No one is pretending that even if Assad carries out his part of the bargain, the consequences and his subsequent actions (e.g. probable continued killing of his populace) are going to be peacable, but this may be a step in the right direction.

The relationship between Putin and Assad has a sextile from Putin’s Uranus to Assad’s Sun, suggesting that Putin may be in some respects a guru or an older brother in their interaction.  There would be some personal warmth, in another sextile, that of Putin’s Mars (warmth) to Assad’s Venus (personal feelings).  There are more heavyweight aspects between them, notably Putin’s Uranus trine Assad’s Neptune, a complex interaction which favours large scale work together.  Bashar’s Neptune also squares Putin’s Nodal Axis, which makes one wonder that there is also an element of who is fooling who in their relationship, and an awareness that they are each playing karmic roles in a dicey game.  This relationship was forged in past life schemes it seems.

Jupiter is currently sextile Assad’s Uranus, so here is an opportunity for him, to be sure, whether or not he has untrustworthy motives: it is a chance for him to do something good.  More chance to redeem himself (slightly) is shown by Jupiter also currently forming a sextile with his Pluto.  God is trying to speak to him.

Meanwhile, Pluto continues its long term transit of Syria’s own Sun, a time of turmoil for its people and unbelievable suffering.  Saturn also squares its Pluto, crushing more suffering upon its people.


I am not offering a conclusion as such, but this week’s observation of this interlude and possible change in direction will be interesting.  Our week ends with a heavyweight sextile between Saturn and Pluto, which is important for international efforts (and indeed our own personal efforts) to solve difficult problems.


A Sunday lie-in is definitely allowed after the exertions of yesterday’s 3 aspects. The next challenge which awaits is tomorrow’s Mercury opposite Uranus, an aspect of controversy. Maybe you or someone you are dealing with makes a slip of the tongue or sends an email to the wrong person! It happens, and often there’s a Freudian reason lurking in the background. Computer glitches are also on the cards.

Tuesday (17th) has a conjunction between Saturn and the North Node. There’s a sense of duty or  almost compulsion about this one, being a collision of karma (north node) and its lord, Saturn.

“Free will is the ability to do gladly that which I must do”  ~ Carl Jung.

This operates early Tuesday a.m. So it may almost be your waking thought. But another early aspect is easier to negotiate, Mercury sextile Mars. Though Saturn conjunct the North Node gives you a steady firmness of purpose, Mercury sextile Mars can see you zipping through tasks at a rapid rate, in a productive day’s work. Here’s a sample:

Have breakfast
Load the dishwasher
Answer emails
Attend to business appointments
Close a sales deal
Write a short blog
Go for a bike ride
Watch Holby City

Mercury sextile Mars is good for those activities which come in bite sized short sharp bursts, and involve physical and mental activity.

On Wednesday (18th) Venus conjuncts the North Node, and the karmic considerations involve relationships. There will be an element of  love (Venus) and karma (North Node) in the day’s proceedings. Perhaps you have a past life or future life vision of a loved one. In the evening Venus conjuncts Saturn so you may realize that this relationship involves commitment, or conversely resolution may have to wait until later in this incarnation or future lives.

Your understanding may be further refined on Thursday (19th) when Venus sextiles Pluto. The feelings deepen to soul level and you may see that shared resources (such as finances) are part of the entanglement. You can’t take it with you as “it” will dissolve at the end of this life, but issues about what lies between you will continue to be worked on in the next life.

It’s an emotional day, as we also have a Full Moon in Pisces at 26 degrees that day, the most emotional of emotional full moons that day. You are likely to have an experience of pure emotion, without necessarily knowing what it is all about.  Give yourself plenty of emotional space to process.

The next morning (Friday 20th) Mercury squares Jupiter and your mind may be racing – insomnia beckons in the early hours. Find a soothing mandala to get you through (Barry Stevens’ mandala tours could help)  http://www.mandalas.co.uk/Mandala_Gallery/Mandala_Tour.html

Or a Camomile tea pig could be another route. Your mind may be bursting with ideas, you may even be on a high if you’ve managed to clear yesterday’s emotional overload. It feels like a roller coaster, this week, though Mercury squaring Jupiter of itself is not difficult, just over-active.

There’s a good chance of stabilization the same day, as Venus trines Chiron, and you can heal and balance your feelings. Art and music may help.

In the afternoon Pluto goes stationary prior to moving direct, and you may have a sense of your psychology starting to move forward again – your subterranean mythical rivers flowing as they should.

On Saturday (21st) after a full week of aspect-work, Saturn sextiles Pluto, which is the most important aspect of the week. I hope you have the oomph left to honour its gravitas, seriousness, stability and depth. Two areas of your life are working in harmony and new structures may begin to be put into place. The roller coaster week ends the right way up.

The  week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – controversial communications
  • Tuesday – recognizing what you need to do, then doing (busy busy)
  • Wednesday – recognizing what love has to do with it
  • Thursday – money, love and supportiveness, then tears as a release of emotion
  • Friday – busy busy again, but some healing today and a psychological shift
  • Saturday – major diplomatic efforts at problem solving, both personally and globally