The story which has dominated the last week in the U.K. has been the publication of politicians’ expense claims, across all parties.  Not that we are not used to scandal (one politician at a time, please), but it is the shock of finding how low politics (Pluto in Capricorn) and politicians (Saturn reaching its furthest point of retrograde) can sink.  Neptune and Chiron are square to the Sun today, so we are looking the scandal in the face and we are in a deep-seated crisis.  We are at a point of waiting with bated breath (the point where Saturn is stationary today) to see what the response of the people will be on 4 June.  What will the government do?  Do we have a collective philosophy, or will society be divided (across the Saturn-Uranus split)?  Interesting that the issue is about politicians being public servants (Saturn in Virgo)…There may be an area of your life now, in which you are waiting with bated breath this week.  The triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron which takes place this week is to a great extent about revelation, and the Neptune element elicits the truth behind the illusion, sleaze or scandal.  Truth is always better out than in, and we have nothing to fear from truth because it moves us on our path.  Astrologers too will be waiting with bated breath, interested to find out the truth behind the triple conjunction.  Will the anticipation of Sagittarian-style Astrologers be justified?  Or will the caution advised by more balanced Astrologers be wisely heeded?  I am hoping that the connection with Jupiter will bring out the best from Neptune (the truth behind the illusion) and Chiron (the healing which is allowed to take place when the wound is exposed).  The Sun is conjunct Mercury tomorrow (Monday 18th) and Saturn is beginning its reorientation to direct motion, so public scrutiny takes place, and the road to serious change, maybe towards the straight and narrow.  In your own life there may be examination and scrutiny going on in order to soberly reflect on the next step you need to take.  Will Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber be satisfied with Jade Ewen’s brave efforts at the Eurovision Song Contest?  She sang “It’s My Time”, as the North Node was transiting her Sun, very fitting.  The trio for Europe, which included the newly-installed Graham Norton, made a good team.  He and Andrew both have Sun in Aries, and have their Moons conjunct at the end of Leo, currently opposed by the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron.  And they did well on it.  Take heart anyone who has a difficult aspect in their chart from this triple conjunction.  You may not win this week, but you could do well.  On Wednesday (20th) there will be more scrutiny (sigh, you can’t avoid it this week) with Sir Alan Sugar (another Sun in Aries) in the boardroom.  For Mercury squares Neptune and Chiron, and it is a matter of getting down to the finer detail, or trying to avoid it, for the hapless budding apprentices.  The Sun also enters Gemini that day, so again scrutiny and finer detail apply.  The politicians’ expense claims may go under an even finer microscope.  At least the public will be a little more informed for the U.K. local elections.   Meanwhile, more wool will be bought to pull over the eyes, and more veils being drawn, but the general trend is for truth to come out.  On Thursday (21st) Mercury squares Jupiter and sextiles Uranus.  You may be travelling far from home that day.  The journey may broaden your mind and allow new possibilities to filter in, such as why not vote for the Green party?  You may settle on the unusual solution today.  It is certainly a day to investigate new avenues and pathways.  The piece de resistance of the week of the week, or year, comes on Saturday (23rd) when the first union of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron takes place.  This unique trinity of lights, if you have not prepared a special project, could be encapsulated in some creativity on the day.  Carl Jung said: “Whatever is born or done this moment of time has the qualities of this moment in time”.  What are you going to do with it?