Angela Merkel

With an election in Germany today, Angela Merkel is set to break records in possibly winning a third term at the helm of a country which is indisputedly leading Europe, especially in industry and finance.  She is also an incredible role model for women aspiring for strong and successful leadership roles.

Strong Woman of Europe

If she succeeds in today’s election, she will break Margaret Thatcher’s record as Europe’s longest-serving female leader, worthy of the title “Iron Lady”.  So, although I have written about her before, I am reviewing her chart today.  First of all, with Sun conjunct Uranus she is a one-off.  Secondly, with four planets plus the Part of Fortune and the South Node in Cancer, she is a role model for women.  Thirdly, with North Node in Capricorn on the cusp of her 2nd House of Money, her Karmic Mission is as a fiscal authority, setting the rules and regulations for a continent, with debt-ridden countries in the palm of  her hand.  She has the brilliance of Jupiter and Sun/Uranus in the 8th House which represents dealings with other people’s money.  There is a sense of mystery about her, columns of newspaper devoted to analyzing who she is exactly and what makes her tick – this is shown by Neptune at her Midheaven, and like Obama she has Sun square Neptune.  The questions range from whether she is ruthless or or a super diplomat.   She certainly makes use of her Cancerian senses and resourcefulness, and perhaps an element of luck from her Sagittarian Ascendant.  She also has great physical and psychological power, with Mars trine Pluto.

Her Chancellorship

On 22 November 2005 Angela Merkel was appointed as Germany’s first female Chancellor, when transiting Pluto was exactly trine her natal Pluto (coming into her power).  As I pointed out in earlier blogs:

“…natally she has Mars at the Galactic Centre, so she has leadership of Europe but also access to a more cosmic wisdom than maybe even she realizes.  …”


“Angela is personally in tune with the European Union chart, having Mars conjunct its Mercury (able to act on its behalf) and Moon conjunct its Venus (she has her heart in it).”

Today’s Election

She has a mixed set of aspects for this election (the most difficult being Pluto opposing her Mercury), but with the transitting Sun exactly sextile the Sun in the chart of her initial coming to power, that is likely to signal a continuity.  There is talk that she may have to share leadership in a coalition, and that too may be a feature of the coming year.  Saturn and Pluto are sextile this weekend, favouring stability and diplomacy.  However, Saturrn exerts more pressure on her at the end of October when it crosses into her 12th House of Unconscious, and in January/February 2015 Pluto will be transiting her 2nd House cusp and North Node,  which will be a very challenging time for holding on to power.


Happy Autumn Equinox to all my readers today!  The timing in the U.K. for this event (the Sun entering Libra) is 8.44 pm if you want to rustle leaves under foot in the smoky Autumn evening air, to the sound of urban foxes.  I don’t suffer from winter depression, and I like the Autumn colours, but I always have a sense of mourning at the passing of the Spring and Summer at the Autumn Equinox, so it is probably as much the nadir of my lyricism as it was the zenith of Keats’ lyricism.  The Sun entering Libra is a pleasant enough prospect, bringing as it does a mellow, harmonious vibe conducive to artistic and musical design, and an air of romance and people making an effort to get along with each other.

And really we have a quiet and smooth looking week, with  a bright aspect on Thursday (26th), which is Venus trine Jupiter.  This is a celebratory aspect, good for celebrating the harvest, but also for weddings, engagements or proposals.

I have written a whole blog on this aspect:

And here is an excerpt:

“This aspect therefore provides  a suitable time and opportunity to augment and sharpen your philosophy of life counter to the current trend of cynicism. You may be able to put together a workshop or gathering at short notice of like minded people or Lightworkers.

Above all, it is a day of hope.”

On Saturday (28th) the week’s jewel of an aspect (Venus trine Jupiter)  is only slightly tarnished by a square between Venus and Mars.  There may be a slight dent in your post-Thursday euphoria, but don’t let it spoil your week.  An aggressive type might make an unwelcome comment such as “your wedding veil was not the height of fashion” or “I see that you have a new wrinkle”, but in the scheme of things it may only be a minor skirmish.  Watch for inappropriate advances, and nip them in the bud is my advice to you.

Otherwise, a serene week…

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – an appreciation of Autumn
  • Thursday – gather ye rosebuds
  • Saturday – stay centred in your best energy