Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks – everybody’s favourite actor?  – is certainly most versatile and has a film to suit everybody in his listings.  From Forrest Gump to Apollo 13 he has shown the range of his talent.  He is now being peddled around the breakfast TV / chat show circuit for his latest film Captain Phillips about the Captain of a mariner taken hostage by Somali pirates.  He has also been talking about his type 2 diabetes.  I like the “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You’ve got Mail” genre myself, but I have shallow tastes in film.  He is a paternal Cancerian father of four.

I often find that the Midheaven in an actor’s  chart points to the types of roles they play and their screen persona.  Tom has Midheaven indicating his versatility, with Venus on the Midheaven showing his likeability and popularity.  His Venus/Midheaven conjunction trines his Neptune, which gives him screen legend charisma.

He has Sun illuminating his 10th House of Career, exactly trine Mars, so he would enjoy working on action films, and in fact this latest one is ideal because he is a ship’s captain and his exact trine is in water signs!

Moon trine North Node is his closest aspect to the North Node, which for me signifies that one of his consummate roles is the guy next door.  The Moon is also opposite Chiron, so he can play gut wrenching emotion too.  The Moon represents the mother and Chiron shows there was some wounding in respect to her: his parents divorced when he was four, and he and two siblings went with his father and only the youngest  child stayed with his mother.  His flamboyant and theatrical side also comes from an aspect of his Moon, which is in the sign of Leo in the sociable  11th House.  His Sun and Ascendant are in the more introvert signs of Cancer and Virgo respectively.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto gives him great personal power, to ensure that he would not ultimately be pushed around by a Film Director who may have a power complex.  However Saturn squares his Pluto exactly, so there may have been some personal angst during some power play in his life, both personal and professional.  The Saturn from this square falls in his 3rd House of Education, and it appears that he was not popular at school, labelling himself as geeky.

There’s more to Tom than meets the eye, as with many a Gemini, but it is difficult to capture in one blog.


We may display a final flash of feistiness while Mars is in the closing degree of Leo.  Then on Tuesday (15th) Mars enters Virgo and it is time to economize in the use of our energy, to conserve rather than display.  Environmental projects are favoured at this time, and hopefully there may be progress for the Greenpeace activists who have been imprisoned in Russia.

Some discomfort or mild healing crisis may arise on Wednesday (16th), and there may be minor ops or medical pre-ops for some.

Late in the evening it may all feel worthwhile, with Venus trine Uranus – a sense of relief and renewed creativity, with  the possibility of an exciting meeting.

Friday (18th) brings a Full Moon eclipse in Aries, dilemmas around war and peace, or honouring yourself versus pleasing others.  A fundamental climax to end the week.  It may be a turning point for some.


Apologies to all who were unable to read the blog last week.  We are up and running again now, and hope you enjoy this week’s short but sweet blog.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – conscientious
  • Wednesday – some discomfort, then social excitement
  • Friday – turning point